Castle Cliff Notes: Tone Death

Well, that was one long hiatus!  But we were back this week with the whole gang back together.  We finally have Caskett (somewhat) back together even if they are trying to put on a front that they aren’t.  Hey, I guess we know the guys are team Beckett is anything actually goes south.  We also got a pitch perfect-esque case involving acapella groups.  Who knew acapella singing competitions could be so deadly?  So practice your singing and get ready for your solo because here we go with this week’s Castle Cliff Notes! (Also- I apologize but this weeks cliffnotes is a little shorter... My personal life is crazy right now but I promise you its all good stuff so no worries!  Thanks for hanging with me!)     
3. Drama Class in the Precinct
Still together but pretending to not be together Beckett decides to make a scene out of Castle being at the precinct. She steps off the elevator and yells “CASTLE!  We talked about this. You can’t be here.”  Castle exclaims “Excuse me for living but I’ve got a damn good reason!”  Beckett continues the charade saying “I don’t care what your reason is!  You can’t just waltz in and out of my precinct whenever you want.”  Castle tries to argue that since the case involves his mother he has every right to be there and Beckett says “Fine! But you’re on a short leash!”  Castle, with a terrible comeback, says “I’ll decide how short my leash is!”  I’ll say this a few times… I hate this secret relationship business but I still like a good, fun Caskett scene.  I will say they were both laying on the drama a little thick and over the top so I was surprised Ryan bought the performance.  The whole thing was a little like foreplay between them to me, so that was a positive!  I love how dedicated they are to keeping their relationship going even if it means trying to fake hate each other at work.    
2.  Svetlana…
Searching for a suspect, Ryan and Espo finally confront Castle about the tension between him and Beckett.  They ask what he did and when Castle tries to say nothing they say “you got slapped castle you definitely did something… or someone.”  In shock, Espo says “you cheated?”  Castle denies it but Ryan says “Beckett’s our family. You cheat on her you cheat on us.” Espo asks “what is her name?” and Castle finally plays along going “Svetlana?”  I loved Ryan saying “Svetlana” with a disgusted tone and then saying “is she some kind of Russian underwear model?” The bromance was cracking me up this whole episode as they questioned Castle while trying to stick up for Beckett.  I really disliked the whole Castle and Beckett pretending they were dating other people angle but Ryan and Espo having Beckett’s back was so entertaining. I especially liked the end when they told Castle that they would have to side with Beckett if things between them really went south.  I can’t blame Castle for being a little intimidated too… as much as I love Ryan and Espo I wouldn’t want to be on their bad side!  Team bromance!
1. Lunch Meetings
Alright.  It’s been so long since Castle was on our TV can you really blame me for being a sucker for the Caskett moment of the episode??  You’re ok with it?  Good!  Because this week’s top moment is full of Caskett! In bed together, Castle asks “so Captain Beckett, have you successfully completed your agenda for your lunch meeting?”  Beckett informs him she in fact completed her agenda three times.  Castle can’t help but be a little smug and says “best meeting ever.”  They discuss how they have been keeping their relationship private and they agree “our public fights have made our private time so much more intense.”  Look, I’m not a fan of the whole covert relationship but if it’s the only way I’m going to get Caskett right now and we get to see more moments like this?  Sign me up.  Beckett goes to leave and Castle expresses his concern about Beckett running around chasing LokSat without him.  Beckett reassures him saying “look Rick, I’m done playing lone wolf.”  I’d love to believe you Beckett, I really would… but recent history and character regression isn’t playing in your favor.  That’s not your fault though and I still love you… I really do!  For now though, I will just focus on the Casketty goodness and hope that as episodes resume I’ll but my bitter feelings aside.  CASKETT!

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  1. It bothers me that Kate hit Castle, (in New York that slap constitutes felony assault by the way) and the proceeded to not only allow the boys to mistreat him, but actually seemed to encourage them to do so and everyone I hear seems to think that it's not just okay, but funny and cute. I don't find it cute or funny or endearing at all. Don't even get me started about how Castle seems to be the one constantly thrown under the bus. Wasn't it Kate who walked out on him? Where is Castle's fire from episode 8?