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The Last Chapter: A Goodbye To Castle

By now everyone who hasn't been staying under a rock in the past couple of days knows that Castle got canceled by ABC.

Some people are quite happy with the cancellation, while others started petitions to keep the show on the air.

We are very sad our favorite show will end, but are very hopeful that it will end with an ending it deserves.

We did hope the writers, producers, directors, and actors would have known the faith of the show earlier, or even better like Bones, got a final season to round everything up. But we have to do with what we got.

Now Monday 5/16/16 at 11PM an era will end. 8 seasons of following Richard Castle, Kate Beckett, and their story in finding each other, while overcoming many different obstacles, and solving murders in the mean time. The 8 seasons of Castle had everything what you can hope for in a TV show. But Castle is more than a TV show. Way more. Many friendships were formed, even at least one wedding (my own) can be credited to Castle. Without Castle I probably never met my wife. Maybe there are even Castle children out there? 
And although there were definitely some hostilities in the fandom, I know Castle was/is responsible for many, many fun hours, for getting through rough Mondays, for overcoming difficulties in lives, for helping many people out because of all the money raised for charities by fans, for expressing artistic talents, saving lives, and much much more.

That is why I want to thank all the cast, the crew, the guest stars, and anyone who ever worked on an episode for all their hard work they put in the show, with or without realizing that they changed people's lives forever. Thank you so much!

And of course I want to thank you, Castle fan. Without you there wouldn't be so many seasons, novels, graphic novels, art, fan fics, and merchandise out there. Without you this community wouldn't be there. Thank you for being part of this amazing thing for the past years.

With Crossfire, the last chapter of Castle the TV show will be written Monday evening. (If there will be more novels or graphic novels, we don't know, but we hope so). But when we close the book after the last chapter of Castle, we can open a new book, continue our lives, and look back on all the great moments that the show gave us, and probably still will bring us in the future. And for always.

What will happen with this site and its accounts, I don't know yet. If you've any suggestions, please let me know. For now I want to thank Lindsey, Angie, and everyone who contributed to this site in any way. It was a genuine pleasure!

- Johan Wolfs

Series Finale Crossfire: Sneak Peek 2

Series Finale Crossfire: Sneak Peak 1

Season Finale/Series Finale Crossfire: Promo

Hell to Pay: Sneak Peek 2

Much Ado About Murder: Sneak Peek

Much Ado About Murder: Promo

Castle Cliff Notes: ABC Rant Edition

Normally I’d be sitting down right now to write my weekly edition of Castle Cliff Notes but honestly this week I haven’t even brought myself to watch Castle and can’t even fathom writing about happy Castle moments. Yesterday, we were shocked with the news that both Stana Katic and Tamala Jones were not coming back for a hypothetical season 9.  At first I was shocked and upset thinking it was their choice but then I found it that it wasn’t that they decided to leave, no, it was because they weren’t asked back.  I’m sorry, what?  To add salt to the wound, it has also been reported that the cuts were made to help “cut costs.”  Now I’m going to go ahead and remind you all that I love Tamala and am sad to see Lanie go, but I’m going to take most of this rant and focus on Stana’s departure and the loss of Beckett. 

First off, a few disclaimers before I rant. I want to make it very clear that I am not blaming any of the cast/crew of Castle.  I think they are some of the hardest working people and they produce a show that I have loved for many years. The target of my frustration is ABC. Also, there is no place for threats and I only pay attention to comments made with respect. I had a rant before season 8 started stressing the importance of respect to the fandom, cast, and crew and I’m not going to put up with disregard for respect among the fandom. Also, all opinions here are my own and you may not agree with me; That’s fine! So here we go.

As I said, I haven’t watched this week’s episode but it was appropriately titled “Backstabber.”  Personally, I think that’s what most of the fandom was feeling from ABC after the news was delivered.    Castle has always come down to a simple premise: a writer and his muse.  For seasons, we watched as Castle and Beckett worked together and inspired each other, growing as characters and a couple.  Castle then went through some rough times (in my opinion) as it progressed through season 7 and 8 but I still watched faithfully each week because I loved the characters and I held out hope that things would get better. I will admit that I was hoping Castle might lean towards cancellation after this season and ride off into the sunset as some of these late season 8 episodes started to improve and remind me of the show I fell in love with.  Instead of letting me live in my bubble of happiness ABC had to go and do one of the worst possible things they could do.  No Stana didn’t choose to leave (which would have caused a different pain), ABC decided to not even ask her back.  No talks, no attempts at contracts and no shits given about 8 seasons of loyalty and beautiful storytelling.  The worst part for me?  This whole “cutting costs” excuse that has been floating around. Cost cutting?  Bullshit.  You cut costs by decreasing your production budget, decrease secondary characters and guest stars, decrease wardrobe budget, decrease episode count… you don’t cut one of your leads.  I feel terrible for Stana.  You work hard and create a wildly popular character on a successful TV show and you basically get told the show will continue on without you as if you character was only a minor blip in the Castle journey. What disgusts me more?  The powers that be at ABC think Castle can actually thrive without Beckett.  Sure, fine, whatever… the show is called “Castle” but Richard Castle isn’t the only important part of the show.  Castle is an ensemble cast and the work of the cast together has led to the longevity of the show.  All parts are necessary for the show to work and I'm not tuning in for a Castle PI show, I signed up for a writer and his muse.  Ask most Castle fans and they will tell you the heart and soul of Castle is Caskett together.  Plus if we are being technical here, Castle and Beckett are married therefore she is a Castle. (Insert the lovely tea drinking Kermit here guys…)  It’s downright disrespectful for ABC to even think that they can backstab the actors and fandom that led to their success and move ahead as if nothing important happened and its business as usual. The whole thing is disgusting.  I know fans are lobbying for the fandom to continue watching the rest of the season because of the hard work of the cast and crew, but while I appreciate everything they do, they unfortunately got overshadowed by money hungry network executives and I can't bring myself to tune in this week.  And if there is one thing the network does pay attention to its ratings because that leads to money.

The twitter reaction from the cast and crew was heartbreaking.  Jon Huertas stated “To say I’m sad about @stana_katic & @tamalajones not coming back even if #castle returns would be a gross understatement. #blownaway #morose.” To make it worse?  He also stated he had to find out about the news online.  Our old Captain, Penny Johnson Jerald, responded to the news by simply stating “Waited all day to respond with dignity… NO WORDS.”  One of the reactions that got me the most was Andrew Marlowe who said “Heartbroken.  There are no words. #nmc” which was seconded by his wife Terri.  To them, you are seeing your creation be torn apart and reassembled as something you don’t even recognize.  I think Jon Huertas said it best when he described the potential season 9 of Castle as being an unknown incarnation of the show.  Being a passionate fandom, there was also plenty of fan response on twitter, most of who were outraged about the circumstances surrounding the network not asking Stana back.  I was also happy to see lots of well wishes on future endeavors. Again, I ask the fandom- please don’t direct your hate towards the cast and crew – instead make your opinion RESPECTFULLY known to ABC.       

 So instead of ending on the ridiculousness that is ABC thinking Castle can survive without Beckett or their utterly ridiculous budget solution, I wanted embrace everything I love and will continue to embrace about Stana’s portrayal of Kate Beckett.  I fell in love with Castle for many different reasons, but Beckett was a character I could easily relate to and she quickly became one of my TV role models with other amazing women like Dana Scully.  She was tough as nails but also had a feminine side.  Did I mention her killer style?  No one understands my jacket and boot obsession quite like Kate Beckett and I never felt better about my long brown hair than when Stana/Beckett rocked the signature wavy locks.  She taught me that it’s ok to struggle with your emotions and that even the toughest and most independent females require help from others.  She was able to open her heart to love without changing what she stood for, and I respected her like crazy for that. Best of all?  She had flaws! And they were beautiful flaws that caused challenges but she was able to work through them as the show progressed. Stana brought Kate Beckett to life and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to see her genius at work.  And Lanie?  Sure she wasn’t as prominent as Beckett but Lanie was the girl friend I never had until I got involved with my TV fandoms.  She was the voice of reason and many times the voice of the fandom when talking to Beckett.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use some of Lanie’s advice in my life.  Women need strong role models in real life and on TV and even if ABC doesn’t see the benefit the fandom does and we will never forget the great work done by Stana and Tamala on the show. Stana and Tamala- Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and making these past 8 seasons so enjoyable. You inspired us and deserve so much better than what you got from ABC in the end.

I hope ABC can understand why there is so much anger in the fandom even from fans that may have lost faith over the last few seasons.  You didn’t just change a direction of a TV show, you took away a role model and did it in a way that portrays lack of respect and understanding of what makes your hit shows work.  ABC has come out looking ignorant. We still respect the work done by the cast and crew but clearly you don’t respect the show enough to even understand what it’s about. I leave ABC with the words of the character they thought wasn’t worth enough to keep around “What you destroyed today was worth a helluva lot more than money.” 

And to the Castle fandom, let us remember that “even on the worst days there’s a possibility for joy.”



Castle Cliff Notes: Death Wish

Alright, first I have to apologize again for my absence last week!  Between pregnancy and traveling I haven’t had a lot of time for TV but I’m back this week and so was Castle!  The team continues to work together and this week’s case focused on a stolen antique and the potential for three wishes and a genie!  Of course Castle was eating this theory up, but the rest of the team was skeptical of a lamp with magic powers.  It led to a traditional Castle episode with Caskett moments and a new addition to the 12th family.  So let’s get started with this week’s countdown!           
3. Manly Wishes
Gotta have the bromance!  And I couldn’t resist this three wishes themed moment between Ryan and Espo! Ryan says that if he had a genie he would wish his kid was already born and sleeping through the night.  Espo says “fatherhood has made you so damn boring.  If I had a wish I would use it to become the top MMA fighter in the world and take home a different hot chick every single night.”  Ryan changes his mind saying that he would actually wish that he could be a Broadway star and win Tony’s.  Espo questions “you’d wish to wear tights and sing showtunes for a living?”  Ryan counters with “you’d wish to wear speedos and grapple sweaty men for a living?”  Espo reinforces that he also requested hot women but Beckett interrupts their fantasizing with case work.   First of all, I totally get where Ryan is coming from with the whole baby thing but these two crack me up.  I wasn’t too surprised by each characters wish but I loved them giving each other a hard time and putting their wishes in a light that makes them unmanly. I’d be down to see either Ryan in tights or Espo in a speedo, but the X-Files fandom knows about my speedo love.  These two love battling for masculinity… But you know, don’t forget about the hot women…
2. A Growing Family  
Alright, time to get sappy (pregnancy is making me soft… I swear…).  The crew meets Ryan at the hospital where they find out Jenny is having some complications during pregnancy.  Beckett steps aside with Castle and prefaces her upcoming question by reiterating that she does believe in genies or wishes but wonders if he can use one of his wishes for Jenny and the baby.  Castle says “I already did. Both of them.”  Beckett is visibly relieved and at the same time Ryan reveals that Jenny was stabilized and delivered a healthy baby boy names Nicholas Javier Ryan.  Beckett tells Castle to thank the genie but Castle tells Beckett he no longer needs a genie because “I already have everything I could ever wish for.”  Beckett says “right back at you, handsome.”  She tries to ask Castle if he is sure he wouldn’t wish for different cool/ sci-fi objects and he says he would get a time machine “only to go back and fall in love with you all over again.”  AWWWWW.  So many sweet moments here from Castle using his wishes for his friend, Ryan naming the baby after Espo, and Castle saying all the right things to Beckett.  I told you pregnancy is making me soft… I got a little teary eyed…don’t lie. You did too.

1. Cantaloupe and Canoodling
At the beginning of the episode, Castle is seen in the loft trying to prepare breakfast when Beckett approaches wearing a silk robe with a sexy nightgown underneath.  She says they after he cleans up “maybe they could go for a round three.”  I think the whole random agreed with Castle as he could only say “woah” as Beckett started to take off the robe. Just as they start to make up, Martha enters which prompts Castle to state he wishes she would call before she comes over (so does the fandom!).  Martha explains she didn’t want to call and risk interrupting them in the middle of “you know what” but she acknowledges that she did in fact interrupt them anyways.  She sees the cantaloupe on the floor and says “oh and with a melon!  Not judging but *room temperature*”  I mean I was upset with Martha for interrupting but I can’t stay mad at her long!  I’m sure Martha has many “you know what” stories and considering her tips about the cantaloupe, I’m sure they are juicy.  Also, lets go back to Beckett’s robe and nightgown.  So sexy!  I love the sexy and playful side of Beckett and am enjoying actually getting to see some happy Caskett moments again… even if they get interrupted.

Did this episode fulfill your Castle wishes or were you left disappointed?  What would your three wishes for Castle in the future be? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct
Xo Always ~DenialLove

“Even on the worst days there’s a possibility for joy.”