Driven: 7 Things To Know

When we last checked in on almost-weds Rick Castle and Kate Beckett, things had taken a turn for the worse.

On his way to the wedding of our dreams, Castle’s car was cruelly driven off the road where Kate discovered it moments later, engulfed in flames.

Is Rick dead? What about the wedding? And what’s all this about the show taking a new direction this season?

Having reviewed the premiere episode, courtesy of our friends at ABC, we can finally dish on some of those questions. Here, in no particular order are 5 things to know about Castle’sseason seven premiere episode “Driven.”

What Happens Next?

We’ve been specifically asked by ABC not to reveal what happened to Castle but trust us, you won’t want to be spoiled on that front. Beckett’s search for her husband to be forms the backbone of this mile a minute episode and sets up some really juicy plot lines for the rest of the season. What we can tell you is that she almost goes up in flames too while attempting to drag Rick from that burning wreckage. That wedding dress won’t be walking down any aisles any time soon. Also, Castle will be missing for two months before real answers are revealed.


Double Whammy

And if the thought of Castle’s mangled body in twisted burning metal hasn’t sufficiently freaked you all out, you’ll be treated to a double whammy of horrible car death terror before the opening credits roll. Well done Castle!


Friends and Family

Although Kate is driven (geddit?) to find Castle at any cost, Agent Connors of the FBI reluctantly suggests that friends or even family may be behind Rick’s kidnap plot. Although Kate is reluctant to believe or accept this possibility, what she uncovers will shake her to the core. And speaking of cores, our delicate Caskett core was kicked about and trampled on quite a bit this episode. Prepare to be confused, angry and demanding of answers, dammit!


A Difference of Opinion

The search for Rick not only rattles Kate, but Ryan and Esposito too. Our favorite cop buddies fall out during their two month investigation when they are challenged to accept a hard truth about Rick.


Outside the Bounds of the Law

Expect to see Kate leaning on a witness (read breaking some fingers) to get at the answers she desperately craves. Ouch!


Where’s Rick?

We’re not saying, but you will be all at sea over his sudden return.


Unlimited Resources

It looks like Rick’s disappearance was by the hand of a new villain with “unlimited resources” … and quite an imagination!


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