Castle Cliff Notes: Reckoning

 Well, that was intense!  I would definitely put this week’s Castle on my all time favorite list and I’m sure many of you would too!  We knew this week would be exciting coming off of part one last week, but it was even better than expected. Castle fighting for Beckett is always a fan favorite and with the addition of my two favorite villains it was a rollercoaster of emotions. I couldn’t peal myself off the couch until the very end!  All of the awards to Nathan and Stana for their fantastic performances and mad props to the rest of the Castle cast and crew.  So much intensity in this week’s countdown so let’s get started!   

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5. Tyson’s Story
Castle gets booked for assault with a deadly weapon after paying Tyson a visit at his apartment.  Gates joins him and says “you are never going to win going straight at him.  If he thought there was any chance of that then he wouldn’t have stayed in that apartment.”  She takes his handcuffs out and says they will take care of booking details later.  Gates continues saying “You know when I first got here I couldn’t figure out what Beckett saw in you, but you know what she said? “He sees the story, I see the evidence… where it leads… but he sees the story.”  Gates tells Castle that he let Tyson get inside his head and he has to get in Tyson’s head.  She questions Castle saying “What’s his story?  What’s his next move? Figure that out and they will find her.”  It’s no secret I love Gates but I really enjoyed this moment.  I think at this point in the episode Castle was feeling dejected and discouraged about finding Beckett and Gates was the voice of reasons that Beckett would normally provide him.  She knew exactly how to get him back on track and get him back into solving the crime.  I would say it worked pretty well too considering Castle was able to figure out Tyson’s next move and save Beckett.  Thanks Sir!
4. Breaking and Entering
            Castle shows up at Boudreau/Tyson’s apartment and he is less than pleased to see Castle.  Tyson tries to tell Castle that he doesn’t know what he wants but Castle shoves the door in his face and walks into his apartment, clearly not believing him.  Castle, standing over Tyson asks “where is she?  Is she alive?” and then throws Tyson against the wall when he doesn’t answer. Castle continues his interrogation saying “Why’d you do it Tyson. For revenge?  Because we were happy?” Tyson continues to try to convince Castle he has the wrong guy but this provokes Castle to throw him into a book case.  Castle continues to accuse him saying that he and Neiman planned this but that their plan will end tonight.  Boudreau/Tyson says “go to hell” and Castle draws a gun on Tyson asking “where is she?  Tell me where she is Tyson so help me god.”  Boudreau keeps up his act trying to justify that he is not Tyson but Castle doesn’t back down.  Well at least not until the cops storm in and end the altercation.  I LOVE THIS SIDE OF CASTLE!  He can be all fun-loving and light in many situations but Rick Castle defending his family and friends?  HECK YES!  Nathan was so fantastic in this scene and you would feel the hate radiating off him towards Tyson.  He was going to take whatever it would take to get Beckett back even if involved killing (potential) Tyson.  Castle definitely wasn’t going to back down if those police officers didn’t show up.  I love it when Castle gets defensive and even though it could have potentially ruined the investigation you could see the motive behind his reasoning.  (Not that that makes drawing a gun on a suspect right…)  Overall, a very emotional scene and worthy of one of the top moments.
3. Welcome Back
After being rescued, Castle and Beckett are back at the precinct.  Gates approaches Castle and says “that was the stupidest, most reckless, irresponsible stunt you have every pulled Mr. Castle.  Thank you.”  Castle quickly hugs Gates and she laughs pushing him away explaining there was stil the matter of the assault charge.  She tells Castle that the DA has agreed to drop the charges if he agrees to 1000 hours of community service.  Castle appears to be about to the dispute the 1000 hours when Gates clarifies that his community service will be as a consultant to Detective Beckett and the 12th precinct.  Hopeful, Castle says “I’m being unbanned?” and Gates says “Welcome back Mr. Castle” which earns her another quick hug.  In an episode full of emotions and intensity it was nice to see a lighter moment.  Also, I’m so excited Castle is back!  It will be great to have the team back together and I loved seeing Gates give in a little to Castle (even if it was only a short hug J)
2.  Open Your Eyes
            After the chaos, Castle and Beckett are back at the loft in bed.  Castle tells Beckett he doesn’t know how she kept it together for the two months he was gone because not knowing where she was for two months nearly killed him.  Beckett asks if he ever thinks about what happened while he was gone and he reveals he does all the time.  Beckett tells Castle that every time she closes her eyes she sees Neiman’s face and Castle says “I see his too. Since that night on the bridge.”  Castle tells Beckett that he deals with it by opening his eyes and looking at her.  Beckett cracks a small smile and says “thanks for coming to get me” and Castle responds with “Always.”  First off, I’m pretty sure it’s an unofficial Castle Cliff Notes rule that any scene with “always” must be included in the countdown.  It was also refreshing to see Castle and Beckett dealing with their demons together instead of acting like nothing happened after a serious event like what they had just been through.  Castle telling Beckett that he looks at her to deal with his nightmares was a major “awww” moment and the always just put a nice little cherry on top.  Castle and Beckett are so good for each other (like we needed more proof) and this was just another example of how they help each other thrive.    
1. Face Off
In the climax of the episode we find Castle face to face with Jerry Tyson at an old family home and Beckett on the operating table of Dr. Neiman.  Beckett tries to reason with Neiman saying she can help her but Neiman creepily reveals Beckett will help her as she is using Beckett’s face as her new face.  Meanwhile, Tyson has Castle at gunpoint in the house.  Castle pleads Tyson to let Beckett go but Tyson says he can’t because he “brought” Castle to the house.  Tyson explains he knew Castle would show up and “what better way to get you here alone then to make you think it was your own idea.”  Tyson says he lured Castle here to see his face as he watches Beckett die.  Castle then turns the table on Tyson saying that Tyson needed to prove he was smarter than him and could control him.  Frustrated, Tyson says “well you’re here” but Castle reveals he let Tyson prove he could be smarter than everyone and actually set him up in the process.  Castle says he let Tyson bring him to the house so he could save Beckett and he lured him to the house to watch him (Tyson) die.  Castle then asks “Are we clear?” and says “then take the shot” as Tyson is sniped through the window.  Back at the makeshift surgery suite, Dr. Neiman is about the start operating when Beckett frees her arm and grabs Dr. Neiman’s hand that is holding the scalpel.  She powers her hand back with fierceness in her eyes and we then see the team bust in to the room where Beckett is standing over Neiman’s body.  Castle hugs her and breathes a sigh of relief as our couple is reunited.  Watching Beckett, helpless, on the table was definitely the most intense part of the episode for me.  Neiman and Tyson are both amazing villains but Neiman just gives me the creeps.  As she scanned Beckett’s face and started to plan out the procedure I could feel my pulse quickening and I was about ready to bust down doors to save her.  Also, Castle’s plan with Tyson was genius!  I was so relieved to see Castle rescue Beckett at the end and I felt like I could finally take a deep breath of my own!  I know I said it earlier but all the awards to Stana and Nathan!
Thank goodness Caskett is safe and back together! I won’t lie, I was definitely nervous for Beckett at the end, but Castle always has a plan!  Did this episode make your top Castle episode list as well? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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