Castle Cliff Notes: Clear & Present Danger

How do you solve a case with an invisible suspect?  That’s exactly what our team was up against this week.  It was a fun episode full of twists and it had just the right amount of romance to satisfy Caskett fans everywhere.  Could one of Castle’s crazy theories about their invisible suspect be true?  Or will logic prevail again? With all the crazy invisible people running around we better get this countdown started!

5. Burritos with a Side of Demons
                Castle tries to convince Beckett that the victims injuries make sense for someone who was trying to protect themselves from an invisible demonic force.  He then asks her “What would you do if you were attacked by an invisible demonic force?”  He was obviously hoping to have Beckett confirm his theory but instead she says “I would tell Ryan to lay off the bean burritos at lunch.”  Right on cue Ryan enters leaving Beckett to awkwardly say “hey Ryan…”  I know the humor is probably considered juvenile by some but I fully enjoyed it.  Not only did Beckett shoot down Castle’s theory but she responded in a way he normally would.  Also, friendly joking reminds you of the close bond the team has with each other.  I love seeing them make fun of each other and it definitely reminds me of me and my siblings.  A nice, light moment to add laughter to the countdown!

4. The Invisible Man
                At the suspect’s house, Beckett is looking around when Castle grabs her bottom.  “Did the invisible man just goose you?” he asks as she lets out a small scream.  Beckett then spots the victims work key card and finds herself being shoved back by an invisible force.  As she is being choked, Castle thinks she is acting and starts to say “that’s pretty good… you’re really selling the invisible...” before realizing that the scene before him was real.  He then tries to get the force off Beckett and gets pushed down and repeatedly punched before the invisible person runs away. Beckett questions what just happened and Castle exclaims “the invisible man is real!” Still trying to find any other explanation and not give into Castle’s ideas Beckett says “yea well whatever it.. that.. Whatever it was just ran off with the only lead we have.”  Luckily for her though, Castle switched out the key card for one of his credit cards.  I loved the special effects in this scene and watching Castle go from thinking Kate was faking her attack to actually realizing something was happening.  It was a fun action scene that still had the light feel of Caskett in it!

3. Are You Ready?
                Castle and Beckett are both sitting at the loft reading on their iPads when they start to glance each other’s way when they think the other one isn’t looking. Finally, Beckett suggests that they should do something.  Castle asks what she wants to do and Kate suggests watching a movie.  They both banter a little bit saying they want to do what the other wants to when Beckett says they have seen a lot of movies recently.  You can tell she has other ideas in mind for what they could be doing when she finally suggests they could do “something else tonight.”  *wink wink* Castle tries to play cool trying to make sure she is actually referring to what he believes she is before he gets his hopes up. Castle says he thought she wasn’t ready to have sex yet since he came back and Beckett looks at him and says “I thought you weren’t ready.”  Castle says “I’m ready.  I’m so ready” and Beckett confirms “I’m ready too.  I’m really ready.”  Castle then asks the obvious “so then what are we waiting for?” and our couple makes a move towards the bedroom but not before Beckett’s cell phone rings.  We then see them at a crime scene where Beckett promises to pick up where they left our and she will wear the Valentine’s Day gift he got her which makes Castle have to steady himself on a police office.  First, did anyone else pick up on the similarities between this scene and the post Always scene?  It reminded me a lot of when Castle was asking Beckett what she wanted to do (after their night of sex) and they start suggesting things such was seeing a movie or reading when they really had other intentions.  I love it when new scenes remind you of older season moments!  Also, I think we are all also ready for Castle and Beckett to enjoy a little private time in their life!  And its 100% Caskett to assume the other person wasn’t ready and put off pleasure. Also, we are all left visualizing the possibilities of Castle’s Valentine’s Day present. Overall, a cute moment that had ties to previous Caskett moments!  Definitely worthy of this weeks countdown!

2.  Martha Traps
                Back at the loft, Castle and Beckett are “taking their minds off the case.”  Castle tells Beckett “You have no idea how much I missed this.”  Beckett reminds him he had amnesia for two months so she definitely missed it more.  Castle stops the action after he thinks he heard something and despite Beckett’s attempts to keep kisses going she eventually starts to feel like they are being watched.  Castle hangs up an elaborate maze of pots, pans, and fishing wire and tells Beckett “And you thought zombie apocalypse survival camp was a waste of time.”  Beckett smiles and says “you just kind of  make nerdy sexy.”  As soon as they start their fun again, you hear the pots and pans clashing and someone screaming.  The lights turn on to reveal Martha stuck in the trap.  As you know, I always love my weekly dose of Martha and this scene was just perfect.  You got a little bit of Caskett, a pinch of nerdy Castle love, and of course Martha making a grand entrance.  While I feel bad that Caskett frequently gets interrupted when they are trying to get intimate, I can’t help but laugh at all the crazy ways it happens.

1. Invisible Clothes
                After being interrupted numerous times, Caskett is finally alone at the loft.  Castle shows Beckett his thermal goggles and scans the room to make sure they are alone.  He tells her the room is clear except for “the very hot object before me.”  Beckett tells Castle to give her a minute while she slips into “something special” and he immediately makes his way towards the bed hoping it’s going to be her Valentine’s Day gift.  Beckett says “it’s even better… it’s invisible.” Is it getting hot in here?  I love it when Kate can render Castle speechless and in this case he even dropped his fancy high tech goggles.  As the viewers we could only see a sultry shoulder but I’m sure Castle was enjoying the view.  Definitely worth the wait during all the interruptions due to the case!  In my opinion, Castle does one of the best jobs on TV keeping to the true nature of the show while also progressing the main characters through a romantic relationship.  Time to throw that moonlighting curse to the curb!

Thanks for being patient with my technical difficulties this week!  Better late than never!  But seriously, how cool was that episode?!  What would you do with an invisible suit?  What do you think about Ryan’s new job? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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