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CASTLE left fans in quite the position when the sixth season concluded — instead of Beckett and Castle getting their happily ever after, Castle’s car was run off the road, and he was presumed dead. (Though, the show is called CASTLE. So while he may be MIA, odds of him actually being dead were slim.)

And with the premiere less than two weeks away, ABC made “Driven” available to press. Unsurprisingly, when I asked for your questions, you guys came out in droves. Unfortunately, a lot of what you wanted to know was on the list of things I can’t talk about (or things I don’t think it’s right to flat-out spoil), so I can’t answer as many questions as you might like. But hopefully you’ll get some fun teases out of this…

Do we get to see Rick at some point in the premiere? -via Twitter

Nathan Fillion is in the premiere.

When is the time jump? And what state of mind/psych is Castle when they found him? – @BecklebeeCastle
via Twitter

The time jump is about the midway mark. As for whether they find Castle in the premiere, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until it airs to find that out.

Is this one of those eps which you can’t properly judge because its the start of a mythology and we are supposed to be left hanging? – Rida via e-mail

I do feel this way to an extent. As new showrunner David Amann teased, episode 2 will hold some answers about what happened to Castle, so I’m really curious to see how the two episodes play out as an arc.

Any clues to the new mythology. It seems AWM and DA said only a little is given in first two eps – @elmerspears via Twitter

It’s true, so far, we’re barely scratching the surface. At this point, all I can really say is this guy may prove to be very useful in the future.

Does the conflict between Alexis and Kate get resolved or ignored? – Sarah via e-mail

I got a lot, lot, lot of questions about tension between Beckett and Alexis, and I’m a bit surprised because it’s not really an issue? There is a nanosecond where Alexis questions something Beckett says, but it’s almost instantaneously better. The focus for Castle’s family (and that includes Beckett) is just trying to figure out where he could be/what happened to him.

And because I know that’s not a whole lot, a couple of my own teases:

  • Lanie may be used to working on dead people, but she gets to work a different skill set in this episode.
  • Beckett’s grief and frustration over Castle being MIA get taken out on a suspect. And it’s kind of awesome. (Well, not for the suspect.)
  • Ryan and Esposito have very different opinions about what happened to Castle, and what Castle’s own responsibility in the matter might be.
  • The photos that have been released are all from before the opening credits roll.
  • Don Stark (AKA, THAT 70’S SHOW’s Bob Pinciotti) guest stars as an associate of Castle’s who may be tied to the attempted destruction of a key piece of evidence. Jon Lindstrom guest stars as Agent Connors, who is Beckett’s FBI liaison for Castle’s case. But, as you might expect, they don’t always see eye-to-eye.
  • Beckett, being smart, goes through a list of a familiar names/faces who would have motivation to hurt her or Castle. And her list does include a couple of the names that were brought up immediately post-finale.
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