Mr. & Mrs. Castle: 24 Episode Teases

For the first time Twelfth Precinct had access to a Castle screener, so for the first time we are able to tease you about next Monday's episode Mr. & Mrs. Castle, written by Christine Roum, and directed by Jeff Bleckner.

We don't want to give away too much about the fall finale of Castle, but we are able to give you a few interesting tidbits. in random order. Ready? Here we go:

  1. - At one point Vikram is threatened being shot
  2. - You guys won't be too happy with Vikram, but he has his reasons why he is acting like he is
  3. - Martha gives more unsolicited advice: "If you can't tell your mother what you're doing, you should not be doing it."
  4. - Perlmutter is back. And he kinda looks like a hipster according to Espo
  5. - The main case of the episode is related to LockSat in some way or another
  6. - The episode is about half "normal" case, half Locksat
  7. - Discussing of reenacting a certain Titanic scene is afoot
  8. - Beckett is getting punished for something she did
  9. - A hacking skill war will be going on between Hayley and Vikram
  10. - Castle's hacking skills seem to be restricted to blink-y boxes
  11. - Ryan and Espo's bromance is back after last weeks struggles
  12. - We think this episode will be received well by many fans (but we might be wrong)
  13. - Lucy is back! She (voice by Aubrey Plaza) tells Castle he doesn't make any sense
  14. - Castle doesn't have the condition of professional dancers
  15. - The last 10 - 15 minutes of the episode are quite intense
  16. - Trash will be important this episode
  17. - Working on your core gets a new meaning
  18. - Beckett is working at a stip club now
  19. - One of the guest stars will likely return in the winter, when Castle will continue
  20. - Kate hopes her marriages isn't nuked
  21. - Castle & Beckett get stuck on a cruise ship
  22. - Why do suspects always run?
  23. - We are impressed by the victims lack of gaging reflexes
  24. - After lasts weeks text, Castle asks Hayley to help him to figure out what's going on
If you have any questions about the episode that you want to have an answer for, tweet them to @TwelfthPrecinct (We can't give away too much, but we will see what we can do for you)
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  1. There is spelling mistakes you need to fix. Nothing sounds really interesting =\. More Beckett secrets, I assume Castle and Beckett are not in a better place either?

  2. Need to fix 18 and 20 Strip instead of stip and marriage instead of marriages. :)

  3. Otherwise, I will pass on this episode. I think I let The Last Seduction be my finale until January.

  4. This is an episode that fans must like, not maybe. Now I am scared.