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We’re officially back (for a few weeks) after a little mini hiatus Castle fans!  This week we got to see Slaughter again, as he and “Sherlock” were on the case in a Beckett-less episode.  And if you think you knew Slaughter from his last episode think again.  Sure the case was full of his hard ass, unconventional ways but we also learned a few new interesting facts about Slaughter.  And as your about to find out, I LOVED these moments. Castle was also trying to decide what to do to help his relationship with Beckett and he was able to go outside his usual support network for advice.  I know, I know.. there wasn't any Beckett but I continue to find bright spots this season even if I'm not sold on it so far.  So yes, there wasn’t any Beckett but this episode had its share of entertaining moments and here are my favorites!           
3. Jazz Hands!
            Castle ventures to Slaughters apartment and is surprised to find it decorated in a classy manner instead of a typical man cave.  Slaughter explains that the apartment is his ex-wife’s and Castle discovers that his ex-wife is actually an extremely famous opera singer.  Castle can’t believe that she would be with Slaughter saying “I just can’t picture her… with you...”  Slaughter explains that they met because they had the same major and Castle questions “you majored in opera singing?”  Just when you thought that was a weird possibility, Slaughter says “no, musical theater.”  Castle can’t believe it and Slaughter threatens him trying to get him to keep his secret but Castle says “Yea, I’m sorry.  I’m trying to be scared but I just keep picturing you doing jazz hands.”  I caught myself laughing when Slaughter revealed he majored in musical theater.  Big, bad, manly Slaughter?  And then Castle bringing up jazz hands almost had me spitting out my water.  I realize this episode didn’t have Beckett, which was definitely a bummer and upset some fans, but I enjoyed finding out this new information about Slaughter and it was definitely entertaining.  Ok, I’ll leave you all to picture Slaughter in your favorite Broadway musical…  *Visualizes Slaughter in Wicked and Rent*

2.  Broadway Buddies
Still investigating the case, Castle and Slaughter get caught without back up and are cornered by men with guns.  Castle starts snapping, a la West Side Story, confusing everyone in the room prompting Slaughter to say “Sherlock we’re gonna die here. Let’s at least try to do it like men.”  Castle continues snapping and starts saying “boy boy crazy boy. Get cool boy.” Slaughter eventually catches on, with his musical theater background and joins Castle in singing “Cool” from West Side Story.  They continue their song until they get to a point where they stop and yell “fight scene!”  They then start to fight the criminals until backup arrives led by Ryan and Esposito.  By now you have to realize that I REALLY enjoyed this whole musical theater tie in.  Sure, Castle and Slaughter didn’t sound Broadway worthy but it was an interesting way to confuse the gunmen.  Also, in reality the gunmen probably wouldn’t have let them continue on with their singing but that’s the point of TV right?  Again, it was a lot of fun to see this different side of Slaughter and to see him going along with Castle’s plans that are so different from his own tactics.  Next time my husband gets on me for singing Broadway around the house I’ll have to make it a point to say it could save our lives someday ;-)

1. Guy Advice
Ok, I couldn’t resist making the top moment another Slaughter moment, but rest assured it semi-involves our favorite crime solving couple!  Slaughter comes up to Castle after the case and jokes about how he doesn’t understand how Castle could ever win Beckett.  Castle, getting annoyed with Slaughter’s comments on his relationship says “ok Slaughter, you know what? I’ll take a lot of crap from you but not about Beckett.”  Slaughter tells him “that lady has it bad for you, and you feel the same.”  He tells Castle that whatever is going on with Beckett she shouldn’t have to go through her problems alone. Castle says he tried to help but Beckett won’t let him in and Slaughter says “then quit asking permission.”  Sadly, he reveals “I lost my wife because I wasn’t man enough to put her needs ahead of mine. Don’t make the same mistake.”  Castle starts to say that Slaughter is a sensitive man but Slaughter cuts him off accusing him of taking “two guys talking about a chick and making it weird.”  I think what drew me to these moments were all of these things about Slaughter were not things we would have expected after the first time we met him.  Sure, he’s a jerk but as it turns out he actually provided Castle with some sound advice on saving his relationship.  Just like Slaughter’s investigative style he recommends Castle push and force his way into Beckett’s problems but you know… maybe the Castle charm and not the Slaughter arrogance.  I also couldn’t help but feel bad for Slaughter when he revealed his own relationship error.  I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge Slaughter fan from his first episode but I came out of this episode with a new respect for him.  Yea he’s far from a saint but I would like to believe his advice could lead Caskett back together.  Hopefully, Castle follows his advice and gets his girl back!  

So what did you think Castle fandom?  Did you enjoy Slaughter more this episode than his prior appearance?  Were you worried about Castle without Beckett to back him up? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct
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