Driving: Another Four Things You Need To Know About The Episode

castle_premiereAnd here we go again. Season 7. Who would have thought we would get this far, right?

It is no secret to anyone that I wasn’t happy about the final scene of the season 6 finale back in May. I just simply could not understand why they would ruin the protagonists’ wedding after promoting the event all season long. After a stunning conclusion to the Johanna Beckett saga, it just felt like a cheap ending to a not so great season.

I didn’t understand it then and… well… I still don’t understand it now.

Now, before you throw any rocks, let me just clear something up. I understand why the accident happened. Sort of. The sole intention – or so it appears – was to set up a whole new mythology for the show with one huge mystery looming over us. If you think about it, it makes sense, now that the Johanna Beckett mystery has been resolved. So I can say this much, out with the Kate Beckett mythology and in with a Castle flavored one. Finally, after six seasons, the show will have a brand new story arc with a mystery featuring our favorite writer.

As usual, you guys know I can’t exactly discuss any key points of the episode. And you know what, the less spoilers you know about the premiere, the better. I didn’t know anything going in and it made for a much better experience. That said, I know you all are dying to hear anything about the new season, so here are four things I can mention:


1. You will be confused (or surprised) for most of the episode.

Seriously, I spent half the episode thinking “what the hell is going on”. Now calm down; that is not necessarily a bad thing, but some answers would have been nice. In a way, I kind of felt like I was watching the first season of LOST, when you watched an episode and you had no idea what was happening, you know? There were just a whole lot of questions and pretty much zero answers. Let’s just hope we get those as the season goes on.


2. You do not mess with Kate Beckett. 

From the start, we already know that Castle is not in the car, so the entire episode focuses on the fact that he is missing and Kate is relentless. She does not give up. Not even when everything points to a not so favorable scenario, she still holds on to that tiny thread of hope that the evidence is wrong and everything is going to be okay. There is one scene – you have probably seen it already in the sneak peek released earlier this week – that she literally tackles this suspect and the guys have to drag her off of him by force.


3. New mythology, new mystery.

Get ready for a whole new mystery this season. We have had six full seasons dealing with the Johanna Beckett murder arc and, now that this particular one is done and Senator Bracken is behind bars, they are going to focus on a whole new mythology surrounding Castle and just what the hell happened after his car went up in flames. That said, the premiere raises a ton of questions and you don’t get a lot of answers, so don’t get your hopes up for any resolution on this.


4. Castle is missing for a lot longer than I thought he would be.

And that’s all I can say about that.


I wish I could say more, but everything else is related to something we can’t talk about yet. I can’t wait for you all to see it too, so maybe then you can shed some light in what just happened in this episode. I have to say, though, they managed to grab my attention.

Consider me intrigued, TPTB.

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