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January 25, 2015

Resurrection: Short Synopsis Revealed

Evidence in a young woman's murder implicates Dr. Kelly Neiman -- Castle and Beckett's nemesis.

January 23, 2015

Episode Titles of the 2-parter Revealed

The first part of the 2-parter, episode 7x14 will be called Resurrection.

The second part will be called Reckoning.

Are you as curious about this 2-parter as we are?

January 20, 2015

I, Witness: Press Release

Castle takes on A routine P.I. case, but the investigation turns deadly
when he witnesses a murder, ON ABC’S “CASTLE”

“I, Witness” – Castle is hired to uncover if a client’s husband is having an affair, but the case takes a shocking turn when Castle witnesses the client’s murder – by her husband. But with no proof that the killing took place, Castle and Beckett must investigate to expose the truth, on “Castle,” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. 

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Penny Johnson Jerald as NYPD Captain Victoria Gates, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Guest Cast: Brianna Brown as Eva Whitfield, Ivan Sergei as Cole Whitfield, Gregory Zarian as Scott Galloway, Audrey Marie Anderson as Aubrey Haskins.

“I, Witness” was written by Terence Paul Winter & Amanda Johns and directed by Tom Wright.

“Castle” is produced by ABC Studios. The executive producers are Andrew Marlowe (creator), David Amann (showrunner), Rob Bowman, Armyan Bernstein, Rob Hanning and Terri Edda Miller.

I, Witness: Promotional Pictures

Private Eye, Caramba: Review

Today I want to talk about private eye, Caramba! It was written by Adam Frost and directed by Hanelle Culpepper. It was her first Castle episode she directed. And it was a great debut.

Like I said last week in my YouTube review, I love that the Castle writers finally went there with Rick becoming a PI, and last week and this week proof they made the right move. It seems like the chemistry between Rick & Kate is as good as ever. This might have partially to do with the events at the beginning of the season, but I mostly feel it has to do with the fact that they aren't officially allowed to work cases together anymore.

But Beckett had a great solution this case for getting Castle somehow involved in her case, the case of the murdered telenovela star, Anahita Menendez. She gave a referral to her hubby, when she found out a star of the show, Sophia Del Cordova, was looking for an expensive purse. Sophia was responsible for the Caskett interruption of the week. While Rick and Kate were role playing as a damsel in distress and an old fashioned hard boiled private eye, she interrupted our favorite couple in the middle of getting undressed. (When will they ever learn to close the door when they're about to get busy?)

Richard ruined a great moment himself. When he and Beckett were in bed, Beckett got all excited, until she found out Richard was asking for a different favor she thought she was asking for.

A kind of sad moment between Caskett followed after a very sweet moment: Beckett asked Castle to walk her to the crime scene. But when they got there, Rick wasn't allowed to pass the crime scene tape anymore. 

Rick was the one who solved the murder nonetheless, after solving the case he got hired for first (finding a purse). He had some good learning moments in becoming a real gumshoe. But of course he got in trouble too, as he was being held at knife point. Someone he didn't get into trouble using Ryan's name and badge number to track a limousine. 

Lanie was absent for another week, but Perlmutter was there to replace her again. And I really love Perlmutter. He made sure to note that he was happy Richard Castle wasn't anywhere on the crime scene and even gave Ryan a sort of lecture about his Castle like theories and his real science work. But running a found fingerprint was of course something Perlmutter couldn't do, as it was something for the lesser minds of Ryan and Espo.

Ryan was great again with his attempts to see the case from a different point, the thing Rick normally brings to the table. Richard Castle Jr is really getting the hang of it.

Esposito was quite bad in his attempts to fool Beckett that his grandma likes the telenovelas. He clearly was fangirling on the set and when he was meeting the cast members. At the end his "big" secret came out when he asked Sophia Del Cordova for an autograph for "his grandmother" who was called Javier Esposito.

The moment between Beckett and Martha at the beginning of the episode was quite sweet. Martha calling Beckettt darling, like she really is part of the family and they were discussing the new direction that the guy they love most took with his PI adventure.

A quite awesome trick of Castle needs a mention too. While he was being bored in his office, he impressively managed to throw his pencils in the ceiling. A trick that turned out to be even more impressive when a pencil fell down just the moment Rick needed it to make some notes about the case.

I really enjoy the interactions between Castle and Beckett now with the whole PI thing Castle has going on. The question is only how long it will take before he gets back working for the Twelfth, as his and Beckett's cases can't always keep crossing each other. But I'm hopeful that we will see at least a couple of more episodes like this, as it seems to do great for their chemistry and friskiness. It is impressive that in the 7th season the writers and actors still manage to show such an evolution in the relationship between our favorite writer and favorite detective. If there was a Moonlighting-curse, Castle and  Beckett definitely broke it.

What did you think about the episode? Do you like how Castle and Beckett are acting now around each other? Do you like Perlmutter as much as I do? How long do you think they can span Castle's P.I. adventures? (Will the Derrick Storm TV show be kinda like this?) Or would you rather see Rick back at the Twelfth?

Let us know your thoughts on Private Eye, Caramba!

Castle Cliff Notes: Private Eye Caramba!

After a slightly extended winter hiatus, I’m back from cheering on my buckeyes and ready to talk Castle!  This week’s episode was our second week seeing Castle, P.I. and we got to see Castle handle his “own” case with a little help from his wife.  Did I mention you also get to see Esposito speak some sexy Spanish?  I know the fandom was divided at the midseason cliffhanger but so far I’m enjoying the P.I. story-line.  Sure, its not my favorite scenario but for now I’ll enjoy the ride!  So Vamos! Time to see what this episode of Castle had in store for our first countdown of 2015!

*** Screencaps coming soon!***

5. Castle, P.I.
                When one of the telenovela stars, Sophia, loses her purse Beckett comes up with a genius idea.  She recommends Castle’s P.I. business to Sophia which brings Castle his very first case.  Sophia tells him Beckett recommended him for the job and I loved Castle comment of Beckett being “completely unbiased” by saying he was the best.  Also, you know Beckett did this not only to drum up some excitement for Castle but also to help their case as well.  By Castle working the purse angle, his case would be sure to intertwine with theirs.  Genius!  I was a short moment but I was so excited to see Castle, P.I. at work and Beckett keeping their work closely related J
4. Lucky
                Castle traces down his lead on the limo and ends up having a gun and eventually a knife pointed towards his face by the suspect.  Espo and Ryan storm in just in time and save Castle’s behind from danger.  Back at the precinct Castle says he was just trying to find the purse but Beckett is not amused asking “Castle, do you know how lucky you are?”  Castle thinks for a second and then says “Extremely lucky. After all, I’m married to you.”  Beckett tells him not to go there, but that didn’t stop the comment from being ridiculously sweet!  I know Castle was just trying to get himself out of trouble and the scolding he was getting but you know he meant it.  Ugh, Caskett is just the best!
3. Castle Jr.
                With Castle gone from the team, Ryan decides to fill his void by coming up with “castle theories” for why the crimes took place.   Ryan speculates that with the wealthy connections and the missing USB drive this case could be espionage related.  Sick of Ryan’s Castle theories, Espo says “bro you’re doing it again” and Beckett says “plus Castle already pitched spies.” Ryan, who isn’t fazed by Castle coming up with the spy theory, says “aww great minds!”  Ryan has always been a mini Castle at times and I just loved him coming up with the outlandish but slightly possible scenarios.  Also, the sense of pride he had when he found out Castle also discussed the spy route was adorable!  I just love Ryan, so I couldn’t deny him a spot on this week’s countdown!

2.  Living with the Castles
                Headed in the same direction, Castle and Beckett walk to work together on the way to Beckett’s crime scene.  Castle reveals he has a meeting with a client, although it’s not full of mystery and intrigue as he is just running a background check on a 16 year old.  Beckett assures him that he has nothing to prove if being a P.I. isn’t what he wants to do, but she will support him no matter what.  Castle then tells Beckett that once he becomes established his new crime novels will be inspired by himself. “I’ll be my own muse” says Castle.  Beckett, not enjoying the ego trip, says “you should have stopped at thanks.”  Castle then lifts the crime scene tape for Beckett and starts to enter himself before catching his mistake.  He says “have a good day at work honey!” and gives Kate a goodbye kiss on the cheek.  I love that Kate supports Beckett just like he supports her in anything she does even if his P.I. business wasn’t booming.  No matter what front he puts up thought you can tell he misses working with the 12th family.  Also, in typical fashion, Castle has to bring his ego into the picture and talk about being his own muse.  You can’t fool us Castle, Beckett will forever be your muse!  Finally, Castle wishing Beckett a good day at work and giving her a peck on the cheek was adorable.  Very domestic for Caskett!
1. The Gumshoe and the Detective
                Beckett visits Castle at his office where he is continuing to work on his purse case.  Beckett asks Castle if he is ready to call it a night and he responds (in his blue butterfly-esque voice) “what’s your rush doll?  Why don’t you stick around a while give those stems of yours a rest?” Beckett, jumping into character says “im all alone and this is my first time in the big scary city.”  They continue with their role playing until Beckett says “I’m just a girl looking for a private dick.”  Castle tells her that her search is over and they start making out in his office until they are busted by Sophia.  I loved the role playing!!  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hot and I love feisty Beckett!  Too bad it’s a rule that Caskett has to get interrupted during the good parts…  
Are you enjoying Castle, P.I. or hoping someone Castle ends up back on the team again? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct

Xo Always ~DenialLove

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January 19, 2015

I, Witness: Promo

January 16, 2015

Private Eye Caramba!: Sneak Peek 1

Two Parter: Scoop

Is there anything Castle-related you have to share? –Mandy
I know we kinda swore off teasing the upcoming two-parter any further — especially now that the cat is out of the bag, sigh — but I could not abstain from relaying what Tamala Jones had to say about the February sweeps event. “You’ve never seen a Castle episode like these. It’s completely outrageous,” she effused. “You’re going to cry, you’re going to think someone died…. Your mind and your heart are going to be one.” Jones went on to say that Part 1 ends with a cliffhanger that will leave you “pissed that Part 2 isn’t coming on the next day,” while the actual conclusion is “emotionally driven” with regards to, among others, Lanie’s best friend, Kate. “There’s some serious, serious ish going on!”


January 13, 2015

Castle P.I.: Review/Recap (Clip)

The Wrong Stuff: Scoop

Question: Any info on Castle‘s mid-season two-parter, or any other episodes? —Sandra
Ausiello: So much has already been spilled about the February sweeps event, you instead get this: Matt Mitovich chatted up Stana Katic at HBO’s Golden Globes party, and she teased that Rick and Kate are “going to Mars,” in an episode about “Mars, spacesuits and space travel.” The episode’s ominous title? “The Wrong Stuff.” #MarsNeedsCaskett

Source: TVLine

January 12, 2015

Private Eye Caramba!: Promo

Castle Mystery

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