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This week’s Castle was out of this world! … Well kind of.  We saw the team working a case that took them to “Mars” and it was exactly the nerdy, geeked out episode we would all hope for from Castle.  This week’s case focused on the murder of a Mars mission team member but we also got to see what solving a crime in spacesuits would look like and got a feel for Castle and Beckett’s thoughts on space travel!  So get your spacesuit on and step inside because its time to see this top moments from this week’s mission to Mars!

**Screencaps will be posted when available!**

5. Mission to Mars
Ryan introduces Castle and Beckett to their case and Castle starts geeking out about the body being on Mars.  They soon find out about that the victim isn’t actually on Mars but in a simulated environment created by the Mars 2018 Project.  Castle relays all the information about the project and lets it slip that he applied to be a participant but wasn’t selected.  Confused, Beckett asks “wait you signed up to go to Mars?  When?” Castle reveals it was a couple years ago and you can tell Beckett quickly does some math as she asks “where was I?”  Castle, quickly trying to dig himself out of trouble says “We were fighting.”  It doesn’t surprise me at all that Castle signed up to try to go to Mars although I was a little surprised it was during the time he was with Kate.  Beckett got her say in things later in the episode though when she revealed she signed up for a rival Mars project but wasn’t selected.  Getting a taste of his own medicine, Castle asks “you applied to go to Mars without me?”  Without missing a beat, Beckett goes “we were fighting.”  I love Caskett banter, and while Castle is definitely the obvious choice out of the couple to apply to go to Mars I could see Beckett doing it as well.  Remember Nebula 9 everyone?  Beckett has her geeked out, sci-fi side as well (and I love it!)!  Who knows, maybe someday they can really go to Mars together!
4. “Moon Walking”
After discussing the victim, the program director explains that it would take days to vent the simulated environment and they will have to wear spacesuits to enter the simulation.  Castle, with his eyes lighting up like a kid on Christmas says “Best case ever!” before proceeding to get his spacesuit on.  To make things even better, once in the simulation Castle starts bounding around like he is in zero G and taking deep Darth Vader-esque breaths.  Beckett stops his fun though walking in his path and asking “are you done?” One of my favorite things about Castle is his enthusiasm for unique cases and his commitment to making them authentic.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from him and I would be right there with him doing my best moon walking impersonation.  I love that he didn’t stop even when Beckett and Espo mocked him and just kept having his fun. Honestly, I would have been a little bummed if he didn’t have some fun on fake Mars!
3. Star Trek meets Castle
Espo links the gas mask that Castle and Beckett found to a company called Newton Endeavors.   He provides Caskett with an address and they make their way towards it.  Castle starts to provide a narrative saying “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Castle and Beckett. Their ongoing mission: to explore strange new motives, to seek out new witness and new suspects for murder, to boldly go… oh over here!”  Well, his monologue was cut short by arriving at their destination but I loved his William Shatner impersonation and paying homage to Star Trek.  I love that the writers worked this in, especially with Shatner being a Castle fan himself!  Total geek moment for me and I’m sure many other Castle fans!
2.  Alien Invasion
             Searching below the simulation for the murder weapon Castle and Beckett are startled by “something” going around the room.  Castle says “told you this felt like Alien” and Beckett tells him to stop but he argues “did that look human to you?”    Beckett admits it didn’t and Castle starts shining his flashlight on Beckett as he searches her body.  Perplexed, Beckett asks what he is going and Castle explains he is looking for bite marks or scratches to make sure she didn’t get impregnated.  Beckett says “If you think that’s how I get pregnant we need to talk.”  I love that Castle was still in full “Alien” mode during this scene and he let his sci-fi theories out rule logic.  Beckett’s response was right on point and put an end to Castle’s madness.  Also, have you noticed there has been a lot of Castle baby related talk recently?  Just an observation… and I’ll leave you with that thought J
1. Its Quiet… Too Quiet
With the case wrapped up, Beckett asks Castle if he still wants to go to Mars. He says that he would wait until there is first class service so they can go together.   Awwwww Mars Caskett!  Castle wonders why none of the astronauts would tell the others that killing Tom was a bad idea but Beckett explains that “when people are stuck together in a small place for a long period of time they lose perspective.” Hmm, sounds like a certain loft scenario… They wait for the family meeting but Martha says she cancelled it because she wanted to talk to them alone.  She explains that she decided that she is going to look for her own place to live.  She calls her decision an “evolution” for her and she also says that she is guessing that there will be more “little Castle’s” creating havoc around the loft.  I love that Martha goes into ultimate mom mode and realizes what is best for her children.  While I love the dynamic of everyone at the loft she has a point and recognizes that they deserve a place to themselves.  I definitely didn’t see this move coming but as Castle said about Martha “unexpected is her specialty.”  Caskett wasn’t enjoying their new independence too long though as they realized the loft was quiet… a little too quiet.   They quickly leave in search of a loud restaurant.  First off, again with the Caskett babies!  It’s everywhere… Also, I’ve always been a big Martha fan and while I will miss her presence in the loft we still see a lot of Alexis even after she went to college.  Such a sweet move by Martha and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Caskett!
After the intense two part episode with 3XK this is exactly what I needed.  A fun episode full of Castkett banter.  Did you enjoy our time in Mars?  And what are we going to do for the mini hiatus? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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