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December 09, 2014

Castle 3XK Scoop

If Rick is going to be a PI on Castle, will he investigate what happened to him during his disappearance?  — Melissa
I had the same thought, but executive producer David Amann says that when the show revisits that story line in an upcoming two-parter, "it isn't necessarily a function of him being a private eye." So what does cause Castle to think about his missing time? "The case he's involved with that has some emotional intensity ... brushes up against his experiences that occurred while he was missing," Amann says of a murder investigation involving Annie Wersching's 3XK disciple Dr. Kelly Nieman.


Castle Cliff Notes: Bad Santa

I think I speak for most of the Castle fandom when I say WTF!  I think we all expected a little cliffhanger out of the fall finale but I don’t think any of us saw this coming!  It started off like a normal Castle episode with a touch of the mob and Christmas and turned into a season changer.  Esplanie breaking up and more importantly Castle not being able to work with the NYPD?  Judging off of initial twitter reactions, Castle fandom appears to be split on if these changes are going to be for the good or bad.  I even saw a few references to “jumping the shark” floating around.  But let’s all take a deep breath and remember how many times we have panicked after an episode!  Let’s have some faith in the Castle writers and see how this is going to play out before going crazy.  I remember I wasn’t too thrilled with the whole DC story line but that worked out in the end!  That being said, choosing top moments was hard because I didn’t necessarily like the outcome of some of these moments but they were pivotal to the show.  So let’s get this countdown going before we end up sleeping with the fishes (sorry… couldn’t resist).

5. Will You Be My Fiancé?
                Lanie calls Esposito to the morgue to go over some evidence, or so he thinks.  He immediately thinks something is going on since Lanie never calls them down until the evidence has been looked at by the lab and it turns out his suspicions are right.  Lanie explains that her parents are coming into town from Louisiana and want to get together for dinner. Espo nervously asks “so its meet the parents?”  Lanie asks if he is ok with that and Espo says “yea why wouldn’t I be?  That’s not even a favor that’s just me stepping up.”  Lanie then explains that the actual favor is he has to pretend to be her fiancé because she accidentally told her parents they were engaged.  Espo is not happy that he has to lie to her parents the first time he meets them but Lanie tires to reassure him by saying that she will also be lying but she’s been doing it longer.  This doesn’t quite convince Javier but when Lanie says he will make it “worth his while” seductively Espo is in. While it obviously sounds like a terrible idea from the start, can you really blame Espo for going along with it?  I don’t think he could ever resist seductive Lanie! I also loved it when Espo said he was just “stepping up.”  Leave it to him to try to be the macho manly man.  I always love a little Esplanie (while it lasts...)!  

4. Chica Chica Boom Room
Beckett and Castle are discussing the victim’s possible ties to the mob.  Castle reveals he knows the head of the Carlucci family, Dino, from previous book research. They learn that Dino’s office is at a strip club called “Chica Chica Boom Room” and Castle suggests that they go talk to him. Castle, amazed, goes “field trip to a strip club” and quickly runs out of the office. At the strip club, Castle is watching two girls dressed as slutty Santas dance while Beckett stands next to him.  She says “Castle if you keep staring like that you’re going to have to pay for the two drink minimum.” He looks at Kate for a few seconds and then says “I’m sorry what did you say?” obviously distracted by the dancers.  Beckett continues to talk to Castle about the case and a dancer walks by trailing her hand across Castle’s back causing Kate to go “really?” I loved how excited Castle was about the strip club field trip and his typical male reaction to the dancers.  Even with the beautiful Kate Beckett beside him he couldn’t keep his focus (which is crazy!).  I also loved Beckett going into jealous mode when the dancer walked behind Castle.  Jealous Beckett is always good for a top 5 moment!

3. Esplanie Friendship
                Talking at the Christmas party, Lanie thanks Espo for going along with the finance charade and Espo reveals that it made him think seriously about their relationship and where they are.  He tells her that being fake engaged to her made him realize how great they are together “but not the way that your parents are, or Castle and Beckett, or Ryan and Jenny.  Lanie says she feels it too but they both agree that they are still crazy about each other but they both deserve what those other couples have. Now I won’t lie, initially I thought Espo was really going to propose to Lanie and was very excited.  Then, I switched ends of the emotional spectrum and was devastated to hear the discussion switch to how they didn’t have the same type of relationships as the other couples.  My emotional spectrum leveled out though when I heard their rationale.  It takes a huge level of maturity for a couple to realize when they might not be the best options for each other but are still able to have a friendly relationship.  The fact that they want the best for each other was also great to hear.  Maybe Espo can start with the transit cop and we can find a nice guy for Lanie!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m going to miss Esplanie but at least they didn’t just break up because of an argument.  This way our 12th precinct family is still together and the potential for them to realize they are right for each other is still there.

2.  “Dad” and The Proposal
                Lanie’s parents arrive at the precinct and Lanie introduces them to Espo.  Lanie’s dad goes in for a hug and he explains “we’re huggers in the Parrish family son.  And go ahead, call me dad.” Obviously not ready for that Espo stumbles on his words saying “oh…Ok.”  He then tries to win over Lanie’s parents by saying Lanie got her beautiful eyes from her mom and her medical smarts from her dad.  Lanie’s mom states she wants to hear their proposal story, which catches Esplanie off guard.   As they struggle, Ryan walks up behind them and goes “this guy!  You should have seen him.  He rows Lanie out into the middle of the Central Park boat pond.  He gets down on one knee, so nervous he nearly capsizes the boat, almost sends them both into the water!” Lanie’s mom gasps and Ryan continues “that’s just what Lanie did when she saw that ring!”  I loved watching Espo stumble his way though his encounter with Lanie’s parents and how about Ryan coming in with the save?!?  I’m not sure if Espo had told Ryan about what was going on before hand, but Ryan jumped in without missing a beat (and with a good proposal story to go with it!).  You have to love the 12th precinct family helping each other out and although they aren’t technically engaged, at least the Parrish family seems nice for potential in-law (I can continue to hope for Esplanie!).
1. Castle, P.I.
                Talk about Bah Humbug.  Also, at the Christmas party, Gates asks if she can speak to Castle.  She reveals that Detective McBride was shot and killed while being transferred to central booking.  The DA learned that Castle was working with people who may have wanted him dead during his investigation and the DA spoke to the mayor and he is “no longer permitted to work with the NYPD.”  Gates walks away, replaced by Beckett (unaware of the exchange that just happened) who wants to share her poem with him.  She reads “This has been an epic year; life’s been full of joy and tears. Solving crimes and catching killers, just like Castle’s famous thrillers. We share a passion every day, as partners go we’re here to stay.”  Castle tells her its great and Kate asks if anything is wrong but he says it can’t be because she is there.  I know what you’re thinking; how the heck can you make this your number one moment?  Well, let me start by saying I too am nervous for this whole private investigator story line.  That being said, Kate’s poem made it for me.  Yes, I wanted to cry like a little girl when she said “as partners go we’re here to stay” but just like with the vows, I loved to hear words coming from Kate’s heart.  She was so nervous about the poem at the beginning of the episode and she delivered it so shyly slightly worried that it would be good enough.  Also, Castle reassuring her that he was fine because she was there lets us know that he doesn’t think their relationship will suffer without their work partnership because they have so much more.  So, while it was a sad moment it was well executed by Penny, Nathan, and Stana and still had a great moment within it.   

Did you see that ending coming? Are you excited for the Castle PI potential or not thrilled about it? Will Castle ever work with Beckett again? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

Xo Always ~DenialLove

David Amann: Post Bad Santa Interview 3

Castle's midseason finale may have been a Christmas episode, but there wasn't a lot of holiday cheer.

After an ER doctor is shot on the street by a man in a Santa suit, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) quickly realize the victim may have been a doctor for the mob. During the twisty tale, Castle (somewhat against his will) becomes a blood brother with mob boss Dino Scarpella (Paul Ben-Victor), who urges (threatens?) Castle to help prove the innocence of the key suspect, Christopher Carlucci (Vincent Spano).

Fortunately for Castle, he and Beckett eventually prove that the real killer is Detective McBride (Larry Poindexter), a veteran cop on the organized crime beat. However, when McBride is killed by unknown assailants while being transported, the D.A. becomes suspicious of Castle's connection to the mob. Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) breaks the bad news to Castle just before the holiday party.

"It doesn't look good , especially for you," Gates said. "The D.A. spoke to the mayor and you are no longer permitted to work with the NYPD." Although he took his lumps in stride, Castle couldn't bring himself to tell the Beckett — who had just completed her first ever poem for the CastleFamily Christmas Card — the truth.

But that wasn't the only lump of coal the episode delivered. After Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) spend much of the episode pretending to be engaged to impress Lanie's visiting parents, the duo ultimately decides it's time for their on-again-off-again fling to be off again. "Being fake engaged to you made me realize how great we are together," Esposito says. "But not like your parents are, or Castle and Beckett. ... I'm crazy about you , but not in that way. You deserve what they have."

So are Lanie and Esposito done for good? And what does Castle's barring from the NYPD mean for his and Beckett's working relationship? chatted to The Grinch executive producer David Amann to find out what's ahead when the show resumes in January.

You told us a game-changer was coming and now Castle's been booted from working with the NYPD! What inspired you to take the story in that direction?
David Amann:
 We thought it would give us some opportunities to upset the apple cart a little bit in terms of the Castle-Beckett professional relationship. We were looking for an interesting way to have Castle get into trouble. He kind of operated outside the lines in Episode 10, so we felt that like it was justified that he would be punished for that. 

Captain Gates doesn't seem to necessarily believe
 Castle did anything wrong, right? 
Amann: I think it's an unintended consequence. I agree with you — I don't think Gates is necessarily onboard with the severity of this [punishment] but she understands. And I think Castle does too; he takes it like a man. But that is not to say that he will not continue to try to figure out a way to work with Beckett. Castle is very invested in Beckett both personally and professionally and wants to continue to work with her. So, he is going to try to finagle his way into continuing to do that, which is going to offer some fun moving forward in January.

How so?
 When we come back for episode 11, a couple of months will have passed. Things have found a different kind of equilibrium. Castle's not at the precinct, but he's writing and keeping busy, and Beckett and everybody's kind of acclimated to his absence. Just as they have acclimated to his absence, suddenly he appears at the scene having acquired his private investigator's license. He presents himself as a private investigator with the sole intent and purpose of getting back into the 12th Precinct through the back door. That's not going to go his way but that's not going to stop him from trying.

In trying, could he make matters worse for himself?
 Yes, it could make matters worse. He has to watch himself. There's a line that he has to walk, and I would say in the first episode back, he does not walk it very well.

You said Beckett & Co. acclimate to not having
 Castle around the precinct. Does that put any strain on Castle and Beckett's personal relationship?
 I think they both are missing the work relationship, but what Beckett doesn't know is during this time Castle has been working hard on trying to getting his P.I. license. Castle is actually focused on solving that problem, unbeknownst to her. I think Beckett might be a little bit miffed thatCastle did not tell her anything about this. But beyond that, she understands the reason. It's a source of fun between the two characters more than it is a source of tension.

I should add that in all these episodes, we didn't conceive them as Castle has one case and Becket has the other. They intersect, one way or another. In a way, Castle winds up working with her in these episodes one way or another, but just not in the way that he was before. I wouldn't want the audience thinking we're not going to see Castle and Beckett together working anymore because he is able to sort of weasel his way into working with her by hook or by crook.

Is Castle any good as a P.I.?
Amann: He's not really great at it initially. He's a novice. As much investigating as he's done, he has not really done it like this before.

So, we shouldn't expect this to become a permanent arrangement?
Amann: It's certainly not going to be permanent. I think his aspiration is for him to earn his way back into the 12th Precinct. I don't think that will be particularly easy, but I also don't think it's going to be impossible.

This episode also provided some resolution to the Lanie-Esposito relationship. Why did you choose to have them end it?
 Their relationship has been a bit of an on-again, off-again sort of thing over the last couple of seasons, and I think it's largely a function that they care about each other deeply but the timing never quite seems to be right for them. I don't think we rule out the idea that the stars might align and that they find each other again, but in the near-term, we think that we'll be exploring a little bit of Esposito's life as a single man. There's some enjoyable stuff coming the audience's way in connection with that.

Finally, will Castle's new mob connection play a part in the back half of the season? 
Amann: [Castle] is offered a favor at the end of Episode 10. I think that is a favor that he may well collect on before the season is over.

Castle returns with new episodes in January. What did you think of the midseason finale?


David Amann: Post Bad Santa Interview 2


Image Credit: Nicole Wilder/ABC

In tonight’s season 7 mid-season finale of Castle, not only did Richard Castle become an honorary mobster, but that status then got him kicked out of helping the NYPD. That’s right: Castle is no longer welcome in the 12th precinct. But what does that mean?

We talked with showrunner David Amann about how the twist will affect Castle and what fans can expect in 2014.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So Castle just got kicked out of the NYPD. How is this going to affect him moving forward?
DAVID AMANN: He is not ready to accept this reality, and so he is going to try to figure out a way to work with Beckett in spite of this. When we come back in 2015, a couple of months have gone by, [and] people have settled into their routine—Castle is not working with her, she’s working with Esposito and Ryan and everything has kind of achieved an equilibrium. And then he springs it upon her that he is now a licensed private investigator and in fact has been working hard at getting his license in the intervening period of time, which she had no idea about, and so he is attempting to use that to finagle his way into working with her. He’s working with her but not working with her; working with her in the capacity of a P.I. but basically trying to do an end run around getting kicked out of the 12th precinct, which of course doesn’t really go according to plan.

What does Castle as a P.I. look like? I’m picturing him buying the trench coat.
He didn’t buy the trench coat but he has a really great office. And I think that it is probably a long-held fantasy of his to be a private investigator and now he’s living it. It’s probably not working out quite the way he had thought it would.

How long is this going to play out? What do you want to say to fans who are worried this could be irreversible?
I want to say to those fans that, just as Castle and Beckett are meant for each other personally, I think they’re meant for each other professionally. Once Beckett gets over the shock of this, I think that she would prefer Castle to be working with her and he certainly would want that. But he’s committed a transgression from which it’s not going to be easy to recover, so this is his approach in the meantime. In his capacity as a P.I., he is able to weasel his way into cases and continue to work with her, though it’s going to be a little bit different. But I would also say that, at the end of all this, I think that he will not rest until her finds a way to get back into the 12th precinct.

Another big part of this episode was Castle being made an honorary mobster. Will that status come back into play?
It is in the sense that he was basically offered a favor at the end of that episode and I think it is possible that he may accept that offer at some point later in the season.

At the beginning of this season, you all talked about you were looking more into what makes Castle Castle this year.  Was this twist a big part of that?
It was a part because we think that for Castle, this is in a way a fantasy that he’s held for a long, long time, to be a P.I. I think he’s always sort of considered himself that. And now he’s actually going to live it, though I think the reality of it will be not quite up to his fantasy or it will certainly be different than his fantasy. That’s certainly part of it: We get to see another side of him, see him operate in a different capacity in some ways without Beckett. But I think there’s other things coming down the pike as well in terms of, as we get into the mystery of the missing time that we introduced earlier in the season, we’ll get into some other aspects of Castle there as well.

So you’re saying that missing time mystery will continue to play out?
Yeah, it’s sort of laying dormant. Obviously he pursued it as far as he could in episode 2 and they’ve kind of struggled with what do to since that period of time and then decided that we’re just going to get married and we’re going to move on. But I think that it’s coming back and it’ll probably be something that we touch upon in the two-parter coming up in February but we’ll probably deal with in a little more of a substantive way in the later teens of the season, perhaps early 20s even.

There was also some great Lanie-Esposito stuff in this episode, with them realizing how they work—or don’t work—together. What’s coming up for those characters?
Their timing has never quite worked out. They’ve been together; they’ve been apart; they’ve never been quite in the same place at the same time. So they’re now going to be individual entities free to pursue their other interests with other people and I think we’re going to see some of that, in particular with Esposito in terms of his life as a single man. We’re going to be dealing with Esposito and his singleness and dating, so there’s a fun storyline coming up in connection with that.

You all have had a lot of fun this year with episode’s, from the alternate reality to the Wild West. What do you have planned for 2015?
We hope that the audience will be delighted by this episode where Castle’s a P.I. We think it’s a lot of fun. The one after that is an episode where the victim is a telenovela star, so we’re sort of delving into that world and those characters. We think that one’s going to be another fun Castle episode. And then we get into the two-parter—those episodes tend to be a little bit more on the somber, thriller-y side. But in past seasons what we’ve often done is, after the two parter, there’s been a couple of episodes that are back to pattern, fun Castle episodes, and that will be the same this year as well.

Anything else you want to say to fans about this finale?
I don’t want the audience or the fans to think that we’re going to be telling Castle and Beckett separate stories in any way in connection with the P.I. move that we’re making with Castle. They’re still going to interact; his whole goal becoming a P.I. was to be able to work with her and he’s not going to let up until he’s able to do that. So we’re not going down the road of doing A, B stories where Beckett’s on one case and Castle’s on another. They somehow always are going to intersect, and they’re going to intersect in a significant way. And what’s fun is she still can’t really tell him things. She’s a cop, so if they’re working some aspects of the same case, they go home at night and he’s trying to figure out what she knows and she might be trying to figure out what he knows, so I think there’s fun that comes out of that because she wants to help him but she can’t because he’s sort of been forbidden from being part of the investigation. There’s a little bit of a dance that happens in some of these episodes while they’re at home having a glass of wine. We think it’s fun stuff.


David Amann: Post Bad Santa Interview 1

The midseason finale of ABC’s Castlefound Kate crafting for her husband a sweet and poetic Christmas gift, while all the NYPD left in the novelist’s stocking was a huge lump of coal.

In short: While investigating the case of whacked mob doctor, Rick suddenly found himself bound by an omertà blood oath, with crime boss Dino Scarpella. And though the “bond” indeed afforded Rick the access he needed to talk to the right underworld figures about the murder, it ultimately cost him his association with the NYPD, when the dirty organized crime unit detective he helped put away wound up sleeping with the fishes.

Elsewhere in the episode: Per Rick’s family tradition, an anxious Kate ultimately came through with her six-line poem about the year-gone-by (reprinted at bottom), while Lanie and Espo’s brief turn as “fiancee/fiance” led to some reflection of their own — resulting in the surprising, mutual realization that their romance is not a grand one worthy of either of them, so they called it quits.

TVLine grabbed a few minutes with showrunner David Amann to survey Rick’s new crimesolving future, break down the Esplanie break-up and more.

TVLINE | Hasn’t poor Rick Castle been through enough…?
Well…. You know, there are always new challenges facing Richard Castle. This is just one of them.

TVLINE | Since logic would suggest this is but a temporary setback — I would think he’ll ultimately return to the 12th — what will he be up to in the meantime?
He’s going to pursue the private investigator angle, and part of that is driven by his desire to work with Beckett, even though he is no longer officially able to do so. He will follow that to its natural conclusion.

TVLINE | Might he use any of this down time to poke further into his own vanishing?
I think that in light of the fact that he is just starting out as a private investigator, he’ll be mainly focused on [his new job].

TVLINE | When is the next beat in the vanishing storyline?
It’s probably something we’ll touch on in the two-parter, which is currently slated for Episodes 14 and 15, which I think will air in February.

TVLINE | Anything else to share about the two-parter?
It’s a little “early days” at this point, but it will deal with show mythology — though not necessarily directly connected or delving deeply into the disappearance.

TVLINE | Turning to Lanie and Esposito: You really zagged when I thought you were going to zig. Did you feel that relationship had become too pat, or that things were almost incestuous at the 12th?
Look, they’ve had an on-again, off-again thing for a while. And it’s good for our show when not everybody is settled down, so we wanted to be able to keep them a bit footloose and fancy-free.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about the first episode back in the new year?
Castle will be getting involved in an investigation that Beckett is also involved with, and he will attempt to run a parallel track with her — and of course it will not go entirely smoothly, especially since this is his first case ever as a private investigator.

TVLINE | Any fun themes to any upcoming cases?
Shortly thereafter, in Episode 12, is a case that takes us into the world of a telenovela….

TVLINE | TVLine suggested to Nathan Fillion on Twitter that he should get his buddy Kamar de Los Reyes, from One Life to Live, for that.
Uh, funny you should say that — Kamar is in that episode. [Laughs]

TVLINE | As the star of the telenovela?
Yes, he is one of the telenovela actors. So Nathan either took your advice or he was thinking along the same lines!

This has been an epic year
Life’s been full of joy and tears.
Solving crimes and catching killers,
Just like Castle’s famous thrillers.
We share a passion every day,
As partners go we are here to stay.

Well, sorta.


December 08, 2014

Episode 11: Promo

Interview: Nathan Fillion Interviewed by Larry King

December 05, 2014

Bad Santa: Sneak Peek

December 02, 2014

Castle Cliff Notes: Last Action Hero

 Lights! Cameras! Action…Stars! This week’s Castle focused on an action star for the 80’s and a cast very similar to the real like “Expendable” movies.  It also focused on a good bye as Kate (finally) moved out of her apartment starting a new chapter in her and Castle’s married life.  The best part of the episode though, Castle’s fanboying, catchphrases and we finally got (a little) girl time!  So grab your popcorn and settle down for this week’s countdown because this week Castle went straight to the (action) movies!

**Screencaps will be added when available!**

5. Moving Out
                At Beckett’s almost empty apartment, we finally get a little girl time.  Beckett explains to Lanie that she is bothered by the fact that Castle said he didn’t like her apartment.  She says that she doesn’t understand why she got so upset about it when it’s her place and not Castle’s. Lanie explains that to Castle, her place is just “an apartment with creaky floors” while to her “this is where you rebuilt you life. Where you solved your mother’s murder. Where you fell in love.”  The two ladies then toast to “the best apartment ever.”  Easy choice to put this on the countdown.  First off, girl time is very limited so when we get it, it’s a shoe in.  I’m happy that Beckett still gets together outside of work with Lanie and discusses life problems with her.  Lanie is after all the female voice of reason for Beckett.  Second, I think Beckett needed to be reassured that being emotional about moving wasn’t stupid.  As Lanie reminded her, a lot of important things happened at the apartment that made her the person she is today.  While I will miss Kate’s apartment (I always did love the design…) I’m ready to have Caskett 100% together in one place. Who knows, maybe some of Kate’s belongings will appear in the loft!        
4. Happy Wife, Happy Life
                Castle gets in a van with The Indestructibles thinking they are going to grab drinks but soon finds out he is very wrong.  They are planning to sneak into Booth’s office to get the slot car that has the voice recording device in it to help solve Lance’s murder.  Castle tries to get them to change plans saying “guys, my wife is a cop.  If I do this she’ll kill me.”  Brock mocks him in a high pitched voice and says “Oh my wife’s gonna kill me!” and asks “is that what Rico Cruz would say?” shaming Castle. I love that Castle immediately thought of what Beckett would do to him if he carried out their plan and he called her his wife! I won’t lie, I’m still not used to this whole husband and wife thing but I love it! Castle calling Beckett his wife just made me so happy that I had to put this on here!  Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Castle!
3. Its Ryan Time
                Looking through Lance’s personal effects, Javi and Ryan find a Hard Kill DVD.  Ryan looks at the cover and recites the movies tag line “Time to hit Cruz Control.” He then speculates that maybe he needs a catchphrase.  He practices a few saying “Time to meet our justice. Time for prison time.”  Annoyed Espo says “yea you keep working on that bro.” and Ryan tries one more time saying “Time to pay the bill for doing the kill.”  Ending the chase phrase discussion (for the time being), Espo shuts him down saying “Ok on second thought don’t.”  This isn’t the end of the catch phrase trial though.  Going to talk to an actor for information, Ryan asks Esposito “do you know what time it is? It’s Ryan time.”  Espo begs him to stop and he says “name’s Ryan and I hate lying.”  The actor explains that he didn’t mean any trouble and Ryan goes “well you’ve got trouble, Ryan trouble.”  Confused the suspect says “I don’t know what that means” and Espo shakes his head continuing the interrogation as if nothing happened. Ryan’s quest to find a catch phrase was hilarious and you could tell he was thinking about a bunch of different options to use, none of which were successful.  I’m not sure what “Ryan trouble” is either, but his attempts to be a macho action man had me cracking up.  If any of the guys had a catchphrase it would definitely be Castle and I’m sure it would be just as corny as Ryan’s ideas.  Can anyone out there think of a good catchphrase for Ryan to use?

2.  Posters
                Beckett catches the guys watching clips from Hard Kill and busts them for not working.  This prompts the guys to explain any leads they have and Castle says he found next of kin by watching the movie since Lance married the archeologist from the movie played by Kat Kingsley.  Way ahead of them, Beckett explains that she already knew that and tracked her down to come into the station.  Castle immediately freaks out and yells “she’s coming here?!? I had her poster on my wall for like...” He then looks at Beckett who is patiently (but obviously annoyed) waiting for his answer and he finishes by saying “…for about a minute.”  I absolutely love it when Castle gets all giddy about a case and to see glimpses of his young self fanboying over the sexy archeologist was hilarious.  I love it when you can tell he is talking without a filter and all of a sudden his brain catches up with his mouth and he tries to correct the situation.  Good cover Castle haha! Plus, I can’t lie. That’s how I would act if one of the Castle cast members showed up at my work!
1. Boyhood Dreams
                Castle excitedly tells Beckett that Brock invited him to go drinking with “The Indestructibles” but she quickly deflates his sails by saying “but you told them that you couldn’t because you’re in the middle of a case right?”  Panicking, Castle starts to stutter as he attempts to beg Kate to be able to go with his movie icons. Ending his panic, Beckett says “Castle, you really think that I could stand between you and your boyhood dream?” as she snakes her arms around his neck.  Castle smiles and says “You are my boyhood dream” earned an “awww” and a kiss from Beckett.  He then continues to run his mouth saying “well you and drinking with The Indestructibles.  Beckett them reminds him that he doesn’t always have to keep talking.  First off, again I love Castle freaking out over these action heroes.  Second, we got a kiss!  And not just any kiss, a precinct kiss! Lastly, how sweet was Castle’s admission that Kate was his boyhood dream?  I even said “awww” aloud as soon as he said those words.  Of course though, in true Castle fashion, he can’t just leave a sweet moment alone.  Oh well, we still love him!

Did you think of a catchphrase yet?  What posters do you think teenage Beckett had on her wall? And are you ready for a very Castle Christmas? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

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