Castle Cliff Notes: Habeas Corpse

This week we dove into the world of injury lawyers as well as a little friendly competition for a police charity event.  The case focused on a personal injury lawyer fighting for the underdogs who actually had a much bigger case on his plate.  More importantly though, we were introduced to the greatness that is Ryan and Esposito creating dance routines this episode.  While the case was interesting, the rest of the story-line was my favorite part!  We also were introduced to Caskett’s surprising “shower routine” and got to see Ryan bust a move!  So let’s get shakin and get rolling with this week’s countdown!

**Screencaps added when available!** 

5. The Zip Tie Dance
After being caught while trying to dig up a body, Beckett and Castle are stuck with their arms zip tied behind their back. Beckett says they have to figure out a way to get out of the zip ties before the suspect comes back.  Castle reveals that as part of his PI training he watched a video on how to get out of zip ties and he says “all you have to do is just hit them as hard as you can against your ass.” This leads to our duo jumping up and down smacking their tied up hands on their behinds.  They appear to be unable to break the ties and Castle makes the smart remark of “on the bright side we came up with a new move for our dance routine.”  Not pleased, they continue to try until they do finally break free.  I had to put this moment in here for how absolutely ridiculous it was!  I enjoyed seeing Castle’s PI training help out again and I love that Beckett trusts him enough to go along with his ridiculous sounding plan.  His dance move comment was what cemented this moment on this week’s countdown!  You have to love moments when Castle sticks his foot in his mouth!
4. Stage Fright
Caskett finally gets around to practicing a routine for the charity event and they do so for Martha.  After practicing, Castle goes off to raise the bet with Espo leaving Beckett and Martha to discuss the routine.  Martha tries to raise Beckett’s confidence by telling her that people are only going to remember that she sounds like an angle while singing but Beckett assures her she won’t because they will be in front of strangers.  Martha discovers Beckett has stage fright and says she has to tell Rick.  Beckett refuses though because she doesn’t want to let Castle down.  I love Martha and Beckett moments and they don’t happen often so you have to enjoy them when they do!  I always feel like Martha is able to give Beckett the motherly advice that she hasn’t been able to receive since her mom died and can help her solve situations involving Castle.  I love that Beckett was also so against telling Castle because she wanted to make him happy.  Man, I love this couple and I always love Martha!
3. Order in the Court
The episode opens with Beckett in the loft helping Alexis study for a midterm for school.  She tells Castle that Alexis has an amazing brain and would make an incredible lawyer but Castle insists he already loses enough arguments to her. Castle asks Beckett if she ever regrets not getting her law degree.  Beckett says she would rather take criminals down but Castle says that with her mind she would have made a great Chief Justice. He tells her “you have all of the qualifications.  You’re smart, you are intimidating and you look very, very good in a robe.”  Liking where this is heading, Beckett asks “Care to take a 10 minute recess in my chambers?” Caskett starts to share a kiss but are interrupted by Beckett’s phone ringing.  Beckett says “I think we’re going to need a continuance.”  Castle states “Objection” but Judge Beckett immediately says “overruled.”  I love it when Castle compliments Beckett’s intelligence and encourages her that she could continue to climb the career ladder.  Also, who doesn’t enjoy a little Caskett role playing?  They nailed the courtroom role play and I loved that Beckett continues to have the upper hand as she puts down her figurative gavel and says “overruled.”  I also enjoyed the little look-in to a typical morning at the loft with Alexis involved in our tiny family.  So much love!
2.  Audiences
After Ryan and Espo win their 3rd straight competition they challenge Castle to a dance off at the precinct.  He backs down from their challenge and starts to walk away with Beckett following behind him.  Beckett questions “since when do you turn down a challenge?” and suddenly realizes that he knows she has stage fright.  Castle tries to play it off as he doesn’t know but Beckett pieces together that he arranged for them not to perform at the police benefit.  He admits that he overheard her talking to Martha and asks why Beckett wouldn’t just tell him the truth.  She reveals that she didn’t want Castle to think less of her and didn’t want anyone else to know.  Beckett asked if he was upset about not performing for the audience and Castle sweetly replies “the only audience I care about is you” as they share a sweet elevator kiss.  The episode then closes with a glimpse into the shower routine and we can see their shadows dancing on the wall while singing “Under my skin” in the shower.  First of all, we finally got an elevator kiss!  I loved Castle line about Beckett being the only audience he needs (swoon!) and the kiss just capped it off.  Also, I had lost hope that we would ever see the shower scene but they stuck it in right at the end!  I don’t care if it was really Stana and Nathan’s shadows (as this was a big twitter topic last night) but it was definitely their voices and regardless the moment was great! I never get sick of Caskett moments and they sweetness towards each other kills me!
1. Get Lucky
            Beckett and Castle are looking for Ryan and Espo and Gates mentioned that she saw them going into the interrogation room.  Beckett notices a police officer stationed outside the interrogation room and asks the officer if there is a new suspect but he responds “I’m not supposed to say or let anyone in.” Castle distracts the officer while Beckett quickly goes into the observation room followed by Castle to see what Espo and Ryan are up to.  They see them dancing and turn on the volume and hear Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” Beckett asks Castle if he is seeing what she’s seeing and he says “sprained my ass.  His knee is fine!”  Beckett realizes that Espo lied about his knee injury to sucker Castle into a bet.  Castle says that now they have to win and Beckett asks “with what? Our shower routine?” I know they mentioned it earlier in the episode but…Hold up right there! Caskett has a shower routine?!? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  I had been thinking about this mystery shower routine since earlier in the episode but I loved that it was still their only option at this point. Also, let’s get to the most amazing part of this moment… Espo and Ryan dancing!  I’m not going to lie, I figured Espo had moves but Ryan was keeping right up with him! Loved the song choice and loved the dance moves.  I just wish we could have seen the whole thing with costumes. I was laughing so hard that it was impossible to keep this out of the top spot!

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  1. Loved your review and Espo and Ryan's dance was great. Kate has been showing her vulnerable side showing she is not brave Beckett and she cares more what people think than she lets on. I love they are showing that side of Kate. The episode was great entertainment.

    1. Thanks Teri! I love that side of Kate! We all have our insecurities no matter how strong we let on.