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Going into this week we all wanted answers.  Who took Castle?  Where did he go?  Why doesn’t he remember anything?  Well, this week we gathered new evidence and are finding ourselves closer and closer to the answers of these questions or possibly farther away? The whole episode wasn’t focused on Castle’s case though, as we also looked into the murder of a toy company tycoon. It wasn’t all fun and games this week but there were definitely plenty of nominees for this week’s top moments so let’s get this party started!  

5. Hey Sexy
                I know this episode had a lot of intense, serious moments but I feel we need to lighten this countdown up a little bit.  Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito are discussing the case in the precinct when Esposito gets a call from Lanie.  Instead of a standard ring tone a woman’s voice repeatedly says “Hey sexy.”  Embarassed he goes “Lanie must have changed my ringtone” and walks away taking the call.  I’m so happy that Esplanie is back!  Plus, I could definitely see Lanie changing his ringtone (or who knows maybe Espo did it himself) just to embarrass him at work!  I hope to see more of these two this season!

4. Girl Talk
                We have all been asking for it and we finally got a solid “girl talk” scene!  In the morgue Lanie, is comforting Beckett telling her that she can’t expect everything to just go back to normal on Castle’s first case back.  Opening up to Lanie, Beckett explains “I wanted to be us again and it’s like there’s this shadow between us.  Look I’m choosing to trust him in spite of all of the evidence. I want to believe…”  Lanie finishes her sentence saying “but you don’t know if you can.”  Beckett admits her frustration that Castle is acting like everything is fine when it’s not.  I love it when in the show Castle and Beckett end up switching positions.  Think back to season 4 with all the angst/ emotions following Castle admission of love at the end of season 3.  Castle was sick of Kate pretending everything was fine and carrying on like normal and now the tables are turned.  It’s great for character development and as usual I love that Beckett will open up to Lanie and not try to handle frustration on her own.  It’s healthy to have an outlet that isn’t your significant other to discuss concerns without judgment. Here’s to more girl talk!

3. Grief Dating?
                No episode ever has enough Martha for my liking, but I was loving every minute of this next moment.  Back at the loft, there is a knock at the door and Martha, looking classy as usual, steps out saying it’s her date that she met while Castle was missing.  Surprisingly confused, Castle asks “you picked up a man at grief counseling?”  Martha politely asks him to leave the room because “at the moment our relationship is built on mutual loss and if he finds out you have returned and are alive it will ruin everything.”  Castle, still somewhat at a loss for words asks how this man could possibly not know he has been found with all the coverage its getting and his recent TV interview but Martha nonchalantly says ”Robert doesn’t watch TV.”   I have no doubt that Martha was initially at grief counseling for the right reasons and was obviously torn up inside that Castle was missing, but this was just hilarious to me.  I’m sure some people were offended but really does this surprise you?  Now that everyone is back home safe, Martha sees no problem in performing her part a little longer for her benefit.  Once an actor, always an actor!

2.  Off the Hook!
                So many of you probably saw this in advance as it was the sneak peak, it was still fantastic whether it was your first viewing or 100th.  During his interview, Castle offers a cash reward for any information about his disappearance and unknowing to anyone apparently gives the precinct number as the contact info. Unhappy with this, Gates comes storming towards him at the precinct and says “Mr. Castle! Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?”  Castle explains that he definitely wasn’t going to give out his home number as it’s private.  This definitely wasn’t the right thing to say to Gates as she explains how many man hours are being wasted and that the phone just continues to ring.  She rambles “The phones have been ringing off the hook!  Did you hear that!  Ringing off the hook!”  Obviously, over Gates scolding Castle apparently does the only thing he thinks will quite her and plants a kiss right on Gates’ lips with Beckett watching.  He grabs his messages, says “we have leads” and walks away leaving a shocked Gates and Beckett confused and trying to figure out what just happened.  Later Castle reveals that the kiss is one of his “tactile weapons.”  I’ve said it many times during this weekly countdowns but I can’t get over how much Gates has changed over her seasons on the show.  I love that she still gives Castle a hard time but doesn’t go crazy over what he did.  New to the precinct Gates would have easily kicked Castle out for that stunt but current Gates definitely has a soft spot for Castle even if she doesn’t want to admit it.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a kiss from Castle??

1. Unsolved Mysteries
                At the end of the episode, Castle and Beckett have a little alone time and reflect on what has happened during the timeframe of the episode.  Castle is still trying to figure out what happened while he was gone and is convinced he would never ask to not remember something that happened.  Beckett tries to console him saying that no matter what happened he already knew the truth and decided he didn’t want to know anymore.  Castle then tells Kate that he wants to marry her tomorrow, first thing.  Beckett tells him that she wants nothing more than to marry him but not in this situation as they both need a little distance from everything.  She promises she isn’t going anywhere; they just need to find some solid ground first.  They agree to wait a month and go from there.  A few things I like here… First, I loved Beckett telling Castle she wasn’t leaving.  In previous season Beckett’s natural flight instinct might have kicked in and who knows how she would have handled this whole “castle gone missing” scenario, but I’m doubting it would have ended with them still together.  It really shows how both characters had to grow to be in a place that their relationship would flourish.  Also, more talk of a wedding!  Who doesn’t like a November wedding? As long as this time we actually get the wedding *nudge nudge Marlowe.* As the mysterious man Castle met with said “some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved” but I’m hoping we can solve this one and have a wedding!

Well we still don’t know exactly what happened with Castle but it’s definitely getting more intense each week!  What do you think happened?  And do you think there will be a November wedding? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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