Nathan Fillion To Appear In Guardians Of The Galaxy After All

A few days ago we reported that Nathan Fillion might be playing another character named Richard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. It was being said he would take on the role of Richard Rider in the movie that will be released on the first day of August this year. Richard Rider is the secret identity of the superhero Nova, who has some interactions with the Guardians in the comic books.

Unfortunately the director and writer of one of the most looked forward to movies of the year, James Gunn, denied that Nathan would play the role on Twitter.

Nathan's fans noticed that the Tweet was constructed in a way that it wasn't completely clear if Nathan would be in the movie or not, so they kept asking Gunn about this. Eventually Gunn revealed for the first time that Nathan would have a cameo in the movie.

Nathan's fans tried to get more out of the director, who is can be known for his work on Scooby-Do, Slither, and Dawn of the Dead, but Gunn didn't want to say anything else, except that he hadn't told any lies about Nathan's involvement in the movie.

James Gunn wouldn't tell more about Nathan's cameo, but an inside source talked to and told them Nathan Fillion will voice the character of Cosmo, a Russian talking cosmonaut dog.

In the comics, the dog became the Security Chief of the space station Knowhere. We suspect that is where the Guardians will end up sometime during the movie and meet Cosmo there.

This part seems perfect for Nathan, as it appears to be a fun part that will be good for some comic relief. It fits right into the geek god's alley. Especially if he, as talking dog, would have a conversation with Rocket, a talking Raccoon.

A fun Castle fact is that on the show, Richard Castle gave a baby the name Cosmo in the episode The Good, The Bad & The Baby. We wonder if he knew about his part in his good friend's new movie when the episode was shot already.a

Are you excited about Nathan Fillion's role in Guardian Of The Galaxy?

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