Castle Cliff Notes: Dead From New York

After weeks of being gone due to many different issues I’m finally back with this weeks cliffnotes!  First, I want to apologize for my long absence but sometimes life gets in the way.  I am happy to be back this week and was super happy to see Castle delve into the world of live comedic performance show, Saturday Night Tonight, (a la Saturday Night Live-esque TV) as it was the type of show I grew up watching and continue to enjoy. As with any ensemble cast show, it had its share of drama as well as outside suspects which made for an entertaining case that also had us enjoying musical guest Carly Rae Jepsen. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t listening to “I Really Like You” right now.  So let’s get this show started and roll with this week’s countdown for the 150th episode!

Screencaps to be added when available!

5. Is He Dead?
At the loft, we see Martha repeatedly saying the line “Is he dead?” with different tones and inflections. Beckett greats Martha saying “good morning” and Martha responds “is he dead?” leaving Kate slightly confused.  Beckett tells Castle something is wrong with his mom to which Castle makes the smart remark “youre just realizing this now?”  He then realizes what is going on and explains that Martha always says only her character’s first line for 48 hours before the play.  Beckett gets a call and says “there’s been a homicide” to which Martha responds “is he dead?” and Beckett totally forgetting the 48 line rule starts to explain that someone is in fact dead.  Castle goes “be honest, when you vowed for better or worse you really had no idea what you were getting into.”  Castle tells Beckett that although annoying, they definitely got off easy as one time her first line was “come on baby, I’ll make it worth your while.”  He continues saying “most awkward parent teacher conference ever.”  I absolutely love Martha and I thoroughly enjoyed her ritual.  I also love that to Castle it’s just normal life as he has grown up with an actress as a mom.  His comments about her “come on baby” line also had me cracking up!  I just can’t turn Martha away from a countdown.
4. Model/Cop and the “Righter”
Castle and Beckett head back to the SNT studio to look into Sid’s death by talking to Danny Valentine.   When they arrive at the studio he is practicing a sketch with one of the SNT cast members who is obviously portraying Beckett.  Fake Beckett goes “look buddy I’m a cop and a model so I know when someone is lying to me and when their outfit is clashing.”  She tells Valentine to stay back as she prepares to kick in a door and Valentine goes “don’t worry, my experience writing crime novels has prepared me for danger.  Plus I have my vest.”  He dons a “writer (spelled righter)” vest and model/cop Beckett kicks in the door getting her heel stuck saying “Oh model cop down... I broke a heel!”  Beckett isn’t sure what to think but Castle loves that Danny Valentine is playing him… or at least he does until he starts flirting with Beckett.  I loved the over the top comedy sketch poking fun at Castle and Beckett.  I’ve always wondered how Beckett kicks ass in those stiletto boots at times (considering I would break an ankle) and now I’m always going to picture her foot getting caught in the door. Valentine’s Castle was also perfectly exaggerated. I just wish we could have seen SNT poke fun at Espo and Ryan too!

3. Worst Cast Ever
Walking down a hallway at the Saturday Night Tonight studio, Castle and Beckett are discussing the pictures on the walls of every cast member that has ever been on the show.  Castle states that the majority of the comedy on the show was born out of the minds of the performers and how great they all are.  That is until they come upon a picture of one seasons cast and Castle says “except for this season.  Those guys sucked.” Beckett confirms “yea they were terrible.”  Now this normally wouldn’t be funny except for the fact that the terrible season cast photo was actually one with all of the Castle writers!  I love that Castle’s cast and crew always finds ways to surprise the fans and sneak little appearances into episodes (such as Milmars appearance in The Lives of Others).  It was a fun moment that true Castle fans enjoyed so make sure you go back if you missed the shout out!
2.  Imitation Game
Back at the studio, Castle and Beckett are following a lead when the actress who was playing Beckett in the model/cop skit starts following them.  Beckett asks if she can help her, but the actress says no and states “you have a very bizarre gait.”  Beckett goes “I’m sorry what?” which is immediately imitated by the actress who goes “nailed it.” She continues to imitate all of Beckett’s gestures and real Beckett goes “Castle, please tell me I don’t move like that…I mean… do I?”  Nervous Castle asks “is this a trick question?  What answer is not going to have me sleeping on the couch tonight?”  First, I loved fake Beckett’s impersonation.  Yes, nobody can be Beckett quite like Stana but I love her over the top impression.  It was absolutely perfect for a SNL type show. It was also reminiscent of the Natalie Rhodes episode! I also love it when Beckett asks Castle a question and you know he wants to answer it one way but can clearly tell its going to get him in trouble. Less mature Castle would have blurted out the wrong answer haha!  This moment just continued with the lighthearted nature of this episode.
1. I Really Like You
            Castle and Beckett find themselves back at the studio where Carly Rae Jepsen is about to perform.  As she starts singing “I Really Like You” (which is so darn catchy!) we see Castle and Beckett standing in the wings.  Castle extends his hand to Beckett who accepts and they start to dance. The dance was even capped off with Castle dipping Beckett.  I love seeing these little moments between them, and I know I’ve said it many times before but Beckett has come so far in seven seasons.  She would have never danced while working a case before but this time she just gave in and had fun.  Also, I saw on twitter where they dance was improvised as all the script said they danced and didn’t specify what to do.  If that’s true the dance was even more fun because they made it up as they went. Such a cute moment and the catchy song just topped it off!  So much fun!

So what did you think?  Enjoy the look in at live comedy shows? Is the song stuck in your head too? Are you ready for next week’s season finale??  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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