Jon Huertas Interview: Expect The Unexpected

jon-huertas-castle-season-7-premiere.jpgWhen "Castle" Season 6 ended a fiery crash had derailed the wedding of the century. In the beginning of Season 7, Beckett and her team are trying to figure out what happened that night and who is to blame. The most important question on everyone's mind though is -- where is Castle? 

Zap2it spoke with Jon Huertas, who plays Javier Esposito on the ABC series about Season 7 and what role the detective would play in the wedding when it actually happens. 

When it comes to the big day don't expect Esposito to have a large part even though he is a big fan of the couple. 

"Esposito is not a traditional values type of guy. Castle already screwed him out of being the best man so there goes the special role. The family unit between them all is tight though. If there's a wedding Castle and Beckett will definitely have support from Espo," he says. 

Rest assured fans Huertas is hopeful that big day Beckett walks down the aisle is on the horizon. "The characters are destined to be together forever. They already bought a ring. I'm sure there is going to be a wedding soon," the actor promises. 

It seems like everyone is coupling up on the show. So is there romance on the way for Esposito? 

"I'm open to exploring that relationship between Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Esposito a little bit and shaking it up. I would like to see Esposito and Lanie having a little bit more turbulence they have to get around. To see some heightened romantic bombshells to be thrown our way where we have to overcome another guy or girl or maybe a level of betrayal," Huertas tells Zap2it. 

The actor says although the "mystery will be solved" about Castle's disappearance pretty quickly in Season 7, fans should prepare themselves to expect the unexpected. 

"We will be pushing the envelope a little bit more this season. We are going to take the show to a whole other level where you don't know if what is happening in the episode is real or if it's a dream. We never let the audience off the hook. Viewers can also look forward to finding out more about Castle's history and backstory," Huertas teases. 

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