Sad Scoop: Tory (Maya Stojan) Won't Return Any Time Soon

We know that Castle‘s Vikram Singh is a tech guy, and he’ll be working with the 12th Precinct. I was wondering if we’re going to see Tory (played by Maya Stojan) again. Is she still at the 12th? –Michelle
“Unfortunately, we might not be seeing Tory” any time soon, co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter reports. As Alexi Hawley explains, “Adding Vikram (as the 12th’s new digital investigator) takes that slot a bit, and because he serves a bigger storyline” — helping Beckett hunt down LOCKSAT — “it’s more productive for us to use him.” But speaking of recurring characters, I dohave good news for Inside Line e-mailer Sarah: You’ll definitely be seeing Dr. Perlmutter again.

On Castle, who played the female from the AG’s office that shot herself? –Pepe
I thought she looked familiar, and indeed that was Jacqueline Obradors (from NYPD Blue, Freddie, NCIS) playing shady Allison Hyde.


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