Tamala Jones Interview: 'This Might Be My Favorite Season'

Tamala Jones
Fan favorite Castle left audiences with a shocking ending last season, as Richard Castle never made it to his third wedding. But now we can finally get answers: tonight's season seven premiere, "Driven," picks up right where last season's finale left off.
Earlier this week, we sat down with Castle star Tamala Jones - who plays medical examiner Dr. Lanie Parish - to quiz her about the premiere episode and what else might be in store for season seven.
What was it like for Tamala to wait for resolution to the cliffhanger? "It was torture!" she laughed. "I say this all the time, I'm a huge Castle fan outside of being a member of the cast. I love the show. And when I read that I was like, you can't do this to me. You can't leave me hanging like this. I was distraught."
She said the cast had no problems staring back up with a first episode that takes place immediately following its predecessor. "Any time we've had a crazy cliffhanger and it's time to get back into it, we're good. We're very much excited to get back in there and read what happens next," she told us. "It just makes it even more of a great performance when they do that to us."
"Just look forward to season seven overall. We're on episode number seven now, and I can tell you that the writing's changed a little bit but for the greater good," Tamala revealed. "So far, this might be my favorite season of Castle."
"With Castle being in that car accident and Beckett and Lanie being really great friends, Lanie is there for Kate a lot more this season. She's got Kate's back and you'll be able to see a lot more of that," she revealed.
"And a little bird told me, this is a rumor, but  around episode ten there could possibly be a turning point in the Esposito and Lanie relationship. I don't know what that turning point may be...I hope it's good!"
But let's not forget the cases, too. After so long playing Castle's resident medical examiner, she told us that she's accustomed to seeing plenty of fake dead people, but season seven might have some surprises there, too.
"I'm used to it," she said, "but some of the crime scenes and some of the stuff that's happened to the dead people is a lot different than past episodes. They're very good at finding a way to murder someone. The writers are impeccable with that."
Since all the offseason talk has been about Castle and Beckett's wedding, we asked Tamala what her most memorable 'attending a wedding' story is. "I just went to a wedding not too long ago, and the exciting part was I've never seen a bride come down to where she's going to walk down the aisle in a horse and carriage. I've never seen that. It was so beautiful," she told us, adding, "And I did have Castle in mind when I was at that wedding!"

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