Castle Cliff Notes: Private Eye Caramba!

After a slightly extended winter hiatus, I’m back from cheering on my buckeyes and ready to talk Castle!  This week’s episode was our second week seeing Castle, P.I. and we got to see Castle handle his “own” case with a little help from his wife.  Did I mention you also get to see Esposito speak some sexy Spanish?  I know the fandom was divided at the midseason cliffhanger but so far I’m enjoying the P.I. story-line.  Sure, its not my favorite scenario but for now I’ll enjoy the ride!  So Vamos! Time to see what this episode of Castle had in store for our first countdown of 2015!

*** Screencaps coming soon!***

5. Castle, P.I.
                When one of the telenovela stars, Sophia, loses her purse Beckett comes up with a genius idea.  She recommends Castle’s P.I. business to Sophia which brings Castle his very first case.  Sophia tells him Beckett recommended him for the job and I loved Castle comment of Beckett being “completely unbiased” by saying he was the best.  Also, you know Beckett did this not only to drum up some excitement for Castle but also to help their case as well.  By Castle working the purse angle, his case would be sure to intertwine with theirs.  Genius!  I was a short moment but I was so excited to see Castle, P.I. at work and Beckett keeping their work closely related J
4. Lucky
                Castle traces down his lead on the limo and ends up having a gun and eventually a knife pointed towards his face by the suspect.  Espo and Ryan storm in just in time and save Castle’s behind from danger.  Back at the precinct Castle says he was just trying to find the purse but Beckett is not amused asking “Castle, do you know how lucky you are?”  Castle thinks for a second and then says “Extremely lucky. After all, I’m married to you.”  Beckett tells him not to go there, but that didn’t stop the comment from being ridiculously sweet!  I know Castle was just trying to get himself out of trouble and the scolding he was getting but you know he meant it.  Ugh, Caskett is just the best!
3. Castle Jr.
                With Castle gone from the team, Ryan decides to fill his void by coming up with “castle theories” for why the crimes took place.   Ryan speculates that with the wealthy connections and the missing USB drive this case could be espionage related.  Sick of Ryan’s Castle theories, Espo says “bro you’re doing it again” and Beckett says “plus Castle already pitched spies.” Ryan, who isn’t fazed by Castle coming up with the spy theory, says “aww great minds!”  Ryan has always been a mini Castle at times and I just loved him coming up with the outlandish but slightly possible scenarios.  Also, the sense of pride he had when he found out Castle also discussed the spy route was adorable!  I just love Ryan, so I couldn’t deny him a spot on this week’s countdown!

2.  Living with the Castles
                Headed in the same direction, Castle and Beckett walk to work together on the way to Beckett’s crime scene.  Castle reveals he has a meeting with a client, although it’s not full of mystery and intrigue as he is just running a background check on a 16 year old.  Beckett assures him that he has nothing to prove if being a P.I. isn’t what he wants to do, but she will support him no matter what.  Castle then tells Beckett that once he becomes established his new crime novels will be inspired by himself. “I’ll be my own muse” says Castle.  Beckett, not enjoying the ego trip, says “you should have stopped at thanks.”  Castle then lifts the crime scene tape for Beckett and starts to enter himself before catching his mistake.  He says “have a good day at work honey!” and gives Kate a goodbye kiss on the cheek.  I love that Kate supports Beckett just like he supports her in anything she does even if his P.I. business wasn’t booming.  No matter what front he puts up thought you can tell he misses working with the 12th family.  Also, in typical fashion, Castle has to bring his ego into the picture and talk about being his own muse.  You can’t fool us Castle, Beckett will forever be your muse!  Finally, Castle wishing Beckett a good day at work and giving her a peck on the cheek was adorable.  Very domestic for Caskett!
1. The Gumshoe and the Detective
                Beckett visits Castle at his office where he is continuing to work on his purse case.  Beckett asks Castle if he is ready to call it a night and he responds (in his blue butterfly-esque voice) “what’s your rush doll?  Why don’t you stick around a while give those stems of yours a rest?” Beckett, jumping into character says “im all alone and this is my first time in the big scary city.”  They continue with their role playing until Beckett says “I’m just a girl looking for a private dick.”  Castle tells her that her search is over and they start making out in his office until they are busted by Sophia.  I loved the role playing!!  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hot and I love feisty Beckett!  Too bad it’s a rule that Caskett has to get interrupted during the good parts…  
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