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Any scoop about Castle Season 8? –Fred
There’s no good way to say this, Fred, so let’s just rip the Band-Aid off and let the Internet take it from there: As Season 8 gets underway, Rick will be spending a lot of time with Hayley. (Reported before as a new season 8 character, currently being cast.)

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Richard Castle Among Best TV Dads 2015

Season 8: New Characters Being Cast

ABC’s Castle — if not the 12th precinct — will be adding to its ranks for Season 8.

TVLine has learned that the stalwart procedural is casting the role of Hayley, a quick-witted, free-spirited former LAPD cop who now works as a security specialist and is not afraid to cross lines to get things done.

The role being cast is a fractional series regular, meaning she would by no means appear in every episode. Specifically, Castle is eying African-American or Hispanic actresses in their late 20s to play the part.

The question of course is: Why the need for a “security specialist”? Is Hayley someone Castle & Co. meet while working a case and subsequently invite to join the NYPD?

Or could it be that Beckett is assigned her own security detail as she runs for that New York State senate seat? (Although given Penny Johnson Jerald’s previously reported exit, the theory had been that Kate instead moves up the NYPD ranks to become captain.)

Hayley isn’t the only new face we’ll be meeting when Season 8 opens. The show is also casting the “major recurring” role of a high-strung, East Indian tech analyst — whom I can only hope is merely rotating in with Tory. Because otherwise, we have a problem.

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Terri Miller's Reveals Her Favorite Things She Wrote For Castle

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24. Terri Miller, Castle

As demanding as our jobs can be, there are some great moments of joy and grace in making a TV show, and I've been lucky to have several — walking on Mars, killing Vampires, working with tigers, Alexis Castle's graduation, Castle and Beckett's wedding vows... It's tough to choose a favorite so I will tell you about my most recent...

When I wrote Beckett's performance review scene in the Castle Season 7 finale, it was an immersion into Kate Beckett's entire journey. The moments in the scene encompass seven seasons of near death experiences, ambitions, passion, and confidence. Stana Katic's performance stands out as one of her best in a long list of stunners. Under attack at what she believes to be a performance review by her superiors, Beckett rises up against the people challenging her right to be a cop and embodies the character's strength, conviction and personal truths. Every time I watch it, I'm moved by all of the actors performances, the way the scene came together and how it was elevated by the talented folks on our show. It has become for me and everyone who participated in creating it, one of those moments of grace.

Season 8: Premiere Date Announced

Castle shall return on Monday September 21, 2015 for its 8th season!


"Scoop" For Season 8

Is it too early for Castle scoop? — Heather
A wee bit, though new co-showrunner Alexi Hawley promises we’re in for a change in the new season. “We just want to get in there and try to tell some really dynamic stories,” he says. “Going into season 8, it feels like it’s time to shake things up a little bit.”

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Castle Cliff Notes: Hollander's Woods

This is it Castle fans!  As with every season, this one has flown by and we find ourselves at the season finale already!  We always know that the season finale is going to be intense and I really enjoyed this one.  We got to see the event that shaped young Castle’s life and watch him find justice.  Also, could Beckett run for state senator?!?! On top of that, we got a lot of great Caskett moments as well as 12th precinct togetherness. This episode has opened up so many doors for season 8 and I can’t wait to see what happens!  But first, let’s countdown the best moments of the season finale!  

5. Amazing
            You guys know I love “dad” Castle so this moment had to sneak into my top 5 this week!  Alexis enters the study and asks Castle how old he was when he knew that he wanted to be a writer.  Castle admits it was probably since he was a kid and Alexis says “I’m finishing my junior year and I have no idea what I want to do. By the time you were my age you had already published your first book and now you’re winning this amazing award because you followed your passion. How can I be amazing if I can’t find mine?”  Castle reassures her saying “Trust me. You will or it will find you. And one day you will look back and you will realize that every experience you ever had… every seeming mistake or blind alley was actually a straight line to who you were meant to be.  And whatever you become there is no question in my mind your going to be amazing.”  I love that Castle will every once and a while check in with Alexis and we get to see her handling problems that many college age kids have.  What I liked more than that though was Castle’s response.  It was perfect to ease Alexis’ nerves and he is 100% right.  Not everyone figures out their passion at the same time but we all end up with it eventually.  Also, you have to love how proud of Alexis Castle is.  Awww 
4. Swing Set Senator?
Season finale swing set scene? CHECK!  Beckett and Castle are at our favorite meeting place and Beckett is telling Castle how 1PP wants her to run for State Senator.  Castle asks her what she thinks about running and she says “I don’t know Castle I’m a cop. I’m not a politician.”  Beckett shares with Castle that she was in model UN as a kid and her mom told her that when she grew up she could be anything she wanted.  Kate says “I just wanted to be her. Just wanted to make a difference.”  Castle tells her she has but says “can you make a bigger difference?”  Beckett expresses her concern for dragging her family through scrutiny and insults of the campaign trail and Castle tells her “we’re a tough bunch” and says he knows she could do it.  He tells her he will back her no matter what she decides and the share a kiss on the swings.  I’m not going to lie, personally I have mixed feelings on the state senator storyline but I love Castle’s unwavering support of Beckett.  I think he would support her in pretty much anything without persuading her to choose one option over the other.  I’m curious to see what Beckett decides to do and where the story will take us!  As long as it’s entertaining and true to character I’m game.  No matter what she decides, let’s all take a second to rejoice over the swing kiss!

3. Becoming Who We Are Today
After killing Holtzman, Castle and Beckett are seen getting ready in the loft for Castle’s big night.  Beckett notices something is bother Castle and he tells her “I couldn’t help but wonder. If it wasn’t for him, for that day in the woods; would I even be here? Would we be here?”  Beckett reassures him saying “Babe, we’re not here because of him. We’re here because of who we are in the face of people like him. That’s why you write mysteries; that’s why I became a cop.  We’re both trying to bring justice to this world.”  I always love it when Kate is Castle’s rock and I thought she had a good view on the situation.  At first you could see how Castle thinks a serial killer shaped his future but Kate reminds him that they common drive brings them together although on different paths.  It was a sweet moment between husband and wife, and who doesn’t love a good “babe” use in a scene?!?   

2.  On The Line
Beckett gets told by Gates that she needs to go to 1PP for a performance review. She is brought in and asked what makes her think she is qualified to be captain.  She starts to answer but is interrupted and asked what makes her think she is qualified to be a NYPD detective. She is told that she repeatedly ignores the law (giving examples from the past seasons) and then the interviewer brings up her working relationship with Castle.  He even goes as far to ask how many times her personal feelings have dictated her actions.  He then tells her she is infamous for being the inspiration for Nikki Heat who “spends more time on her back than she does perusing killers.” He closes by telling her she is not qualified to be a captain or an NYPD detective and dismisses Beckett.  She doesn’t go down without a fight thought saying “You’re wrong sir.  In every case you have referenced I have not only successfully brought the killer to justice, but I did so with the utmost respect for the law and the department I represent.  And regarding my relationship with Mr. Castle; he has proven to be a brilliant partner, and he’s always had my back.  And as for his fictional representation of me, I’m proud to have been his inspiration and I’m proud to be his wife.  You ask how do I expect to lead. By continuing to fight for what’s right, not for what’s easy. My job is to protect the citizens of New York and I will do it by doing my job better than anyone else and getting results. I don’t cross the line I put myself on it. And if you have any other questions you can ask the families of the victims I have served.”  At first I was certain Beckett was going against authority here, but her speech was so powerful and brilliant.  You could sense the dedication to her job and the greater good of others.  Also her defense of Castle was spot on.  Turns out her passion and dedication was exactly what 1PP wanted too. They wanted her to defend herself because it was not an interview but an audition to find a hero that the public could get behind.  That’s right everyone, they want Beckett to run for State Senator.  Could our fortune telling friend have been right?  I’d vote Beckett for sure!

1. From Season 1 to Season 7 and beyond
            “Murder, mystery, the macabre.”  Sound familiar Castle fans?  Well it should!  This scene started off with a nod to the very first episode and led into even more greatness. Castle is accepting his award and makes it very clear that he got to this point in his life because of the people in his life.  Normally I would do a quick recap of the speech but I just couldn’t leave anything out so enjoy the speech in its entirety!   
“Mother, you will always be a star in my eyes. And Alexis you amaze me every day. You two are my red headed pillars of unconditional love. To my friends at the 12th precinct, you let me in. Especially you two… Javier, Kevin. You made me your brother in arms and I thank you for that. And Kate, 7 years ago I thought I would never write again and then you walked through the door and my whole world changed. You were right; you said I had no idea but now I do.  This is because of you, because of us, always.” 
I think Castle’s speech was absolutely perfect, especially the part about Kate.  I loved the reference back to season 1 and even though it was short speech it was emotional. You could feel the love between everyone he was thanking and their special bond.  The toast with the table at the end was also the perfect send off for season 7.  Although we don’t know what the future holds, we see a promise that the 12th family will be there for each other, always.  Not that I wanted to Castle to end, but if for some reason season 7 had been the last I wouldn’t have been upset about the final scene at all.  Absolutely beautiful.

And that’s a wrap on season 7!  What did you think?  Where would you like to see Beckett end up next?  Any concerns about involving the rest of the 12th cast with her potential jump to politics or her own precinct?  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

I just wanted to take a quick second to thank each and every one of you for reading Castle Cliff Notes this season.  I’m by no means a professional writer or blogger but I enjoy sharing my opinions with you weekly and discussing the episodes.  You all make this fandom great and I can’t wait to share season 8 with you!  Enjoy the summer and look for hiatus activities this summer from me at the 12th precinct!

Xo Always ~DenialLove

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Hollander's Woods (Season Finale): Sneak Peek 1


Castle Cliff Notes: Dead From New York

After weeks of being gone due to many different issues I’m finally back with this weeks cliffnotes!  First, I want to apologize for my long absence but sometimes life gets in the way.  I am happy to be back this week and was super happy to see Castle delve into the world of live comedic performance show, Saturday Night Tonight, (a la Saturday Night Live-esque TV) as it was the type of show I grew up watching and continue to enjoy. As with any ensemble cast show, it had its share of drama as well as outside suspects which made for an entertaining case that also had us enjoying musical guest Carly Rae Jepsen. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t listening to “I Really Like You” right now.  So let’s get this show started and roll with this week’s countdown for the 150th episode!

Screencaps to be added when available!

5. Is He Dead?
At the loft, we see Martha repeatedly saying the line “Is he dead?” with different tones and inflections. Beckett greats Martha saying “good morning” and Martha responds “is he dead?” leaving Kate slightly confused.  Beckett tells Castle something is wrong with his mom to which Castle makes the smart remark “youre just realizing this now?”  He then realizes what is going on and explains that Martha always says only her character’s first line for 48 hours before the play.  Beckett gets a call and says “there’s been a homicide” to which Martha responds “is he dead?” and Beckett totally forgetting the 48 line rule starts to explain that someone is in fact dead.  Castle goes “be honest, when you vowed for better or worse you really had no idea what you were getting into.”  Castle tells Beckett that although annoying, they definitely got off easy as one time her first line was “come on baby, I’ll make it worth your while.”  He continues saying “most awkward parent teacher conference ever.”  I absolutely love Martha and I thoroughly enjoyed her ritual.  I also love that to Castle it’s just normal life as he has grown up with an actress as a mom.  His comments about her “come on baby” line also had me cracking up!  I just can’t turn Martha away from a countdown.
4. Model/Cop and the “Righter”
Castle and Beckett head back to the SNT studio to look into Sid’s death by talking to Danny Valentine.   When they arrive at the studio he is practicing a sketch with one of the SNT cast members who is obviously portraying Beckett.  Fake Beckett goes “look buddy I’m a cop and a model so I know when someone is lying to me and when their outfit is clashing.”  She tells Valentine to stay back as she prepares to kick in a door and Valentine goes “don’t worry, my experience writing crime novels has prepared me for danger.  Plus I have my vest.”  He dons a “writer (spelled righter)” vest and model/cop Beckett kicks in the door getting her heel stuck saying “Oh model cop down... I broke a heel!”  Beckett isn’t sure what to think but Castle loves that Danny Valentine is playing him… or at least he does until he starts flirting with Beckett.  I loved the over the top comedy sketch poking fun at Castle and Beckett.  I’ve always wondered how Beckett kicks ass in those stiletto boots at times (considering I would break an ankle) and now I’m always going to picture her foot getting caught in the door. Valentine’s Castle was also perfectly exaggerated. I just wish we could have seen SNT poke fun at Espo and Ryan too!

3. Worst Cast Ever
Walking down a hallway at the Saturday Night Tonight studio, Castle and Beckett are discussing the pictures on the walls of every cast member that has ever been on the show.  Castle states that the majority of the comedy on the show was born out of the minds of the performers and how great they all are.  That is until they come upon a picture of one seasons cast and Castle says “except for this season.  Those guys sucked.” Beckett confirms “yea they were terrible.”  Now this normally wouldn’t be funny except for the fact that the terrible season cast photo was actually one with all of the Castle writers!  I love that Castle’s cast and crew always finds ways to surprise the fans and sneak little appearances into episodes (such as Milmars appearance in The Lives of Others).  It was a fun moment that true Castle fans enjoyed so make sure you go back if you missed the shout out!
2.  Imitation Game
Back at the studio, Castle and Beckett are following a lead when the actress who was playing Beckett in the model/cop skit starts following them.  Beckett asks if she can help her, but the actress says no and states “you have a very bizarre gait.”  Beckett goes “I’m sorry what?” which is immediately imitated by the actress who goes “nailed it.” She continues to imitate all of Beckett’s gestures and real Beckett goes “Castle, please tell me I don’t move like that…I mean… do I?”  Nervous Castle asks “is this a trick question?  What answer is not going to have me sleeping on the couch tonight?”  First, I loved fake Beckett’s impersonation.  Yes, nobody can be Beckett quite like Stana but I love her over the top impression.  It was absolutely perfect for a SNL type show. It was also reminiscent of the Natalie Rhodes episode! I also love it when Beckett asks Castle a question and you know he wants to answer it one way but can clearly tell its going to get him in trouble. Less mature Castle would have blurted out the wrong answer haha!  This moment just continued with the lighthearted nature of this episode.
1. I Really Like You
            Castle and Beckett find themselves back at the studio where Carly Rae Jepsen is about to perform.  As she starts singing “I Really Like You” (which is so darn catchy!) we see Castle and Beckett standing in the wings.  Castle extends his hand to Beckett who accepts and they start to dance. The dance was even capped off with Castle dipping Beckett.  I love seeing these little moments between them, and I know I’ve said it many times before but Beckett has come so far in seven seasons.  She would have never danced while working a case before but this time she just gave in and had fun.  Also, I saw on twitter where they dance was improvised as all the script said they danced and didn’t specify what to do.  If that’s true the dance was even more fun because they made it up as they went. Such a cute moment and the catchy song just topped it off!  So much fun!

So what did you think?  Enjoy the look in at live comedy shows? Is the song stuck in your head too? Are you ready for next week’s season finale??  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

Xo Always ~DenialLove


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