Castle Cliff Notes: Once Upon a Time in the West

This week we got to see Caskett on their unofficially official honeymoon!  The case brought the team into the world of the Wild Wild West and there was plenty of darn tootin’ Castle fun to go along with it!   Also, who could resist Beckett and Castle in their western wear?  Based on my twitter feed last night, Beckett’s black corset getup nearly killed us all!  So let’s giddy up and get this show on the road as this week’s edition of Castle Cliff Notes rides into the sunset.

5. Wild West Romance
                After visiting the Indiana Reservation, Castle and Beckett are riding back to the ranch.  Castle tells Beckett that it doesn’t make sense that they are married but aren’t acting like it and Beckett asks what he has in mind.  We cut to the duo sitting by a campfire while Castle serenades Beckett with a harmonica.  Beckett admits that it is a little magical and they toast to each other and the journey that lies ahead.  Kate gives Castle a kiss and then shyly smiles are him, resting her head on his shoulder.  Beckett comes to a realization saying that maybe it is their honeymoon and gets up starting to unbutton her shirt.  Castle clumsily gets up and mimics her until Beckett tells him not to move.  He thinks she is still in romantic mode and says “your wish is my command” but Beckett points out the snake approaching his feet.  She shoot nears the snake to scare it and while successful it also scares the horses away stranding them in the hills.  I love that Beckett was starting to come around to the idea of the ranch being their honeymoon and I always love her playful side.  Castle was being his usual cocky but goofy and adorable self which added to the perfection of this moment.  We should really keep track of the number of times Caskett gets interrupted because I’m sure we could fill a page! 

4. Outlaw KBex
                Castle is talking to Ryan about a letter they found talking about Diamondback.  The letter talks about uncovering a big secret that has to do with the Indian word that Whitney had asked the elder about.  The letter then discusses that the clue would undercover the secret of the Peacock boys who Castle recognizes from the Wanted poster he was given at the bar.  He starts to tell Ryan that they are wanted men, when Beckett walks out in a very formfitting black corset outfit fit for an outlaw.  This stops Castle mid word and he ends up saying “Percy and Cornelius Pea…cock” Sticking to business, Beckett asks Ryan to keep them posted and Castle tries to end the conversation but keeps stuttering while he stares at Beckett. Beckett quickly says “eyes back in your sockets cowboy.  We’ve got a murder to solve.”  Can you really blame Castle?  That black outfit was amazing and I’m sure this was part of one of his many fantasies.  I’m always jealous of Kate’s closet, but I would definitely like to add that to my closet for Halloween!  And as always, Kate is quick with the comebacks to put Castle in his place and say “down boy.”  As I mentioned earlier, this outfit was dominating my news feed and it’s very clear why!  Such a great choice by @redcarpetLuke and an outfit that will definitely be remembered!

3. No Song For You
                Esposito, Lanie, and Ryan are all gathered at Castle’s loft waiting for an announcement from Castle and Beckett.  Kate reveals that they just returned from the Hamptons and got married and her announcement is met with less than enthusiasm from their audience.  At the same time, Espo says “you guys suck” while Lanie says “hold on” and Ryan goes “why did you do that?”  Lanie speaks for the group asking why they didn’t invite them and approaches Beckett saying “I am your maid of honor. I haven’t had a carb in months just in case I have to put that damn dress back on.”  Beckett cuts her off trying to soften the situation and says “and you look great!” but Lanie isn’t having it telling Kate to “save the flattery.” Lanie tells her they are going out to dinner and ordering all of the desserts and then switches to her softer side and congratulates Kate on her marriage while punching Castle in the stomach.  Castle goes over to Espo and Ryan who are also less than pleased.  They tell him they had a speech prepared and wrote a song and when Castle suggests they sing it at their reception they refuse.  Espo says “no song for you” and Ryan confirms with “no song for you.” Beckett gets a call about a murder and says they have to cut the celebration short but the boys say once again they weren’t invited and stay behind.  I loved the reaction of Lanie, Espo, and Ryan!  You could tell how happy they were for Caskett but they way there were scolding them for not inviting them was priceless.  I especially loved Ryan and Espo talking about their song.  I can only hope we actually get to hear some of this mysterious “song” at the reception!  Also, Martha interjecting about how fantastic the wedding was made me laugh so hard while the others bitterly looked on.  Subtlety has never been her specialty!  I think we can all understand that the gang was a little hurt they weren’t invited but underneath their fake anger they are truly happy for Caskett! Also, any scene with the main Castle cast always scores extra bonus points with me!

2.  Showdowns and Gun Slingers
                Sitting in the saloon, Castle gets a call from Ryan telling him that the third partner, James Grady, was the killer.  Sitting next to Castle, Grady takes Castle’s phone, steps on it, and starts to walk away.  Castle yells at him to stop and Grady questions if Castle is going to make him as his fingers move towards his holstered gun.  Facing each other, Castle and Grady are almost in dueling position when Grady asks Castle if he has any last words.  Castle, always one to bring humor to the situation says that if he survives the ordeal he is going to write a scathing review on Yelp! They then draw their weapons and as Castle fumbles with his gun, Beckett shots Grady’s weapon out of his hand.  Beckett jokingly complains, “Castle I leave you alone for five minutes and you end up in a showdown.”  Castle spars back saying “Yea well good thing I married the fastest gun from the east.”  First off, Castle going straight to Yelp! Review threats was hilarious.  Also, while I’m sure some people were upset Castle couldn’t fend for himself again and fumbled his gun, I always enjoy seeing Beckett step in and help him out.  It’s always been her role and she sees herself as the cop/protector in the relationship so I have no problems with this scene.  You would think Castle would have practiced a lot of pistol un-holstering though since he was so excited about it at the beginning of the episode! 

1. The Real Honeymoon Begins
                In the break room, Espo and Ryan are still complaining about not being invited to Castle and Beckett’s wedding.  Gates interrupts them saying she has been listening to their complaining and asks “what the hell is wrong with you two?”  She tells them that they should stop whining “like two little school girls who weren’t invited to the dance” and be happy that their close friends have found happiness.  Espo and Ryan admit they have been jerks and Gates tells them that if they are interested there might be “something” they can do to make it up Castle and Beckett.  We then cut to the ranch where Beckett, who is now in a romantic Wild West dress, lassos Castle away from the horse and buggy.  He tries to get her to cooperate because they need to get going so she is back in the office by morning but Beckett informs him that Ryan and Espo have each given her 2 of their vacation days as a wedding gift so they can have a honeymoon.  The End!  I found it odd that Ryan and Espo were so hung up on the impromptu wedding, but leave it to Gates to sort things out.  She tries to give Castle a hard time but she typically has Caskett’s back.  I think a small honeymoon is exactly what Castle and Beckett need and I’m sure they will come back feeling totally refreshed and ready for the next case! Beckett playing into the whole Wild West theme and her character was adorable, and it was nice to see a little role reversal with Castle trying to be all business and get to the airport while Kate was playful.  I also enjoyed that Beckett agreed to stay at the ranch when they could have gone anywhere for those 4 days. Plus, we can only imagine the crazy outfits and activities they are getting themselves into J Caskett honeymoon for the win this week!

Did you enjoy the Wild West or find it a little too corny?  Which Beckett outfit was your favorite?  And what do you think this Ryan/Espo song would be like? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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