Castle Cliff Notes: At Close Range

I’m back!  After the 3 week hiatus and my 1 week hiatus due to work we are finally back with another Castle Cliff Notes!  This week’s episode focused on Ryan getting caught in the middle of a murder case as part of his security gig.  To make matters worse, it because a family matter when his brother in law and sister (who knew?!?!) become involved in the situation as well.  We got to see a whole new side of Ryan with the rest of the 12th family helping solve the case as well.  So let’s get started with this week’s countdown!

5. The Next Step
Alright, you know I have to have at least one Castle/Beckett moment per countdown right? Wrapping up the case, Beckett explains to Castle how much she hates politics and he hints that maybe Washington could use more people like her.  He moves a folder and uncovers a NYPD captain’s exam study book.  He asks Beckett about it and she says “it’s the next step. I’m not sure if it’s the right one yet, but I figure I take the test and see how I do.”  Castle asks what she will do if she ends up doing well on the exam and she says that it would make her decision for her.  I still can’t decide what I can see the next step being for Beckett.  Captain?  Politician?  I believe that Beckett will aspire to continue to move up and the best part is Castle will support her no matter what her decision may be!  So what do you think Beckett’s next move will be?
4. The Chase
Seamus/Ryan was fantastic during the whole episode but I particularly liked the chase scene between Ryan, Espo and their suspect Chambers.  Ryan and Espo pull up outside Chambers address when he sees them sitting in their car and starts to run down an alley.  Chambers hits a dead-end when he runs into a chain-link fence and Ryan grabs him slamming him into the brick wall next to them.  He then points his gun at Chambers and says “Give me a reason.”  Espo keeps calm and says “we’ve got him Ryan. We’re good.”  Ryan is usually so calm and out of the team the least aggressive but seeing this side of him was a welcome change!  He had a job to do and Ryan felt like he failed and had to do all he could to bring justice to the situation.  I would be terrified if I were the suspect and I would definitely want Ryan on my protective detail! 

3. Crazy Theory vs. Logic
Beckett gets a call in the morning and it is revealed that Castle is not in bed with her.  She walks into the crime scene and sees Ryan and Castle using lasers to demonstrate the gunshot trajectory. Castle reveals that Ryan texted him which prompts Beckett to ask “you texted Castle and not me?”  Ryan, matter of fact, replies “well when you have a crazy theory you don’t call the voice of reason.”  Castle explains that they have the wrong shooter and him and Ryan share a fist bump.  You had to feel a little bad for Beckett that she was left out but Ryan definitely had a point! Ryan is on team Castle a lot, so much so that we call him mini-Castle at times and he knew exactly who to talk to run his theory.  Castle is definitely the one you call when you want to run a theory that goes against logic and in the end it paid off!  Also, I’m sure Castle liked playing with the lasers (I’m kind of bummed we didn’t get to see it)!

2.  One Direction Fan Club
Ryan reveals that he has another security gig with brother in law to Espo, Beckett, and Castle.  He jokes “Good news is Sara Grace will have enough money for college.  Bad news is she’ll have no idea who I am.”  Beckett asks who he is guarding and he reveals he can’t tell.  Castle deducts that it goes beyond the “usual” athlete or reality star and it must be someone important.  He guesses “Perhaps the pope? The Dalai lama?”  Ryan just ignores him and starts walking away. Castle then asks, in his dead on fangirl voice “Ryan!  Is it One Direction?  You would tell me right?!?!”  Ryan continues to walk away and Castle questions “Are they in town?” and Espo, without thinking, says “Oh they’re in Hong Kong…”  I was cracking up at Castle’s One Direction freak out and when Espo went along with the gig and said they were in Hong Kong I about lost it.  Beckett was laughing in the corner of the screen and I know I would have had a hard time being serious in that scene if I were involved! Could you imagine if Ryan was defending One Direction from screaming fans?!?  That would be an interesting episode J  
1. Family Matters
                After discovering his brother in law, Frank, is somehow connected to the shooting Ryan goes to find Frank after the police didn’t find him at his home.  He meets him under a bridge to get clarification on the events of the shooting.  He tells Frank he know he gave out the press pass and thinks Frank only hired him for the job because he thought Ryan wouldn’t suspect him and he could steer the investigation away from him.  Frank says no one was supposed to get hurt but Ryan doesn’t buy it.  He says “Carolyn Decker…She’s dead. I blame myself and all along it was you!  How could you do this, how could you do this to Gwen and the kids?”  Ryan asks him directly if he killed her and Frank says he didn’t and that got stuck in a bad situation because he needed extra money.  Frank stops talking and says he won’t turn himself in which prompts Ryan to pull out his gun as sirens are heard in the background.  Again, serious Ryan is very different than normal Ryan.  He went straight to business and you could tell how much it was killing him inside to have to interrogate his own family as a potential suspect.  Ryan, just like the other members of the 12th seeks justice and even when it becomes personal he puts justice first.  I loved that we got to see this side of Kevin, and while many might have missed the Castle/Beckett focus this episode was a nice change of pace!  Bravo Seamus! 

Did you enjoy the Ryan-centric intense episode? And what do you think the next step for Beckett is?  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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