Interview: Tamala Jones Teases Lanie & Beckett Time In Season 7

Tamala Jones Teases Castle Season 7, "Girl Time" for Lanie and Beckett

With Castle Season 7 Episode 1 just days away, we spoke with Tamala Jones this week, the actress behind Dr. Lanie Parish. What did she tell us about events ahead?

Jones talked hilariously about sneaking around outside the writers room, her favorite episode and what fans can expect from Castle Season 7...


We know that Castle is missing at the start of the premiere. How much is Lanie involved in the investigation and is she there personally for Kate?

She is so there for Kate. That's her girl. They are best friends and she is there trying to help Kate figure out what has happened. Why this has happened and is there something Castle's not saying. So she is definitely there.

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What were your first thoughts when you saw this new story arc that the show is diving into for season 7?

I'm a huge Castle fan outside of being a cast member so I was like, Wow! I cannot wait to see how this is going to end up. I was very excited and I have been waiting impatiently just like everyone else to see the season opening. I was excited, like beyond.

Can we expect any girl time this season between Kate and Lanie?

Oh, you know we have to do it. We have to definitely do the girl time. Definitely expect more girl time between Lanie and Beckett. 

Which episode are you currently filming?

We are shooting episode 707. 

What's been your favorite episode in the series thus far?

Yes, I have many favorite episodes but I think my most favorite was "The Blue Butterfly" Castle Season 4 Episode 14. I love period pieces and I loved that we took it all the way back to the '40s. How we all had such a great time shooting that episode and we really felt like we were in the 1940s. Our set decorator and our wardrobe stylist, our costumer Luke, they really put us in the mind of the 1940s with the clothes, the music, the language. It was such a sexy, wonderful episode to be a part of and I loved playing Betsy Sinclair. 

Are we ever going to get more of a glimpse into Lanie's past?

I don't know. You know, I've been trying to like slip around that writers room and they won't let you in. It's like Fort Knox up there. So, I'm hoping that we get to see a little bit more of Lanie's past. I would love that but they are so secretive in there. If they catch you outside the door they've got like armed guards…no I'm kidding. They do tell you to get away from the door. 

Has there been anything about Lanie that has surprised you?

Many things about Lanie. Some of the things that come out of her mouth are very surprising but Lanie is really a fun character. She knows her stuff and I love the dynamic between her and Kate and also between Castle. Castle is like a big brother to her and I really love that dynamic between the characters. Also, that love affair with Esposito is nice as well. 

Is there any chance Esposito and Lanie will become a permanent couple? Do you want them to be?

Well, doing a little bit of my slipping around the writers room, I've heard rumor that around episode 10 we're going to see a shift in Lanie and Esposito's relationship. But again, I only repeat that as a rumor because I was being nosy so maybe they told me that to throw me off or maybe it is going to happen. Who knows? But that's what I'm hearing. 

Who do you have the most fun with on the set?

Oh my God. I have fun with all of them, really. I love driving Seamus crazy. But Nathan is a fun guy. He's the prankster. He's the one who has the best adventurous stories from his hiatus, his vacation. But you've got to watch him though. You've got to watch Nathan because even though he's funny and tells great stories, he will get you. He's gotten me quite a few times. One of the last times he got me was with a trick pen. You know, I have my clipboard around and I always have this same silver pen that I write with and Nathan, he replaced that pen with one of his pens. And I kept clicking it to get the ink out, you know the writing part out and it kept buzzing and I thought there was something wrong with the pen. I was like, Oh my God! I kept dropping it and picking it up. I'm like, What is going on? And I turned around Nathan looked like a bad 5-year-old little boy in the corner, cracking up laughing. He's like, OK stop Tam, just stop. It's a trick pen. I'm like, Nathan! You've got to watch that guy. 

If you could play a role on any other current TV show other than Castle, which show would you choose?

Scandal! I would love to be on Scandal. I would love to come up there and be Olivia Pope's cousin or sister or someone who's bad news. Someone who's trying to hide or maybe has some dirt. I don't know but I love Scandal. 

Do you have any other projects that you're involved with that you'd like to share with us?

I have a swimwear line coming out next year. Fancy swimwear. It's really cute. Sexy, classy bathing suits. An amazing designer. Liz is her name. Also, I have a project coming up on Lifetime television. It's an original movie called Shaker Pointe. A very, very exciting storyline and also I'm doing some fundraising for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. I'm really excited about all three of those things. 

What more can you tease fans about Castle Season 7?

I would say this. Please DVR the show if you can't watch it at regular time but try to watch it live because these episodes are so amazing. I mean all of the seasons of Castle have been great but season 7 is extremely special and wonderful and just so riveting. That's the best word I can say for Castle. You're not going to want to be a day late to discuss this over the watercooler. It's that exciting. This is probably one of the best seasons of Castle that we've had.


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