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After a few weeks of light episodes we definitely got hit with a huge dose of intensity this week!  Any episode involving Beckett’s mother’s case is bound to be intense, but an episode that wraps up that same case?  EPIC!  After an episode that made you experience every emotion possible in a one hour time span it’s amazing we are all still here to discuss it the next day!  So let’s keep wearing out our DVRs and relive these great moments from last night’s fantastic episode!

5. The Project
The episode opens with Beckett following a man named Jason to a dark alleyway.  She takes picture of his every move and it is revealed that she has a journal detailing Jason’s moves with dates marked throughout the past month.  The scene then changes to Beckett reviewing her pictures when she gets a call from Castle who is on a book tour.  Beckett tells Castle that she was working on “their project” and Castle worries that she went out alone.  Beckett tries to justify that she was careful but Castle still recommends her taking backup and even suggests getting Ryan and Esposito involved. Beckett has to cut the conversation short and tells Castle she loves him to which he replies “yea well you better its two weeks till the wedding and its too late to return the tux.”  I love this moment for a couple reasons.  At first, I was a little irritated that Beckett was out running around behind Castle’s back on her mother’s case but then once I found out Beckett and Castle were working on it together I was pleasantly surprised.  It was nice to see that Kate really isn’t alone in dealing with her mother’s case anymore and Castle is in a way “supervising” Beckett to make sure she doesn’t get lost in the case again.  Also, Castle remark about the tuxedo was perfect to lighten the serious mood of the episode.  Great opening scene!

4. Elephants Never Forget
After being found at Beckett’s apartment by internal affairs, Castle, Beckett, Ryan, and Espo are led into the 12th handcuffed. Beckett apologizes to Ryan and Espo, but they dismiss it apologizing for leading IA right to them.  Gates, in shock, looks on as her team is brought in and has a discussion with the IA.  Beckett takes this time to talk to Castle.  She tries to apologize but Castle won’t let her.  Castle starts to say “whatever happens” and then kisses Kate.  She then notices the elephants on her desk and reveals that they were her mom’s and she used to tell Kate how they were a family just like their family.  Kate runs to the elephants (causing a little chaos in the precinct) and opens the elephant revealing a cassette tape.  Waiting for what seemed like an eternity we finally hear the tape where Bracken admits to blackmailing and murder. The look in Beckett’s eyes when she hears Bracken say he would kill her mom is one of drive and passion and I would not wish that wrath on anyone!  I can’t believe the evidence was sitting in the elephants the entire time right in front of us!  Looks like castle fandom has another fandom specific term in “elephants.” Way to go Beckett!

3. Nothing Gets Past Sir
Watching internal affairs walk away, Espo and Ryan try to get an update on Castle and Beckett.  Gates sits down behind them and says “Gentlemen, is there something going on here that I should know about?”  Espo and Ryan try to pretend they don’t know what she’s questioning about but Gates continues “Beckett’s not a killer; I know that but she’s going to go down for this. It’s open and shut unless I can protect her.”  Gates explains that she needs to know why she is being set up if she is going to help her.  Sensing the urgency of the situation and wanting to help their friend, Ryan and Espo appear to begin to tell Gates everything.  I love Gates’ protectiveness of her team and how well she knows her detectives.  In the beginning, I wouldn’t have taken Gates to be the one to try to stand up for her team but over the seasons her character has really developed and I love her drive.  Way to go Gates!

2.  An Officer and a Captain
What do you get when you put Beckett and Montgomery in a new scene together again?  An instant countdown moment! In a flashback, we get a glimpse into how Officer Beckett met Captain Montgomery. We see a nervous Kate introducing herself to Montgomery and expressing how she has always wanted to work in homicide like he does.  He questions why she is at the precinct and she apologizes stating she was looking into her mother’s homicide.  You can tell Kate has an immediate attachment to Montgomery when recognizes her mother’s case.  He tells her that if the case is unsolved the answers she is looking for probably aren’t in the case files.  He questions if she looked through her personal belongings including “old notebooks, journals, diaries, cassette recordings…. Stuff like that.”  Beckett says she did but Montgomery encourages her to keep looking. What seemed like a simple memory was a huge key into solving the case! Looking back it’s easy to see how Kate overlooked his advice, but it was clear that cassette recording was the odd man out in Montogomery’s list. I was so happy to see Montgomery back again that he probably could have just waved at Kate in the flashback and I would have put it on the countdown.  Even better though, we got to see how Montgomery was trying to help Kate solve her mother’s murder from the very beginning!  Definitely well deserving of a top 5 spot!

1. Closure
In DC, Bracken is doing a press conference discussing why he wants to run for president.  He pauses and becomes flustered when he sees Beckett walking in from the back of the room.  She continues to approach him and he says “you can’t be here.”  Beckett, in 100% business mode says “I found the tape.  I found it.  It’s over. Senator Bracken you are under arrest for conspiracy, fraud, and the murder of my mother Johanna Beckett.  Turn around please.”  She then gets to do what she has waited years to do and cuffs Bracken and takes him into custody.  Once he is in the police car she goes over the Castle who tells her that her mom is proud of her.  She tells him that she couldn’t have solved the case without him and they share a hug.  Between the excellent musical score from Robert Duncan and the relief on Kate’s face you could just feel a giant weight being lifted of Beckett’s shoulders as well as Castle’s.  She finally has her closure and can move on knowing she found justice for her mother.  Not to mention, her mom’s case brought her and Castle closer and closer throughout the seasons.  It’s been 6 long years of intense, frustrating, and rewarding episodes but Beckett’s mother’s case has finally come to a close and no way can I deny that the #1 moment.

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