Castle Cliff Notes: Meme is Murder

This week’s episode took us into the not so private world of web celebrities and the unfortunate reality of cyber bullying.  Don’t worry though, there was the usual Castle charm in the mix to lighten the mood!  Also, I don’t know about you guys, but this episode was definitely one that had me thinking past the 1 hour run time of the show.  Being an active member of the Castle fandom, social media is huge and something we all use every day.  It was interesting to see social media used for the wrong reasons or in disrespectful ways portrayed in the show. Now typically we all use respect and social media for good but It really makes you reflect on our own cyber community and reinforce the importance of treating everyone with respect and not using the anonymous nature of the cyber world to hurt others.   Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box and it’s time to get this countdown started!  Let’s have some Castle fun!

5. The Ryan Report
                NetSlayer has left the team new clues and one by one they are figuring out who the origincal pictures belonged to.  Ryan is discussing one photo with Caskett but states that the user “only has about 2000 followers.”  Brushing him aside he says “heck my blog has more than that.”  Surprised Castle asks “you have a blog?” and Ryan explains he writes “The Ryan Report: The Musings of a Homicide Detective.”  Castles facial expression and lack of identification of the blog lead Ryan to realize he hasn’t read it.  Trying to be a good friend Castle tries to play it off like he had, but at this point it was too late and Ryan realized he had never read it.  Well for those of your not familiar with it, does have a section called “The Ryan Report” under Castle’s page that is a post written by Detective Kevin Ryan.  I love it when the show brings real elements to it such as this blog and Castle and Beckett referring to themselves as “Caskett” like the fandom does.  Poor Ryan though!  Don’t worry buddy!  Plenty of Castle fans read your blog!

4. Channeling your Inner Castle
                 Walking to the crime scene, Castle is telling Beckett about filming his “web-mercial.”  He tells Beckett that he had to channel his “inner Castle” but once he did he “nailed it.”  Less than impressed Beckett goes “wow.  You nailed playing yourself?  That’s impressive.”   Castle tells her that she can mock him but that she will soon see “Castle 2.0” across multiple platforms. I loved how Castle was trying to make his acting gig sound so important and difficult to carry out in a way that only a writer and son of Martha Rodgers could do. He really does have a little bit of stage actor in him. Beckett’s response was cracking me up because only she can shut his ego down so fast.  He tried to rebound but Beckett ultimately gets the last laugh when she sees the web commercial (which will be in a later moment!) Beckett and Castle banter will never get old!

3. Picture Sharing
                While discussing the victim, Espo goes on a rant saying “I don’t get it. Posting dumb ass photos all over the place?  How does she have a fan base?  How did this become a career?”  Castle says “welcome to the sharing economy” and Espo scoffs saying “yea…more like over sharing.”  Beckett immediately picks up on his judgmental attitude and say “Really? And you’re opposed to all photos of over sharing women? “ Trying to get out of the situation, Espo stutters then argues “That’s different.”  Again, Beckett jokingly shutting people down?  This is starting to be a theme in this week’s episode and I can’t say I hate it.  I love Espo and Castle but they can both get a little cocky and Beckett, in a similar style to my own, uses few words to make a point.  I love any interaction that establishes the “family” environment between the characters and this was definitely a brother/sister moment. You could clearly picture them arguing points like this around the dinner table.  I just love the 12th precinct family!

2.  Takin’ Care of Business
                NetSlayer posts a picture of Castle and Beckett clinking coffee cups before entering the crime scene which does not bode well for Caskett.  Gates informs Beckett that 1PP saw the picture and they are concerned about her commitment to the case.  Beckett is worried that they will take her off the case but Gates tells her she refused to have that happen.  She instructs Beckett to “go home, clear your head, you get back here and you take his ass down.” It’s no secret that I love Gates as she frequently makes my countdown but I love how she fights for her team.  I also like how she was direct with Beckett in telling her to take down the suspect that was messing with their team.  Gates may mean business but you can always see her soft spots too and that’s why I love her!

1. Bloopers, and Autotune, and Sing-a-Longs oh my!
                As promised, Castle’s “web-merical” premiere for Raging Heat landed on this week’s countdown! Excited to show it off, Castle starts to play it for Beckett, Martha, and Alexis but it’s not exactly what he expected.  Instead of his full book promotion, the video is full of outtakes, autotune, and Richard Castle head following “song” lyrics (follow the bouncing Castle!).  All three ladies are laughing by the end but Castle is less impressed stating “what the hell was that?”  Alexis informs him he has over 1 million hits and Beckett, using Castle’s logic from earlier in the episode, says “don’t worry Castle, it will blow over. This is but a blip on the net continuum.”  To make the embarrassment worse, Beckett insists on playing it again.  As sad as it is, Castle’s autotuned blooper real would definitely get more hits than a serious “web-mercial.”  While I felt bad for Castle, the video was pretty hilarious especially after he talked about his masterful “acting” in it at the beginning of the episode.  I think it showed off the side of Castle we all love though, right?    

So what did you think about Castle’s web-mercial?  Just the right amount of Castle to sell some books?  And let’s get to what everyone wants to talk about… the upcoming promos!  Time to get excited because wedding bells are in the air again! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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