Castle Cliff Notes: Resurrection

 Well we definitely knew this week was going to be intense with the return of 3XK but this episode also being part one of a two part episode?!?! I don’t know how Castle fandom is going to make it through the next week but there is a lot of talk about.  The continued episode saga or Michael Boudreau/Jerry Tyson was ridiculously frustrating and I’m ready to drive myself to the 12th to help catch him!  And how about that cliffhanger?  I know the countdown usually has a lot of light, fun or even romantic moments but this week is a lot different.  The whole cast delivered great performances and even the suspects were east to love to hate.  Let’s get this started so we can prep for next week! 

5. Genie in a Bottle
                Castle tells Beckett that he remembers when he saw Tyson at the motel and realized who he was and Tyson quickly realized he knew who he was.  Castle states he figured it out a second too late and he relives that moment all the time knowing that his mistake set him free and cost people their lives.  Beckett reminds him that he was almost one of those people but Castle continues saying that now he has a chance to help put the genie back in the bottle. He then says that it was a terrible metaphor because “that guy is no genie.  Who would want three wishes from him right?”  Their conversation is interrupted though, as Beckett gets a call from Amy and goes off to meet her without Castle. I like that even in a very serious and emotionally heavy case, Castle tries to inject humor into the case and lighten the mood. It wasn’t quite as humorous as he may be in other episodes but who can blame him.  Also, you could just tell Beckett leaving alone wasn’t a good idea and it definitely had me worried until the end…
4. Escort Services
                In pretty much the only light moment of the episode we see the Castle clan in the loft.  Martha tells Castle she is in his debt to which he offers she could start paying rent.  Martha laughs and clarifies that she is in debt of his gratitude because he urged her to take an audition which led to a new role.  As she exits, Alexis walks downstairs and Castle asks where she is off to. Alexis casually applies “I signed up for an escort service and I have to meet a client.”  Castle not missing a beat says “what??... What?” Alexis just starts laughing and tells him she was making sure he was actually listening before giving Castle and Beckett a kiss on their cheeks on the way to the library.  Caskett discusses how Alexis has never given Beckett a goodbye kiss before and Castle explains that Kate is pretty lovable.  Beckett brushes it off telling Castle he raised a great person and Castle tells her she wasn’t there for the beginning.  Kate replies “next time I will be” and says she is thinking about when would be the right time to have a kid.  I love this moment for a few reasons.  First, like I mentioned before it was a lighter moment in a very intense episode.  Second, I love Caskett at home with Martha and Alexis since we haven’t had a ton of them this season. Also, I know it’s not popular with the whole fandom but I enjoy Caskett baby talk.  We know they work well together on cases and I would love to see them take on parenting together.  Enjoy the light mood while you can though because it gets dark from here…

3. Holding Pattern
                Boudreau gets put into holding and Castle visits him calling it a role reversal from their last encounter.  Michael continues his story and says Castle is confusing him with Tyson again, but Castle continues to talk about when Tyson dressed as a cop and visited him in holding.  He asks “How does it feel now Jerry?” and Michael gets a little more agitated stating to Castle that he is talking with the wrong guy because he is Mike Boudreau. Castle ignores him and says the reason he goes after blondes goes back to what he told him at the motel years ago when he said Tyson was raised by a blonde single mother who never wanted him. Castle asks “was I right? Is this all about mommy?” Boudreau/Tyson just stares at Castle and he comes to the conclusion it’s all about his mother.  Again, the intensity in the episode is unreal.  You can tell Castle just wants to nail this guy for all of his crimes but is keeping his composure and trying to get in his head psychologically.  I loved the use of flashbacks in this scene (and throughout the whole episode) and they helped set the stage.  Again, I don’t know how Castle stays so calm but you can almost tell that when he stays calm it is more infuriating to Tyson/Boudreau.  Also, by keeping calm and thinking back Castle was able to start down a new path on the case involving Tyson’s mother.  And cue Castle theme jingle 

2.  Hot Cop
                Beckett and Castle are interrogating their suspect who looks like Jerry Tyson but could be Michael Boudreau.  For the purpose of this moment I will refer to him as Michael. Michael looks to Beckett and recognizes her from the apartment.  He says it was the “first time I saw a cop who was a woman of your hotness.” Beckett clarifies that he doesn’t know them and settles but saying “fine it you want to play that game this is Richard Castle, I’m Detective Beckett.”  Michael tries to say it was a misunderstanding but Castle and Beckett continue to stay firm and ask him about Amy Barrett.  Castle asks where Michael Boudreau is and the suspect says “come on, I’m Michael Boudreau.  Who else would I be?”  Beckett suggests “Jerry Tyson” but he says that he “gets that from time to time.”  He reveals he had plastic surgery done because he didn’t like the way he looked. Gates confirms his statement saying that his prints match Michael Boudreau. First of all, I love when Beckett and Castle interrogate a suspect together and this one was even sweeter as they went after Tyson.  The part that really got me about this moment was how downright creepy Tyson/Boudreau was.  I’m sure many of you, like me, are convinced it was Tyson and I was getting more and more frustrated as he stayed calm throughout the whole interview and played his game with Castle and Beckett.  Honestly, I wanted to just yell at him through the TV so I don’t know how Caskett kept it together.  And then Gates news about the fingerprints?  We know Tyson is resourceful and could definitely pull this off but in this case the law wins and they can’t prove its Tyson’s prints. GAH! So frustratingly good!

1. We’ll Meet Again
                Castle goes in to talk the Boudreau again while they wait for DNA.  He tells him that he just went to White Plains and he met Gretchen Cutler. Boudreau, unfazed, says that he isn’t familiar with that name.  Castle reveals to him that she said nothing she ever did could have turned him into what he is. Castle asks him “Is that true? Because I get the feeling it isn’t. I get the feeling she’s the first person you ever wanted to kill.”  Castle then says that would be too obvious and its better to hunt young women who look like Gretchen did so she could see their faces on the news and knows it’s because of her. Castle reveals an old photo of Gretchen when she was young and that Amy and Susan look just like her.  He concludes “it’s you” and Michael goes “yes it is…If by you, you mean Michael Boudreau.” He is then released due to the DNA not matching and walks out hand in hand with Dr. Neiman.  Meanwhile Beckett, who is supposed to be picking up Amy, answers her phone and the song “We’ll meet again” starts playing as she is injected and wheeled away. Immediately after, Dr. Neiman answers who phone to someone saying “it’s done” and Boudreau winks at Castle.  TO BE CONTINUED?!?!  How am I supposed to wait a week?!?!?  First, Castle’s attempt to break Tyson again was fantastic and unfortunately the evidence didn’t work out again.  So frustrating!  Seriously, these people have to slip up eventually.  Also, that song is going to haunt me in my nightmares and it would be a sick joke to play that song in front of any Castle fan now!  Neiman and Boudreau continue to be creepy as always and again I just want to seek revenge on my own!  Props to all the actors in this moment because it was so well done and made the “to be continued” seem like a death sentence.  Hats off to the actors who play Neiman and Tyson/Boudreau specifically because I love their characters and how I love to hate them but I want them to finally get caught so bad! I know what you’re thinking… how is this number one when they bad guys get away and Beckett gets taken?  Simple, it made me want to watch next week’s episode immediately after this one ended!  I hate cliffhangers…

Next Monday can’t come fast enough after that episode!  What are they going to do to Beckett and will Castle get to her in time?  Also, do you love to hate Neiman and Tyson as much as I do? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

Xo Always ~DenialLove

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