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Last episode before the winter hiatus and it was definitely an interesting one!  Our Caskett ship ended up on a real ship investigating a murder involving a cruise entertainer. We got to see a little more flirting and fun this week but then found out that the original case tied into Beckett’s personal investigation of Loksat.  This definitely led to drama and there was no shortage of action but we did get more Caskett and the hope for brighter Caskett days ahead!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy our cruise through this week’s top moments!   
3. Castle’s Titanic Adventure
Beckett finds herself aboard the RMS Bently, after finding out the victim was a performer on the cruise liner. Beckett takes a call from Vikram who reveals that the heroin from the victim matches Vulcan’s drug line.  Beckett says they have to be careful to not blow their cover and Vikram says “good thing Castle’s nowhere near this one.”  Beckett agrees “yea” and immediately we hear “AHOY! I’m king of the world!” as Castle does his best Jack from Titanic impersonation.  Beckett lowers her phone saying “this can’t be happening.” Beckett asks how he got on board and Castle says they always talked about buying a boat.  Beckett says “maybe for our second anniversary” and Castle expresses than he doesn’t think anything will compare to the first.  I loved, loved, loved Castle’s “I’m the king of the world!” line because this is exactly what me (and so many others) do when you find yourself on the front of a boat.  Also, Castle’s timing is always so perfect.  Vikram is all thank god Castle isn’t here and then bam!  AHOY!  I love this lighthearted moment and I reallllllllly loved Caskett’s discussion about a second anniversary.  Maybe there is hope?!? 
2.  Blown Cover
After Castle is aware of Beckett’s secret investigation and Beckett knows Castle tried to hack into their system they talk privately in the precinct.  Castle tells Beckett that he saw her text from Vikram and thought she was in trouble but instead finds out she was lying to him.  Beckett tries to explain that she was trying to protect him because Loksat thinks his cover op worked and he will kill her if he finds out what she is doing. In response to why Beckett pushed him away, Castle says “That fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I’d walk into a tornado for you Kate.”  Beckett counters saying “and I would die if I lost you.”  Castle questions “you want to know what hurts the most? You could have come to me with everything; broken us up just like you did only it would have been a cover and together, in secret, we could have taken this guy down.  Only that thought never even occurred to you because deep down inside you like being broken and you need this obsession. And no matter what I do I can’t change that. Only you can Kate.”  Beckett tries to continue their discussion after being interrupted by Espo but Castle walks away saying “I was just leaving.”  For those who don’t know I actually love angst scenes (as long as I get a happy ending) and this was perfect!  Beckett needed to be called out for her actions and I think Castle did it in a way where he was able to present an alternative to Beckett instead of just scolding her.  I love the passion they have for each other and know that they have each other’s best interests in mind but I definitely side with Castle here.  Beckett and Castle together make a much better team and would definitely be more effective in taking down Loksat. Yes, Castle’s remark about Beckett liking to be broken was harsh but not entirely incorrect.  She does need that deep obsession (such as her mother’s case) and whether she is aware of it or not, her happiness suffers because of it.  Great acting by both Nathan and Stana to make this dramatic scene the perfect prelude to the Caskett reconciliation.    
1. I Need You
After their precinct discussion, Castle answers the door at this loft revealing Beckett who walks in saying “you were right. Everything that you said, you were absolutely right.”  Castle asks for clarification and Beckett says that she agrees that they could have faked their breakup together to fool Loksat.   Castle says he wishes she would have come to him and Beckett says “well I’m here now. So let’s do it.”  Castle is hesitant though and Beckett starts to say “I thought that you...” with Castle finishing by saying “would just take you back?”   Beckett explains that she hates that she hurt him and that’s not what her intentions were by keeping him out of loop.  Castle says “you did hurt me Kate and what’s worse you lost faith in me.”  Beckett replies “I need you Rick. I didn’t realize even how much I needed you until this happened. Please just don’t make me do this without you.”  Castle agrees and they share a sweet kiss before Castle says “you do realize I’m going to have to punish you a little first.”  Beckett questions “naked punishing?” and Castle concurs “very naked punishing.”  YAY! Caskett appears to finally be on the same page and willing to work together to help bring down Loksat!  I was happy to see Beckett admit she went about things the wrong way and actually be willing to accept help “which she should have done all along). Also you could tell things were serious with Caskett using exclusively first names!  Also, the nice kiss and reference to naked punishment easily jumped this moment to the top.  I was desperate for Caskett love! Ok?!?!  So overall, I loved that CAskett is officially back together romantically and as partners working together and I loved that Kate expressed how much she needs Castle.  Sweet moment before a mini hiatus!   

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