Castle Cliff Notes: What Lies Beneath

This week we got into the world of compulsive liars and had a little fun with Castle PI working the case with the 12th gang.  The case involved a web of lies and led us from one theory to the next and even changed up who the victim really was. We got to see Beckett and Castle working side by side and at some points I even forgot (for a second) that they were separated but alas our dynamic duo remains apart.  I’m still not loving the story-line as I for one don’t think you need a Caskett split to ignite a “spark” and I’m  not thrilled with the lack of regard for character development but there are definitely still moments that I enjoy watching and my love for Castle keeps me tuning in to see what happens next. So let’s get started with this week’s countdown and hope we are another episode closer to reconciliation!   (Sorry for the shortened version this week but real life gets in the way on occasion!)         
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3. No Lies
Talking to a suspect at the pathological liars anonymous meeting, Castle insists that everybody lies.  Their suspect continues to defend himself saying that he doesn’t lie and Castle continues to push him to admitting he tells even the smallest of lies.  The suspect says he will prove it to them and tells Castle that he thinks he is a “Patterson wannabe” and that his last book was boring.  Ryan tells that suspect that he’s not being honest he’s just being mean. The suspect continues to say its honesty and accuses Ryan of not being honest since he “obviously” wears lifts in his shoes to lie about his height.  Ryan explains that they aren’t lifts but “custom prescription insoles” which causes Espo to laugh.  He’s not safe from the honesty either though as the suspect says “what are you laughing about? You clearly dye your hair so you can lie about your age.”  Turn out he just dyes it a little bit around the temples (lol).  I always love the bromance and when you get them in a situation like this it is always entertaining. I love that Ryan tried to initially stand up for Castle (as he usual does) but ends up getting himself thrown into the verbal battle.  I loved the guys defending their “flaws” and thought it was so funny when Espo was justifying his limited use of hair dye. They were like 3 brothers who one gets made fun of and the others start to laugh at him a little but then become victims of the attack themselves. The show had a decent number of lighthearted, funny moments but the bromance was definitely my favorite.  Moments like this are reminders of why I fell in love with this show and its characters and I can’t wait for the next fun moment with Castle/Espo/Ryan.
2.  It’s Complicated
In the break room, Beckett is trying to get a caffeine fix but clearly doesn’t like the latte she made.  Martha walks in and says “nothing worse than bad coffee.”  Martha explains that she came to see if everything was ok because Beckett and Castle’s relationship has taken a different turn than where it was a few weeks ago.  Beckett tries to brush it off saying “it’s complicated” but Martha quickly responds “so were his last two divorces.”  Annoyed, Beckett clarifies that they aren’t getting a divorce.”  Martha says “call me old fashioned but don’t married couples live together?” Kate continues to use her “it’s complicated” excuse and Martha reveals that Castle is set on winning Beckett back.  Martha fights a little for Castle’s side of the argument and says “he is someone you can always count on. That is a rare thing kiddo.” Martha leaves but not before saying “be honest with yourself and be honest with your husband.”  First, I love moments between Martha and Beckett because I feel like we get a glimpse into what interactions between Beckett and her mother would have been like.  Martha always offers a refreshing perspective and despite her usual dramatics always has a level head in these scenarios. I also thought it was very fitting for them to have a discussion about lying prior to the case about pathological liars. To quote Avril Lavigne (who filled many angsty mix CDs I made back in the day…) “Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?” (I slightly hate myself for quoting that…)  I understand that some things are complicated beyond control but I’m getting a little tired with the “it’s complicated” excuse so it was nice to see Martha call Beckett out on it a little bit.  I realize that Beckett doesn’t feel she can divulge the secrets of what she is doing, and Martha is probably making her feel worse but I’m team Martha on this one.  I also love Martha fighting for her son and she definitely does have a point; if Beckett can count on anyone its Castle. I mean sometimes we all need a little unsolicited advice… right Susan/Martha? J (If you haven’t read Susan’s tweets providing unsolicited advice you should!)   
1. Latte Lovers
After solving the case, Beckett walks back into the bullpen to find Castle sitting on her old desk holding two lattes. He hands her one that has a heart in the foam and says “relax it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a little congratulatory coffee after solving a tough case.”  Beckett reveals she can never make coffee like he does and Castle says he lied when he taught her how to make it and there is actually a special ingredient.   Beckett asks what it is but Castle says “If I told you that you might not need me anymore” so Beckett says “well then don’t tell me.”  Kate then starts to reveal that she has also lied but it ends up being a lighthearted one where she actually hated Moffit’s book but didn’t want to say anything because it was important to Castle.  So, ok Beckett didn’t exactly reveal the big secret here but it was a sweet exchange between the separated couple.  In my opinion, you can tell that Beckett really wants to get back with Castle and let him help her solve her problems but she’s fighting an internal battle.  It kills me to hear Castle admit that he is doing everything he can to continue to make his presence necessary so he doesn’t have to go a day without Beckett. The exchange here did remind me of earlier season Caskett which was fun and for now I’ll ignore my gripes with character regression. I enjoyed this sweet moment between Caskett even though this seasons story-line may not be my favorite so far. Castle is trying so hard to get Kate back and I can only hope that when they do reconcile we get an always-esque scene!

So what did you guys think?  Personally I’m still not loving the story arc right now but I’m able to find some bright spots in the episodes that remind me why I love Castle. Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct
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