September 30, 2014

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Castle Cliff Notes: Driven

Happy season premiere everyone!  After a very long hiatus, Castle fans worldwide were anxiously awaiting this day to help find Castle and figure out what stopped the wedding of Caskett!  The episode definitely didn’t disappoint and took the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions while the team searched for Castle.  There was action, emotion, twists and turns, and enough people saying dinghy to fill your yearly “dinghy” word quota as we slowly uncovered the evidence behind Castle kidnapping… or not? And how about characters possibly choosing not to remember significant events?  Sound familiar from season 4 perhaps?!?!  (Don't worry.. I'm just speculating! In Castle we trust!)  Season 7 started off with a bang and picking my first 5 moments of the year was definitely a challenge.  So let’s get in our dinghy and sail through these moments!

5. Return of the Murder Board
                In what was more of a montage than a moment, we Kate at home opening her shutters to reveal her personal murder board that once held her moms case. She starts to post articles and photos that inform us that it has been months since Castle disappeared and her board starts to fill.  We also see her following her own leads, calling various agencies and places trying to find some piece of evidence that could break the case.  Now I know in the past Beckett’s murder board has led to some debate because she ends up getting lost in the case and putting herself in some dangerous situations but I was happy to see it return.  You knew she was serious about breaking the case when the shutters revealed the board (not that we needed more proof besides her love for Castle).  Also, unless the title character was going to die we knew she would end up finding him and hopefully not getting pulled into a dark place with his case.  So while I did enjoy the Beckett murder board return I hope to not see it anytime soon once Castle’s case is solved and hope to spend happier times with Caskett!

4. Coffee Delivery
                It’s a short moment, but one I really enjoyed.  Still searching for Castle, you see someone hand Beckett her routine coffee.  Immediately, Beckett’s eyes light up and she gasps and for a moment you feel the same hope she does that Castle has returned.  Her expression of joy quickly switches into one of disappointment though she realizes Esposito was the one to bring her the coffee.  He looks at her and just says “we’ll find him” knowing what Beckett was thinking.  My emotions went from pulse quickening excitement to feeling a pit in my stomach when I realized it wasn’t Castle. I love that Javier embraced his brother role and was trying to keep an eye out for Beckett when he knew she probably wasn’t thinking about herself first.  There was definitely a wide range of emotions in a short amount of time which is why I loved this scene and its crazy rollercoaster ride.  Props to Stana for the excellent acting through the whole episode!

3. Crushing the Evidence
                Tracing Castle’s GPS, Kate, Javi, and Ryan are led to a junkyard.  The Hamptons police officer recommends waiting for backup but Beckett has other plans yelling “not a chance in hell!”  They are led through the junkyard until they see the black escalade that begins to be crushed.  Beckett sees the operator and the team begins to chase him down.  Sandwiched between Javi and Ryan with their weapons drawn, the junkyard worker is cornered but Beckett comes flying in and body slams him to the ground.  She starts screaming “what have you done?!” and has to be forcibly removed off the operator by Javier and Ryan.  Why do I like this moment?  Who doesn’t love badass Beckett?!?  You could just feel the personal involvement Beckett had in this case compared to any other case and I loved seeing her fight for answers. And how about the interrogation that followed?  “Then after that there’s 9 more.”  I love the intensity.  Beckett will do whatever it takes to help those close to her and I enjoy watching every second of it. Never. Ever. Mess with Kate Beckett!

2.  Campfire Stories
                Castle and Beckett end up at Castle’s campsite to try and jog his memory and get answers after he leaves the hospital.  Castle says that nothing looks familiar, but Beckett tells him she just wants to know the truth because he owes her that much.  Castle continues to tell her he wasn’t there but Beckett explains that everything has his prints and DNA on it. She then says “I believed in you.  I convinced myself that the evidence didn’t matter that everything that seemed so obvious couldn’t possibly be true. I was searching for you.  I didn’t even know if you were alive or if you were dead and you were right here. Right where you wanted to be." He explains that he would never pitch a tent in that spot because of previous research for a failed book but Beckett isn’t convinced.  Beckett then tells Castle that there is a witness but it turns out their “witness” wasn’t who they thought he was.  So far in the episode, Beckett had tried to keep her emotions in check and then at this moment she finally lets it all out about the struggles she had while Castle was gone.  She even brings up the point that she was disregarding evidence because she trusted Castle so much. The emotion and frustration were so clear and you could see how helpless Castle felt as she laid it all out for him and he had no explanation for the tent or evidence.  I still feel like Kate has doubts, and she probably will until the case it solved, but you could tell she regained some trust and hope when they were back at the precinct talking about theories with Ryan and Esposito.

1. There’s No Place Like Home
                 Back at the loft, Castle asks how Beckett didn’t lose hope while he was missing.  She admits that she did but she would develop rituals to hold onto hope.  Amused, Castle asks “like what?” and Beckett tries to shyly dodge the questions saying its “stupid.”  She eventually tells Castle she would stare at his photo on the murder board and think that if she looked at it long enough it would keep him alive.  She also tells him she wouldn’t let anyone touch his chair and she almost shot the night janitor when he tried to move it.  Small peaks into Caskett’s personal life are viewer gold and this was no exception.  I love that follow the evidence Kate Beckett held onto hope even if the evidence didn’t provide the right leads.  She has come a long way in 7 seasons and I’m happy to see continued character development.  Whatever it was that kept Castle alive, a little hope and continued rituals didn’t hurt. J The lightheartedness doesn’t last long though when our duo realizes they can’t pick up where they left off but rather they will have to “find their way home.”  I’m not worried though, it may take a while sometimes but Caskett always finds their way to the happiness and they will get there soon.      

We are officially back!  Do you believe Castle? Or do you think he had some knowledge about what was going on and was possibly trying to protect Beckett or his family?  How long until Caskett finds their way home? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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Clear & Present Danger: Press Release

“Clear & Present Danger” – When a pool shark is murdered by an unseen force, Castle and Becket uncover evidence that the killer may have paranormal powers. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett attempt to get their lives back to normal following his disappearance, on “Castle,” MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. 

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Penny Johnson Jerald as NYPD Captain Victoria Gates, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Guest Cast: Nick McCallum as William Fairwick, Tate Ellington as Henry Wright, Tom Wright as Fats Shepherd, Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis, Chad Michael Collins as Tom Talmadge.

“Clear & Present Danger” was written by Chad Gomez Creasey & Dara Resnik Creasey and directed by Kate Woods.

Montreal: Press Release

“Montreal” – While the team investigates the murder of a toy company CEO, Castle uncovers a lead to his mysterious disappearance, launching him into a dangerous investigation of his own, on “Castle,” MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Penny Johnson Jerald as NYPD Captain Victoria Gates, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Guest Cast: Matt Letscher as Jenkins, Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis, Lilli Birdsell as Samantha Williger, Gina Ravera as Marsha Stoller, and Brian Tichnell as Matt Monroe.

“Montreal” was written by Andrew W. Marlowe and directed by Alrick Riley.

September 29, 2014

Driven: Recap

Casyle Season 7 Rick Amnesia

What in the world happened to Rick Castle?

ABC’s Castle and its characters raised that question — a lot — throughout its Season 7 premiere, and left us still grappling with it even after celebratory champagne flutes were clinked and Rick and Kate readied for their first night together in… a while. Up first, a recap of the twisty, turny hour, and then I’ll take inventory of the clues we have to work with, thus far.

Picking right up where we left off, Kate quickly realizes that Rick is not in the well-charred car — though he had been at impact, before being dragged away. One wardrobe change later, Kate, with Ryan and Espo, storms a junkyard, where Castle’s cell phone is currently pinging. Upon seeing the Escalade he was supposedly driven away in get crushed by a compactor, they round up the grunt who worked the machinery, but get bupkus (even when Kate crosses a line or two during interrogation).

After being counseled by both Espo and Gates to keep her cool, so that she can best work the case, Kate compares notes with FBI agent Connors, who right up front wonders: Why wasn’t Rick grabbed, more easily, in the city? Why in Long Island, on his wedding day? This suggests that a vendetta against both the groom and bride was at play, so Kate trots out her Castle Season 7files on the likes of Bracken, 3XK and mobster Mickey Barbosa (from the finale). Later, Kate questions another mobster, Vinny Cardano (from Season 5’s “Murder, He Wrote”), who apparently ordered the Escalade to be destroyed — at the request of an unknown client. Tory calls up security cam footage of where the drop was later made, and jaws hit the floor in a collective thud when we see that it was Rick himself who paid for the disposal — and using the cash he had withdrawn days earlier for his “honeymoon.”

Kate takes a moment to collect herself, while Espo and Ryan debate the true level of Rick’s involvement in his own vanishing. When the latter suggests that 3XK has been known to trade in dopplegangers, Kate shoots down the notion, saying she recognized her husband-to-be’s body language. At a loss, Kate turns to Martha and Alexis, asking them if Rick had felt under pressure before the bog day or, worse, expressed any “misgivings.” Martha assures Katherine, “He couldn’t wait” to he her husband.

With the trail growing colder and Castle seemingly complicit in a cover-up, the FBI eases away from the case, but not before handing Kate the question: “Maybe there was a secret side to the many nobody knows?” Kate then dives in in earnest, working the phones and any possible lead — and yet two months pass, with still no answers.  Not until a Coast Guard ship off the coast of Delaware finds an adrift dinghy, with unconscious Rick inside.

Airlifted back home, Rick remains unconscious, so an ever-curious Kate asks Lanie to “take a look at him,” to see what clues she can turn up. (“You do know that living patients aren’t my thing, right?”)Castle Season 7Lanie later reports back that A) a key stamped with “38” was sewn into the lining of Rick’s jeans, B) she found dengue fever antibodies in Rick’s system and C) he had been shot a few weeks prior. Espo and Ryan meanwhile determine the dinghy’s point of origin to be in Gloucester, Mass., for which they and Kate quickly make tracks. There, they confront Henry Jenkins, a private security firm owner to whom the dinghy belonged. He claims he assumed it floated away or was stolen — and then mentions that a guy matching Rick’s description had been camping down by the dock. The tent they find has many of Rick’s belongings inside, as well as newspaper clippings about his vanishing.

Returning to the hospital more confused than ever, Kate has little patience for joking from an awakened Rick. But when she presses him about what happened, he only remembers the car crash… and then waking up there in the hospital. Nothing else. As for evidence indicating he’d been making money drops and camping, all whilst loved ones search for him Rick contends, “I wouldn’t just leave,” and then insists on seeing the tent site for himself. Once there, he explains that he would never have chosen that spot by the water, given a tsunami phobia he developed while researching a never-completed Derrick Storm novel. Further cementing his theory that this is a frame job, when he and Kate go to re-question Henry Jenkins up the trail, they realize that the man Kate met before was a fake.

Back at the 12th, Rick notes that whomever is behind this mystery has “unlimited resources,” and thus might even be responsible for his memory lapse. But as he tells Alexis, he is committed toCastle Season 7untangling this web. At bedtime, Rick asks Kate how it is that she never lost hope, and she reveals how she would stare at his photo on the murder board, believing that as long as she did so, he’d remain alive. Rick apologies again for all that Kate has been through — despite his sapped memory, “I do know that I missed you. There’s no way I couldn’t,” he shares —  then acknowledges that things can’t quite be the same between them in the immediate wake of this experience.

But in time, he assures, “We’ll find our way home.”

So, to summarize what we know for certain:
1) Rick was in the car, but was dragged away after the crash.
2) Rick himself paid for the Escalade involved in the crash to be destroyed.
3) Rick was found two months later, in a dinghy off the coast of Delaware.
4) On Rick’s person was a key stamped “38.”
5) Rick’s system tested positive for Dengue fever antibodies.
6) Rick had been grazed by a bullet a few weeks before he was found.
7) The man who passed himself off as Henry Jenkins (played by Scandal‘s Matt Letscher) and apparently staged Rick’s “camping site” was a phony.
8) Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe said this mystery is rooted in a new mythology that will “open up some really interesting aspects of storytelling for the Castle character.”
9) Nathan Fillion, in an EW.cominterview, suggested that this new, Rick-centric mythology won’t be as dark-n-twisty as Kate’s.
10) And just because it bears repeating: Rick and Kate will wed by the end of 2014.


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Driven: Preview

Spoiler Alert: Within the first few minutes of the premiere episode, we learn that Castle was not in the car, as we knew he wouldn't be. Thus, the main storyline revolves around solving the mystery of his disappearance: trying to discover what happened to him, where he is and if he's even still alive. Perhaps more importantly, it lays the groundwork for a season-long mystery arc, something that has been sorely lacking of late.

Season 6 was not Castle's best, partly because there was no long-term storyline except for a few minutes of wedding talk per episode. (The Bracken storyline was condensed entirely into a couple of episodes, so it barely counts as non-episodic.)

While there were some great standalone stories, the episodic formula wasn't as compelling as the show has been in the past, especially with progressively more ridiculous cases appearing without a serious counterpart to balance the show's tone.

"Driven" is very much in contrast with all these weak points. Castle's disappearance is a genuine emotional drama, and Stana Katic does a wonderful job making Beckett's struggles both heart-wrenching and convincing.

The mystery itself is more exciting and less predictable than many of Castle's recent cases have been. The entire perspective on the case changes every five minutes, calling into question everything from a possible return of Senator Bracken to how much the team really knows about Castle himself.

By the end, both Beckett and the audience are questioning everything they thought to be true.

If the twists and turns are a little over-the-top, that's to be expected; Castle has always delighted in putting its characters through the same pulp mystery-esque stories its main character writes, and "Driven" maintains a good balance of this homage and emotional gravity.

It's impossible to determine what the rest of the season will be like from one episode. But "Driven" gets season 7 off to a strong start. The resolution (or lack thereof) of some story elements may be frustrating for some viewers, but personally, I can't wait to see what happens next.


Tamala Jones Interview: 'This Might Be My Favorite Season'

Tamala Jones
Fan favorite Castle left audiences with a shocking ending last season, as Richard Castle never made it to his third wedding. But now we can finally get answers: tonight's season seven premiere, "Driven," picks up right where last season's finale left off.
Earlier this week, we sat down with Castle star Tamala Jones - who plays medical examiner Dr. Lanie Parish - to quiz her about the premiere episode and what else might be in store for season seven.
What was it like for Tamala to wait for resolution to the cliffhanger? "It was torture!" she laughed. "I say this all the time, I'm a huge Castle fan outside of being a member of the cast. I love the show. And when I read that I was like, you can't do this to me. You can't leave me hanging like this. I was distraught."
She said the cast had no problems staring back up with a first episode that takes place immediately following its predecessor. "Any time we've had a crazy cliffhanger and it's time to get back into it, we're good. We're very much excited to get back in there and read what happens next," she told us. "It just makes it even more of a great performance when they do that to us."
"Just look forward to season seven overall. We're on episode number seven now, and I can tell you that the writing's changed a little bit but for the greater good," Tamala revealed. "So far, this might be my favorite season of Castle."
"With Castle being in that car accident and Beckett and Lanie being really great friends, Lanie is there for Kate a lot more this season. She's got Kate's back and you'll be able to see a lot more of that," she revealed.
"And a little bird told me, this is a rumor, but  around episode ten there could possibly be a turning point in the Esposito and Lanie relationship. I don't know what that turning point may be...I hope it's good!"
But let's not forget the cases, too. After so long playing Castle's resident medical examiner, she told us that she's accustomed to seeing plenty of fake dead people, but season seven might have some surprises there, too.
"I'm used to it," she said, "but some of the crime scenes and some of the stuff that's happened to the dead people is a lot different than past episodes. They're very good at finding a way to murder someone. The writers are impeccable with that."
Since all the offseason talk has been about Castle and Beckett's wedding, we asked Tamala what her most memorable 'attending a wedding' story is. "I just went to a wedding not too long ago, and the exciting part was I've never seen a bride come down to where she's going to walk down the aisle in a horse and carriage. I've never seen that. It was so beautiful," she told us, adding, "And I did have Castle in mind when I was at that wedding!"


Jon Huertas Interview: Expect The Unexpected

jon-huertas-castle-season-7-premiere.jpgWhen "Castle" Season 6 ended a fiery crash had derailed the wedding of the century. In the beginning of Season 7, Beckett and her team are trying to figure out what happened that night and who is to blame. The most important question on everyone's mind though is -- where is Castle? 

Zap2it spoke with Jon Huertas, who plays Javier Esposito on the ABC series about Season 7 and what role the detective would play in the wedding when it actually happens. 

When it comes to the big day don't expect Esposito to have a large part even though he is a big fan of the couple. 

"Esposito is not a traditional values type of guy. Castle already screwed him out of being the best man so there goes the special role. The family unit between them all is tight though. If there's a wedding Castle and Beckett will definitely have support from Espo," he says. 

Rest assured fans Huertas is hopeful that big day Beckett walks down the aisle is on the horizon. "The characters are destined to be together forever. They already bought a ring. I'm sure there is going to be a wedding soon," the actor promises. 

It seems like everyone is coupling up on the show. So is there romance on the way for Esposito? 

"I'm open to exploring that relationship between Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Esposito a little bit and shaking it up. I would like to see Esposito and Lanie having a little bit more turbulence they have to get around. To see some heightened romantic bombshells to be thrown our way where we have to overcome another guy or girl or maybe a level of betrayal," Huertas tells Zap2it. 

The actor says although the "mystery will be solved" about Castle's disappearance pretty quickly in Season 7, fans should prepare themselves to expect the unexpected. 

"We will be pushing the envelope a little bit more this season. We are going to take the show to a whole other level where you don't know if what is happening in the episode is real or if it's a dream. We never let the audience off the hook. Viewers can also look forward to finding out more about Castle's history and backstory," Huertas teases. 


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