Tone Death: Advanced Preview

As you might know, there was a screener released for the press for next Monday's episode of Castle. We were so lucky that we were able to see it too. And as we love to share in our love for Castle, we would love to share some things that we noticed while watching Tone Death.

Like all Castle fans out there, we are pretty excited to see new episodes of the show, after its winter hiatus. And we are very curious about how the show will further develop, after a first half of the season that wasn't received very well with all fans of the show.

Well, I think (and hope) that might change from now on. The fall finale gave us hope about the direction the show was going, and I have to say that the winner premiere definitely is on the right track. Tone Death definitely feels like it could have taken part in one of the earlier seasons of the show. The playfulness, and sparks between Castle & Beckett, and most of the reasons we started to love this show in the first place was there. We think that people who were very critical about the first half of the season, probably will be happier about Tone Death. Maybe it has something to do with Andrew Marlowe being an Executive Consultant on this episode.

With that in mind, we will be sharing some teasers about the episode with you:

1. While rehearsing for a charity event, Martha's background singers get showered with bodily fluids of our victim of the week.

2.  Martha is clearly upset during the episode. First of all, because she found the body. Second of all, she just had met the victim, who also turned out to be a fan of hers, Robin King.

3. After the events of Mr. & Mrs. Castle, Mr. & Mrs. Castle are secretly dating again. And very productively we should say. Captain Beckett completed "her morning agenda" in bed with Castle three times....

4. There is a mention of a certain former captain of the Twelfth Precinct. Unfortunately she isn't in the episode in a physical form.

5. In public Castle and Beckett are fighting. And they do it quite cutely.

6. Someone in this episode is feeling the hard hand of justice. And we are not talking about the killer here.

7. The victim, an ex con, joined a new crew during her time in prison. But it is a different crew than you expect it to be.

8. 🕛🐑👂🏞D🐄👜🏐ðŸŽĢ will lead Castle to a sketchy looking place with ex-cons battling.

9. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Hooked On A Feeling, and Tainted Love are featured songs in the episode

10. We will meet hot model Svetlana, and the ruggedly handsome Doctor Livingstone.

11. It isn't an easy episode for Castle's body. He definitely must have a few bruises left over from the case.

12. Beckett would win custody over Espo & Ryan, who are sticking by her side no matter what.

13. Speaking about Espo, he has a change to show of his great singing talent. (More of Shay-Jean please!)

14. The music for the title card has been appropriately changed for Tone Death.

15. A bustier helps Castle to find a suspect.

And there would be more we could tell about the episode, but we want don't want to spill all the beans before Monday evening 10/9c PM. If you have any questions you're curious about, you can ask them on Twitter via @TwelfyhPrecinct

Enjoy watching Tone Death. We did!

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  1. John Cummings(Cummingsjonjol)February 7, 2016 at 3:40 PM

    Glad to hear the show is slowly returning to the format of the 1st 7 seasons. Hope we get a season 9 following much of the original show.