Castle Cliff Notes: The Blame Game

I’m back this week and so is Castle!  This week’s episode was like Castle meets Saw with our crime solving duo trapped in puzzled filled rooms fighting for their lives.  I personally loved the puzzle and clue solving aspect of the episode and felt like we were starting to get back to what I loved about Castle’s early seasons.  It was fun and intense and we got to see Castle and Beckett work together to solve the crime.  So excited to watch an episode and not feel like I complained about more than I enjoyed!  I’m not going to lie, picking top moments was hard because I felt the episode was so great as a whole… but it had to be done! So let’s solve the puzzle of this week’s top moments and get the countdown started!   

**I also wanted to quickly apologize for being absent for some recent episodes.  I told you I had good reason and I'm now happy to share with you all that I'm expecting my first child later this summer!  I've been super exhausted and nauseated so it has limited my writing but I'm happy to be back!
3. Mrs. Finch?
After being knocked out, Castle wakes up in what appears to be an elementary classroom.  He takes in his surroundings and asks “where am I? In kindergarten again?” He continues to look around and says “so where’s Mrs. Finch?”  Next to him, another male stirs and he looks at him, stating the obvious, saying “You are not Mrs. Finch.”  I loved this scene for a few reasons.  One it set up the mystery of the classroom full of puzzles (which I loved).  Also, it kept the traditional Castle humor even as he was waking up from being knocked out.  You can always count on Castle to keep things light even when the situation is super stressful and I felt like this was a great setup for the rest of the episode.  Short moment, but classic Castle!  And it gave us a little humor being the episode got serious!
2.  Booyah!
You guys know I love Martha, and we don’t get nearly enough of her so I have to hype her presence when we get it.  In the beginning of the episode, Martha and Alexis are enjoying coffee together when Castle interrupts their discussion with a loud “BOOYAH!”  He asks who’s about to have the best day ever and Martha says “could it be the fellah who just interrupted us rather rudely with booyah?”  Alexis asks what’s going on but Castle says “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. I’m sworn to secrecy.”  Knowing Castle all too well (and that he wants to be prompted to spill his secret) Alexis simply says “ok” and returns to her conversation with Martha. Annoyed, Castle asks “you’re not even gonna try to pry the secret out of me?” Martha tries to continue to conversation but Alexis admits he will continue to pout until he gets his way.  Castle then reveals that Stephen King wants to talk to him about collaborating.  Castle says “Richard Castle and Stephen King present” as he walks away and Martha says “darling if you think you’re going to get top billing over Stephen King you’re going to need more than luck.”  I always love family time with Castle, Martha, and Alexis and Castle was being his usual excitable kid self.  I love that Alexis steps in as the adult recognizing Castle’s ploy to spread his secret.  Martha’s responses were also entertaining as always.  She always has a way of knocking Castle’s ego down a notch when he starts to get to full of himself.  Gotta enjoy the family moments!
1. Screw the Rules
Locked in the building after escaping their respective rooms, Castle, Beckett and the others have 5 minutes to escape. They find a clue reading “of those who remain only your better half can survive.”  They have to pull 3 levers between the six of them and Brandon pulls the first one.  Castle, never wanting to endanger Beckett, pulls a lever himself.  Beckett says “fine but I’m not letting you stay here alone” and pulls the third lever.  Brandon worried about the consequences prompting Beckett to say “screw the rules!” The others escape and Caskett is left with Brandon, who they have now figured out is the one who orchestrated this whole trap.  He pulls a shotgun on them and Beckett and Castle try to talk him down.  Brandon says one of them has to die but both Castle and Beckett refuse to choose. Using their unspoken communication, they get the jump on Brandon and disarm him right as Ryan and Espo show up. I LOVE that Castle and Beckett are back on the same page and able to use that unspoken connection to save the day like they did in seasons past.  I felt like you could finally see their relationship and personal connection again even without a Caskett PDA scene. I know it wasn’t perfect but I adored this moment and I have more optimism about Castle after this episode.

So what did you think?  Did this feel more like classic Castle to you too (again... I'm not saying it was perfect... just better)?  Or are you still missing the spark? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct
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