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This week we got our first episode with Castle and Beckett “separated.”  While the fandom is divided on their opinions of the split I think most of us agreed that we were ready to see what this week would bring and how the story was going to play out.  Well we definitely got a look into Castle’s plan to win Beckett back and in the process also solved an interesting case with fun moments provided by Espo and Ryan.  So let’s not be late for class with Professor Castle (side note: omg those glasses were so hot!) and do your homework by reading this week’s countdown!

5. Beer Pong Hustlers
After storming the frat party to protect Alexis, Castle challenges one of the frat boys to a beer pong challenge to “earn his respect.” Turns out Castle didn’t realize the amount of time college students can spend playing beer pong and he quickly realizes he is not in college drinking shape.  He goes to throw his final shot and misses right into Beckett.   She sinks her long shot into Castle’s only remaining cup and says “drink.” Beckett then breaks up the party and Castle tells her they should beer pong hustle together.  She says “Castle go home, you’re drunk” and when he tries to protest she laughs “you’re a lightweight.”  Then the Frankenstein who was playing Castle tells Beckett “you’re pretty hot for a cop.” She quickly shuts him up saying “I have a gun.”  I love this scene because just for a moment I forgot about the separation.  Castle and Beckett were back with their usual banter and Becket demanding Castle to drink was, in my opinion, sexy!  I loved Beckett laughing off Castle’s lightweight status as well.  I would love to play a beer pong game against Castle and Beckett so who wants to be my teammate?
4. Undercover Angel
             With Espo and Ryan failing as being college students, Alexis goes undercover at a frat party to try to get information on Peter.  She shows up wearing a barely there angel costume (which for those of you in college or recently attended college know is about the norm…unfortunately) and starts looking around while staying in touch with Castle, Ryan, and Espo. Espo, trying to get a rise out of Castle says “you know this isn’t her first frat party Castle.” Ryan tells him that it’s ok to be overprotective especially with “what’s happening” with Beckett.  He explains he is trying to get her back and they ask him if he is really going about it in the right way.  Castle says “working cases together is why she fell in love with me. That’s why I’m going to do whatever it takes to solve this case.”  Espo questions “including sending your daughter into a house full of drunken frat boys dressed like a slutty angel?”  This immediately gets Castle to jump out of the car and go in search of Alexis.  As you are well aware I’m a sucker for “dad” Castle and this was no exception. I know some people were a little dumbfounded with Alexis’ outfit but having not been in college too long ago myself (or at least I like to believe it wasn’t long ago) what Alexis was wearing was the norm at a lot of parties.  It’s unfortunate that Halloween can turn into a revealing costume party but they stayed true to the “college” vibe.  I loved bromance in full force and Espo and Ryan getting Castle all worked up about Alexis growing up.  Castle’s immediate move to leave the care after the light bulb in his head went off about Alexis being around drunken guys was so cute.  Overall, a sweet “dad” Castle scene with a little fun and teasing a la Espo and Ryan!

3. The Lonely Morning After
The episode started off answering a question that was definitely on my mind… how do Castle and Beckett spend their initial days without each other?  Turns out Castle ordered a new home operating system that goes by Lucy (voiced by Aubrey Plaza).  Lucy asks Castle for his name and he says “I’m Rick Castle and…and… my wife just left me.”  Having no sympathy, Lucy deadpans “Yikes sucks to be you Rick.”  We then cut to Beckett’s morning where she is sparring with a punching bag held by Vikram.  Beckett tells him he can still back out of their investigation but Vikram declines saying that he owes her.  He jokes a little about their investigation and his job with the NYPD and Beckett says “Can you take this seriously please? I just blew up my marriage to go down this path.”  She then says they need to move fast to prevent Castle from figuring out what goes on so he stays out of danger.  Now this definitely didn’t make the list for being funny or sweet because honestly these scenes broke my heart.  I won’t spend anytime going into my displeasure with their breakup but watching Castle talking to Lucy about his wife leaving him about brought me to tears.  He sounded so lost and with Martha no longer in the loft and Alexis off at college he was left talking to technology.  Then we switch to Beckett.  Seeing her sparring again was reminiscent of early seasons (I’ll refrain from discussing backward character progression) and I couldn’t help my laugh a little in my mind as I joked “hopefully she doesn’t pull a Nikki Heat with her new sparring partner.”   Don’t worry, I know Beckett would never do that to Castle!  Then her comment about “blowing up her marriage” was emotional just like Castle’s sad confession to Lucy.  I guess I’m still just confused on how taking a break from their marriage makes Castle any safer but I digress. I couldn’t help but feeling Castle and Beckett’s heartbreak here and can only hope they get back together soon!  I mean when a home operating system makes fun of you, you know you’ve hit rough times. L  That being said it was still a good scene and set the tone for the rest of the episode.   
2.  21 Jump Street: 12th Precinct Style
Getting further into the case, Beckett, Ryan and Espo discuss that they have found a potential suspect named Scott who knew Peter from his time at a fraternity.  They want to talk to him, the only problem being Scott’s dad is an attorney so Ryan and Espo decide to try and go undercover as college students.  They change clothes and walk up towards Scott sitting near him on some campus steps.  They start a casual conversation with each other where Ryan casually mentions a “hot blond named Jenny.”  They then shift their conversation to the “dead frat dude” and Espo asks Scott “hey bro. You know what frat the dead dudes from?”  Scott turns towards them and says “No officer I sure don’t.”  Espo tries to play it cool but Scott calls him out saying “dude you look like your 40.”  Offended, Espo says “bitch please I got carded last week!”  Unfortunately, Scott isn’t buying it and says “yea for your AARP card. Your partner is growing ear hair in front of my eyes.”  Scott then gets up to leave them and says “ah remember fibers your friend.”  Self-conscious, the first thing Ryan asks is “I don’t really have old man ear hair do I?” I LOVED this scene!  First, it had the 21 jump street vibe only this time our guys actually got called out for not looking like college students.  I also loved Ryan’s nod to his hot wife.  Espo trying to stay in character was hilarious and I loved Scott’s AARP card response.  Don’t worry guys… you may not pass as college students anymore but guys get better with age like wine right?
1. Locked Up
Beckett and Castle end up locked in one of the prison cells and Beckett accuses Castle of trapping her in there on purpose.  Castle segways into asking her why she felt trapped in their marriage and Beckett says “I don’t.”  She tells Castle that the situation is complicated and she is frustrated that she asked him for space and he locked her up in a jail cell. She goes to shoot the lock and Castle concedes saying he will give her space but Beckett puts her gun down going “you know just my luck it would ricochet and hit you and then I would have two murders to contend with.”  They decide to try to figure out who to escape like Peter did and Beckett comments that they have been stuck in worse places together.  Castle says “I like that word together. So what happened Kate? What did I do wrong?”  Beckett tries to say it isn’t about him and says “I love you. I always will.”  Castle expresses that he wants to work it out through therapy or counseling but Beckett says she can’t.  The more serious conversation is ended though when Beckett realizes that the building used to be an office and has ducts that could lead to an escape.  She says “come on, Castle” and puts her arms on his shoulders bracing herself for a boost up. Castle pauses, clearly missing the intimacy their relationship previously had, and Beckett herself pauses before reminding him to boost her up.  After “escaping” Beckett comes back to Castle and they do their in sync crime solving routine where they get nice and close before Beckett goes to get the keys.  I’m the first to admit that I love a little angst but these two are killing me!  Castle wants so desperately to make what they have work and he doesn’t understand that he didn’t do anything.  Beckett throwing in the “I love you” was also killer and hit me right in the feels.  Putting myself in Castle’s shoes it’s like “ok she loves me but doesn’t want to work this out.”  And the last thing he will want to do is be a silent observer so it’s obviously very hard to Castle to give Kate her requested space.  I love that you could feel their magnetic pull towards each other with their shoulder touches during the boosting scene just like all previous seasons.  UGH!  Please just kiss and make up all ready so I can satisfy my angst monster!  

So what did you think Castle fandom?  Do you think Castle is on track to winning Beckett back?  Still not enjoying the temporary separation or finding the bright side of things? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct
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