Castle Cliff Notes: I, Witness

This week we continued down the path of Castle, PI and I know I continue to enjoy the new storyline.  What started out as a case only involving Castle, quickly turned into a case involving the whole team and it was full of twists and turns.  It wasn’t all case based though as we learned the true meaning of naps and also got updated on Espo’s dating life.  In true Castle fashion, nothing ever goes perfectly to plan but it all works out well in the end and our 12th family is there to help each other out.  I definitely didn’t hide my favorite storyline of this episode as it dominates 3 spots in the countdown so hopefully you enjoyed it too!  Let’s get rolling and see how many moments we can “match” on this week’s countdown!

5. Blind Date
                Beckett walks into the break room where Espo and Ryan are arguing.  Ryan explains that a while ago they bought a couples weekend ski trip and Beckett immediately gets the problem saying “Lanie and Espo broke up…yet again.” Espo tries to say he has no problem getting girls but Ryan explains he doesn’t have to find one because Jenny and he have found him a date.  He says they have a friend, Stacy, who would be interested in meeting Espo.  He isn’t at all for the blind date until he sees her picture saying “she’s alright” which aggravates Beckett who claims she is gorgeous.  Espo finally agrees to meet her “but only because she’s so excited to meet me and you don’t I don’t like to piss off the ladies.”  Whatever Espo!  She was definitely an attractive lady and there was no chance he was passing up that opportunity.  I mean, he wouldn’t get screwed over by his best friend right? (To Be Continued…)  

4. Playing Hooky
                We see Beckett setting up in Castle’s office to do paperwork at home since Gates is on vacation.  Beckett asks Castle if he wants to play hooky with her but he questions if it is really hooky if they are working.  Beckett suggests working and then “napping” which we quickly catch on is actually much more fun than a typical nap. Castle immediately becomes interested saying “Oh, I like naps” and Beckett agrees saying “yea naps are good.” Unfortunately though, just like most times, Caskett fun times are ruined but this time it’s by Castle getting called to a case.  I love that Beckett tries to bend the rules when the boss is away to spend more time with Castle and you have to applaud her attempt at “naps.”  It was also a new experience to see Castle be the one to break up a potential romantic moment as he gets a call.  No matter what you thought though, you have to love the “knock ‘em dead babe” Beckett gives Castle on his way out!  What a kick ass couple.

3. Stacy the Stalker
                Back from his blind date, Espo quickly asks to talk to Ryan.  Espo explains “she was great until I started getting the stalker vibe from her.”  Apparently, Stacy told Espo his blue shorts he wore during the triathlon made his legs look sexy.  Espo, doesn’t deny that fact, and quickly tells Ryan “which is true, but how did she know I competed?”  Ryan is still stuck there with no exit, and Espo finishes by explaining he found out Stacy saw the photo on his profile that he didn’t make.  Turns out Ryan and Jenny made the profile to help find Espo a date for the ski weekend and were hoping the date would go well enough that Espo wouldn’t mind the profile they made.  Espo isn’t one to let Ryan off the hook though and tells him “this isn’t over.” You knew there was something going on besides just the blind date but I didn’t see this coming!  I couldn’t believe Ryan and Jenny made a fake account and while I felt terrible for Espo, I have to admit it was pretty hilarious (considering Espo took it like a champ).   I especially enjoyed Espo saying he was about to arrest the date because of how much she knew about him. I love that he was such a good sport and I don’t think I’m alone in saying I wouldn’t mind seeing the bike shorts photo…

2.  Naps
                Caskett is celebrating closing the case and Castle reveals he isn’t happy he got played which led to deaths.  Beckett tries to tell him not to take is personally but he starts to wonder if being a PI is right for him.  Beckett tells him not to make a quick decision and sleep on it.  Castle agrees and then switches his tone saying “perhaps I should nap on it.”  Beckett responds with “naps are good. I highly advocate naps.” She makes good on her statement too and crawls onto Castle’s lap giving him a kiss.  That’s all the naptime we get though and the scene fades out and the episode ends.  I know it wasn’t much but at least we got to see a little “napping” that we missed out on in the beginning of the episode.  I also love how Beckett continues to support Castle in his PI work and encourage him through similar situations she went though during her time at the 12th.  I know we love the see the romance but I also enjoy seeing their love through the unconditional support they provide each other.

1. Last Laugh
                Well, Espo did tell Ryan that their disagreement wasn’t over after the fake account and he wasn’t kidding.  Ryan apologizes for the profile and Espo surprises him by saying he has a date.  He explains to Ryan that he logged on to his account and is meeting a girl named Trixie who was interested in him.  At first, you think Espo is finally accepting the match account but that’s definitely not the case! It dawns on Ryan that Trixie was the spoken work poet/exotic dancer and he explains that they rejected her profile because they didn’t want her going on the trip with them.  Spitefully, Espo says “yea well sucks for you cause she’ll be there.”  I love that the bromance is in full swing here and these two are going at it like family.  I know if this happened to me I wouldn’t go down quietly and Espo knew exactly what he was doing by picking Trixie.  There was definitely a grudge held here but I think it’s safe to say they are almost even now J  Who knows, maybe Espo will find a nice date for the ski trip after all!

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