Castle Cliff Notes: Fidelis Ad Mortem

After a little break, I’m back this week and super happy I am!  This was easily my favorite episode of the season and as the epi hashtag of #BadassBeckett implied it was...well... badass.  A murder leads the team to investigate at the police academy which led to an hour of greatness.  Not only did we get badass Beckett back but we also got Caskett (hopefully) coming back together to bring down LokSat. I felt like I was watching previous seasons of Castle with how much I was enjoying the episode and really hope we continue down this path!  So let’s check out my favorite moments…
3. Student of the Year
Beckett, Espo and Ryan end up at the police academy to investigate the Murder. Ryan and Espo discuss how it brings up bad flashbacks as they pass recruits doing pushups in the hall and Ryan comments that police work is more than strength and endurance but also includes “intellectual rigor.”  Beckett tries to argue that it wasn’t that bad and Ryan goes “says the academy all star!”  Espo and Ryan then point out all the plaques with “recruit officer Beckett” on them.  It was a short and simple moment but I love it when Espo and Ryan joke with Beckett like brothers/sisters.  It was also no surprise that Beckett would be the star pupil of her recruiting class. We all know Beckett has a competitive edge and I would have loved to see her back at the academy…oh and I would also like to see Ryan forced to do all those push-ups!).  I think you could make an entire series about the three of them at the academy (if they were there at the same time) J

2.  Starting Point
At the end of the episode we easily get my favorite Caskett moment of the season.  I finally felt like Castle and Beckett were back on the same page but as we know from this season and seasons past…even when you think they are back on the same page you never know how long that will last (ugh don’t get me started).  Back to this though… After solving the case and tired of sneaking around with their relationship Beckett shows up at the loft and says “I can’t do this anymore” to which Castle replies “good. Neither can I.”  They both question what the other is talking about and Castle tries to Castle-logic his way out of answering first but Beckett ends up winning that argument.  Castle says “I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore where LokSat is concerned. People have lost their lives and in a way I am culpable and I know you are trying to protect me but I’m begging you not to. I want in.”  Without hesitation, Beckett says “Good, because I need you in. This is our fight now.” Castle then starts to tell Beckett about LokSat’s involvement during his time in LA and says “it’s a place to start.”  Beckett counters with “no this is” and proceeds to kiss Caslte much to the delight of Caskett shippers everywhere.  Even though Caskett has done this whole “I trust you” deal many times and it always fails, every time I’m always so optimistic that they ACTUALLY mean it this time. So here’s to hoping they work this one out together and continue to trust each other.  Oh… and that kiss was pretty great too ;-)    
1. Leading the Recruits
In order to try to solve their Murder, Beckett serves as a guest instructor for the academy class. This episode was all about #BadassBeckett and her intro speech was killer!  So here we go…

“That being said this is not going to be the last time you lose one of your coworkers; that is a reality of this job. The temptation is going to be to remain stoic in the face of adversity, to lock up your emotions so as not to appear weak.  That is a mistake. Avoid that temptation at all costs, trust me.  I have been at the edge of that map and monsters lie there. Now look around. This is your team. No one is going to understand what you are feeling better than the woman or man sitting next to you so use them.”

I don’t know about you guys… but SIGN ME UP.  I’m ready to defend my city!  There was so much of her personal struggle in that speech and I think that was what really connected the speech to the viewers.  You could see her regret for locking up emotions in the past and stressing the importance of using your partners for support.  Now I know she was also getting into the psyche of the recruits but that speech was absolutely killer.  Really, Beckett’s whole time at the academy was badass.  Her “arresting a suspect” demo?  BADASS.  Loved these scenes… loved this episode.   

So what did you think?  I really felt like we were getting back to the Castle of previous seasons with this episode!  Agree? Disagree? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct
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