David Amann Teases Alternate Reality And The Wedding

One of the biggest CASTLE episodes of the series is airing on Monday, November 10th, and while one aspect of the hour has been widely reported, the fact that viewers will meet alternate universe versions of the characters we  know and love has been a bit swept under the rug.

“It’s kind of become known as ‘the wedding episode,’ but in fact, there’s a really delightful story and series of events that precede that outcome,” CASTLE showrunner David Amann teased. “Essentially, what happens is Castle is investigating a case with Beckett, and through a mysterious and, ultimately, sort of an up for debate means — in terms of the audience’s takeaway of what really happened — he finds himself in an alternate reality where he has never met Beckett, and everyone around him is quite different, including his own family. So he’s thrust in the position where he’s trying to figure out a way to get back to his real world. And he realizes that solving the case he was solving in his original world, by solving that case in [the alternate reality], he stands a chance of returning to his original world.”

Unfortunately, since the team Castle generally works with doesn’t know who the heck he is, things will be a bit complicated…and the new version of Beckett that Castle finds might throw him for a bit of a loop.

 “The one we’re most focused on [in terms of changes in this other universe] is Beckett,” Amann said. “I think that, without giving away too much, if one thinks about the influence Castle has had in her life in terms of the way she has become more open, in the way she has resolved some of her personal demons, none of that has necessarily happened in this world. The version of Beckett that he is faced with is a little bit harder, a little bit frostier, a little bit, perhaps, more damaged than the Beckett he knows.”

 “I would also say that Esposito and Ryan are also different, because…the version of Castle that we know is not the same version they’ve been exposed to,” he added. “And in the case of the 12th Precinct, they’ve never met the guy. So there’s a different dynamic that now exists among these characters. And, also, Martha and Alexis are different because of the choices that alternate universe Castle has made in this particular world are different. So the fallout to them has also had an [impact]. So everyone we encounter is not quite who they are [in our world]. So [Castle]‘s trying to finagle his way back into the 12th Precinct. We think it’s really a delightful episode…I really believe that episode delivers on all fronts — both on the story it tells in the alternate universe, and delivering, I think, a really satisfying, emotional, and lovely moment at the end.”

Ah, yes, the end. After Castle and Beckett’s original wedding plans imploded at the end of last season, the two will, officially, tie the knot in “The Time of Our Lives.”

 “I think the wedding, at the end of the day, is a ceremony,” Amann pointed out. “But what really matters is what happens in that ceremony. We had given the audience at the end of last season many of the trappings of a wedding: the guests, and everybody showing up, and that sort of thing. And so we wanted to offer them something different this time, and also deliver a really, I think, beautiful moment where these two characters profess their love for each other and exchange vows. And that is not something the audience has seen yet, and that is something I think they’ll enjoy very much.”

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