Season 1

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  Season 1, Episode 1: Flowers for Your Grave
  Original Air Date—9 March 2009
  Murder mystery author Richard 'Rick' Castle publishes the book in which he kills 
  off his bestseller series' hero, Derek Storm. On that very day, NYPD detective 
  Kate Beckett questions him about two murders in the exact style of his novels, 
  on a lawyer Fisk viz. social worker Alyson Tisdale. He's professionally flattered 
  to have a copycat.  Her boss, captain Roy Montgomery, accepts his help as 
  case consultant and teams them up, the mayor being a fan puts him de facto 
  in charge. More copy killing follows. The police simplistically arrest his fan 
  Kyle Cabot, the first common link. Castle and his author friends decide he 
  must keep investigating, on the assumption it's a motive cover-up, which 
  he does brilliantly, as even Beckett must grudgingly admit.

Season 1, Episode 2: Nanny McDead
Original Air Date—16 March 2009
Now Castle has solved the pseudo copycat-case, the mayor orders him accepted as permanent police consultant. First case, Howard Peterson and Sara Peterson's nanny Sara Manning, from Georgia, was found dead in their building's clothes dryer. Once more, Castle comes up with the non-evident questions and ideas to establish the infidelity-related motive and several suspects.

Season 1, Episode 3: Hedge Fund Homeboys
Original Air Date—23 March 2009
A clique of rich kids plays Russian Roulette with a bullet-less gun. But one night 
a bullet in the chamber kills one of them. When another one is supposedly 
commits suicide it's up to the team to discover what is what and if the suicide 
was over guilt.

Season 1, Episode 4: Hell Hath No Fury
Original Air Date—30 March 2009
Two guys thought the rug was the find at a neighborhood dumpster. They were 
astounded to find a councilman's body inside the rolled up rug. Was this a 
botched robbery or does this murder have ties to local politics?

Season 1, Episode 5: A Chill Goes Through Her Veins
Original Air Date—6 April 2009
A frozen female corpse discovered at a new construction site transforms a 
cold five-year-old missing persons case into a current homicide investigation.

Season 1, Episode 6: Always Buy Retail
Original Air Date—13 April 2009
Richard Castle thinks a murder is a voodoo ritualistic murder when a silver 
coin is found in the mouth of an adult male murdered victim. When other 
deaths pop up including a young girl with a silver coin in her mouth, it's up 
to the team to find the connection.

Season 1, Episode 7: Home Is Where the Heart Stops
Original Air Date—20 April 2009
Castle is anxiously awaiting the public response to the release of his newest 
work of fiction. A baffling rash of jewel robberies from the society set prompts 
Castle to ask Beckett to be his undercover date at a ball to see if the thief 
might be amongst the affluent set and casing out his victims at charity events, 
balls, and parties.

Season 1, Episode 8: Ghosts
Original Air Date—27 April 2009
A woman found drowned in a bathtub full of motor oil is initially identified as a 
missing suburban housewife, until it's discovered that her identity had been 
stolen from a deceased child, and that she had been a fugitive from a terrorism 
charge for two decades.

Season 1, Episode 9: Little Girl Lost
Original Air Date—4 May 2009
Angela (2) is kidnapped from adoptive parents Alfred (painter) and Theresa 
Candela's home for $750,000 ransom, every cent they own. Castle follows 
the money in the parents' family and business. There's something fishing 
about the ransom demand.

Season 1, Episode 10: A Death in the Family
Original Air Date—11 May 2009
Plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Leeds (37) was asphyxiated by plastic bag in has 
long overdue parked car, but first tortured. He was reported missing weeks 
ago by fiancée Courtney Morantz. Castle has a forensic expert look into the 
murder on Becket's mother 15 years ago. And checks on Owen (15), his daughter's
'suspiciously' inconspicuous prom date. Leeds has threatening dissatisfied 
patient; and a secret patient, which Becket's FBI friends and Castle's mob 
contact contact, with surprising results.

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