Guest Star: Matt Letscher Talks About His Upcoming Guest Role On Castle

I know you are probably under some strict rules about what you can or cannot say about your role on CASTLE, but can you just generally talk about it?
MATT: We can very generally talk about it. I’m actually very surprised. I honestly don’t know where it is headed because they will not tell me. But I can tell you that I’ll be in multiple episodes, that I’ll be in the premiere, and I’ll be holding myself out to be somebody that I am not. I think that was pretty much the list of talking points.

Without getting into specifics, could you talk about the experience of working on the show. Was it fun, challenging, surprising?
MATT: Working on CASTLE is great. It’s in its seventh season and they’ve got the thing wired now. I mostly worked with Nathan [Fillion] and it was lovely. He is jus a really lovely guy. So easy to work with and very generous. Plus, the show looks great. I feel they do a great job with the look of the show. So I’m excited to see where my character and the story goes.

Are we supposed to assume that your character on CASTLE will be back?
MATT: (Laughs) I’m supposed to. That’s the plan. But I’ll get shot if I tell you when or where that might happen. 

Maybe you can talk about how you got cast on CASTLE and what drew you to the role?
MATT: It was an offer that came in and then I called the producers because there wasn’t much to it. I just couldn’t figure it out. But they couldn’t tell me much or they didn’t want to tell me much. They basically just talked about what their plan was for this season with the odds that things could morph and change as the story progresses. But what’s happening is sort of a major reinvention for the show and my character has a lot to do with that. So I’m excited. Even though the show’s been on for six seasons and is entering its seventh season, this feels like it is going to be a new start for it and it’s exciting to be in on that.


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