Save Lives in 30 Seconds

Ever been in a car accident?

Was your car properly repaired, so it was safe to drive again?

Many auto insurance companies force customers to take cars to insurance preferred body shops for repairs. By cutting corners & safety standards to save money, the safety of your car might be compromised.

If you would end up in another accident with a car that wasn't fixed properly, you, or your loved ones might get hurt.

Stop insurance companies to force customers (in sometimes very sneaky ways) to have their cars improperly fixed, and save lives by signing our White House petition.

This petition asks the Department of Justice to enforce the 1963 Consent Degree, which stated that auto insurance companies could not control body shop labor rates, the parts that are used in a repair, and to return the independence of body shops to themselves. It only takes a few seconds to sign.

Sign here, and save lives.
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