Tamala Jones Talks About Castle's Case, Esplanie & Lanie's Involvement In Season 7

CASTLE is back, and Castle has been found (alive), but what the author was up to in the months he was missing is still up for debate. Luckily for him, he does have an excellent team on his side who is determined to help him figure things out. 
I spoke with CASTLE star Tamala Jones (Lanie) about what role Lanie will play in Castle’s case, what’s in store for Lanie/Esposito, what episode was a “total shock” to her, and more… 
Now that Castle has been found, how is Lanie going to play into how the team figures out what ultimately happened to him? 
Tamala Jones: Lanie knows her stuff! And since they know she’s capable of helping out with live bodies as well, they’ve given her so much more to do. She’s a part of the team a lot more this season, which I love. I love how they’ve written her in. So you’re going to see a lot more of Lanie in season 7. She’s going to be a lot more involved in the cases, and it’s good. That’s all I can say! [Laughs] 
One of the things many fans have responded to is the Lanie and Esposito relationship. Has there been any progress in the relationship in what you’ve filmed? 
TJ: Well, I can say this: all the drama [with] what happened to Castle, it brought Lanie and Esposito closer together. Those two have been hot and cold in the past. I think this whole thing has brought them closer together, and from what I’m hearing, from the writers’ room, through rumors, in episode 10, it’ll be a turning point for the Esposito and Lanie relationship. But who knows! They’re secretive. 
Good to know! What has been your favorite episode so far? 
TJ: All of them! They’re all great this season. They’ve been exciting. We have new writers, and they’ve just added so much more to the writing staff. It’s just been exciting. All of the episodes have been great, and different, and kind of out there and fun. So we’ll see. 
Speaking of out there, there’s an upcoming episode that tackles a bit of a “what if” for the characters. What is Lanie up to in that hour? 
TJ: [Laughs] Something you would not expect, but something I think all the fans will looooove to see. You’ve never seen Lanie like this. That’s about as much as I can tell you. Never, ever, ever seen Lanie like this, and when you do, their hearts are gonna melt a little bit. 
Was it something you knew she had inside of her, or a total shock to you when you read it? 
TJ: It was a total shock to me, and everyone else. And everyone else was like, “Really?” And I was like, “I said the same thing!” It’s a really, really special episode. Lanie, you’ve never seen her like this before. 
Are there any good Beckett and Lanie scenes coming up that you can preview? 
TJ: Oh, yeah. The stuff that happened at the end of last season, that brings Lanie and Beckett closer together; they have more to talk about. With Castle having his accident, numerous other things going on. So you definitely see more of those Lanie/Beckett scenes going on that I love so much. I know the fans love it, too. 
Is there anything else you can tease? 
TJ: Season 7, I’ve said it about all of the seasons, but this season, you don’t ever want to miss an episode. I mean, yeah, DVR it, do all that stuff, but you’re going to kind of want to see it on the day. Because everybody’s going to want to talk about it the next day. So they have to tune in every Monday. You have to! You’ll be upset if you miss it! - See more at: 
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