Castle Cliff Notes: Last Action Hero

 Lights! Cameras! Action…Stars! This week’s Castle focused on an action star for the 80’s and a cast very similar to the real like “Expendable” movies.  It also focused on a good bye as Kate (finally) moved out of her apartment starting a new chapter in her and Castle’s married life.  The best part of the episode though, Castle’s fanboying, catchphrases and we finally got (a little) girl time!  So grab your popcorn and settle down for this week’s countdown because this week Castle went straight to the (action) movies!

**Screencaps will be added when available!**

5. Moving Out
                At Beckett’s almost empty apartment, we finally get a little girl time.  Beckett explains to Lanie that she is bothered by the fact that Castle said he didn’t like her apartment.  She says that she doesn’t understand why she got so upset about it when it’s her place and not Castle’s. Lanie explains that to Castle, her place is just “an apartment with creaky floors” while to her “this is where you rebuilt you life. Where you solved your mother’s murder. Where you fell in love.”  The two ladies then toast to “the best apartment ever.”  Easy choice to put this on the countdown.  First off, girl time is very limited so when we get it, it’s a shoe in.  I’m happy that Beckett still gets together outside of work with Lanie and discusses life problems with her.  Lanie is after all the female voice of reason for Beckett.  Second, I think Beckett needed to be reassured that being emotional about moving wasn’t stupid.  As Lanie reminded her, a lot of important things happened at the apartment that made her the person she is today.  While I will miss Kate’s apartment (I always did love the design…) I’m ready to have Caskett 100% together in one place. Who knows, maybe some of Kate’s belongings will appear in the loft!        
4. Happy Wife, Happy Life
                Castle gets in a van with The Indestructibles thinking they are going to grab drinks but soon finds out he is very wrong.  They are planning to sneak into Booth’s office to get the slot car that has the voice recording device in it to help solve Lance’s murder.  Castle tries to get them to change plans saying “guys, my wife is a cop.  If I do this she’ll kill me.”  Brock mocks him in a high pitched voice and says “Oh my wife’s gonna kill me!” and asks “is that what Rico Cruz would say?” shaming Castle. I love that Castle immediately thought of what Beckett would do to him if he carried out their plan and he called her his wife! I won’t lie, I’m still not used to this whole husband and wife thing but I love it! Castle calling Beckett his wife just made me so happy that I had to put this on here!  Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Castle!
3. Its Ryan Time
                Looking through Lance’s personal effects, Javi and Ryan find a Hard Kill DVD.  Ryan looks at the cover and recites the movies tag line “Time to hit Cruz Control.” He then speculates that maybe he needs a catchphrase.  He practices a few saying “Time to meet our justice. Time for prison time.”  Annoyed Espo says “yea you keep working on that bro.” and Ryan tries one more time saying “Time to pay the bill for doing the kill.”  Ending the chase phrase discussion (for the time being), Espo shuts him down saying “Ok on second thought don’t.”  This isn’t the end of the catch phrase trial though.  Going to talk to an actor for information, Ryan asks Esposito “do you know what time it is? It’s Ryan time.”  Espo begs him to stop and he says “name’s Ryan and I hate lying.”  The actor explains that he didn’t mean any trouble and Ryan goes “well you’ve got trouble, Ryan trouble.”  Confused the suspect says “I don’t know what that means” and Espo shakes his head continuing the interrogation as if nothing happened. Ryan’s quest to find a catch phrase was hilarious and you could tell he was thinking about a bunch of different options to use, none of which were successful.  I’m not sure what “Ryan trouble” is either, but his attempts to be a macho action man had me cracking up.  If any of the guys had a catchphrase it would definitely be Castle and I’m sure it would be just as corny as Ryan’s ideas.  Can anyone out there think of a good catchphrase for Ryan to use?

2.  Posters
                Beckett catches the guys watching clips from Hard Kill and busts them for not working.  This prompts the guys to explain any leads they have and Castle says he found next of kin by watching the movie since Lance married the archeologist from the movie played by Kat Kingsley.  Way ahead of them, Beckett explains that she already knew that and tracked her down to come into the station.  Castle immediately freaks out and yells “she’s coming here?!? I had her poster on my wall for like...” He then looks at Beckett who is patiently (but obviously annoyed) waiting for his answer and he finishes by saying “…for about a minute.”  I absolutely love it when Castle gets all giddy about a case and to see glimpses of his young self fanboying over the sexy archeologist was hilarious.  I love it when you can tell he is talking without a filter and all of a sudden his brain catches up with his mouth and he tries to correct the situation.  Good cover Castle haha! Plus, I can’t lie. That’s how I would act if one of the Castle cast members showed up at my work!
1. Boyhood Dreams
                Castle excitedly tells Beckett that Brock invited him to go drinking with “The Indestructibles” but she quickly deflates his sails by saying “but you told them that you couldn’t because you’re in the middle of a case right?”  Panicking, Castle starts to stutter as he attempts to beg Kate to be able to go with his movie icons. Ending his panic, Beckett says “Castle, you really think that I could stand between you and your boyhood dream?” as she snakes her arms around his neck.  Castle smiles and says “You are my boyhood dream” earned an “awww” and a kiss from Beckett.  He then continues to run his mouth saying “well you and drinking with The Indestructibles.  Beckett them reminds him that he doesn’t always have to keep talking.  First off, again I love Castle freaking out over these action heroes.  Second, we got a kiss!  And not just any kiss, a precinct kiss! Lastly, how sweet was Castle’s admission that Kate was his boyhood dream?  I even said “awww” aloud as soon as he said those words.  Of course though, in true Castle fashion, he can’t just leave a sweet moment alone.  Oh well, we still love him!

Did you think of a catchphrase yet?  What posters do you think teenage Beckett had on her wall? And are you ready for a very Castle Christmas? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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