Hollander's Woods: "Scoop"

We know Hollander’s Woods is going to come back into play for Castle in the Season 7 finale. However, what mythology might we be dealing with in regards to Beckett? –Rachael
To be clear (since some are CoNfUsEd), the actual Hollander’s Woods incident from Rick’s childhood is one focus for the finale. As series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, who wrote the episode, explains, “One of the areas we haven’t explored is whyCastle became a mystery writer. Was there something that created a fascination with murder and with death and with bodies? And Hollander’s Woods was an event that happened when he was a kid that altered who he was…. It has nothing to do with why he vanished, but it doestap into a deeper Castle mythology.” As for the Beckett half of the finale, “We’ve been building this storyline for Beckett where she’s feeling a little bit like she needs to do something more, something a little bit bigger…. Where does she go with family? Where does she go with her career?” Marlowe posits. “So she’ll end up facing some choices in this that are a little bit unexpected, that may change the trajectory of where she’s going.”

Is there any news on the status of Castle Season 8? –Alie
TVLine keeps no secrets, Alie. But even on the off chance the ABC drama doesn’t get picked up, the finale won’t leave folks hanging terribly much. “It was a bit of a challenge to craft a [finale] when there was so much uncertainty about the show’s future, with our [actors] in negotiations, not knowing if we’re coming back and all that sort of stuff,” Marlowe shares. “We were trying to craft a show that had a satisfying conclusion if it is indeed theconclusion, but also some really great, interesting, compelling springboards into next season’s storytelling — if the gods shine upon us and we’re allowed to continue.”

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The moment that I met you, my life became extraordinary. You taught me to be my best self, to look forward to tomorrow's adventures. And when I was vulnerable, you were strong. I love you, Richard Castle. And I want to live my life in the warmth of your smile and the strength of your embrace. I promise you I will love you. I will be your friend and your partner in crime and in life, always. - Kate Beckett The moment we met, my life became extraordinary. You taught me more about myself than I knew there was to learn. You are the joy in my heart. You're the last person I want to see every night when I close my eyes. I love you, Katherine Beckett. And the mystery of you is the one I want to spend the rest of my life exploring. I promise to love you, to be your friend, and your partner in crime and life, 'till death do us part, and for the time of our lives. - Richard Castle

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